Sunday, 5 May 2013

reports show educated people avoid vaccinating children

Australia is becoming a world leader … in advocating punishment of those who disagree with the medical authorities and in forcing their treatments on those who would refuse. IThe same move is being made around the world to take away the rights of free speech and integrity of your most personal possession: your body.

Woman behind bars and gagged 
by Heidi Stevenson
When it’s the most educated people who are turning against vaccinations, the powers-that-be know their vaccine campaigns are in trouble. So, they start pushing for sanctions against those who would disagree with their mass-vaccination plans. If they can’t win by hook or by crook, then they plan to win by outright suppression of our rights.
Reports out of Australia show that those who are best educated are the ones who avoid vaccinating their children. So how does the Australian Medical Association (AMA) respond? By advocating that unvaccinated children be prevented from entering school and that anyone who speaks out against vaccination be punished. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the president of the AMA, Steven Hambleton, stated that those who object to vaccines are “spreading misinformation and should be sanctioned”.
Furthermore, Hambleton states, “[S]urely professional development by anti-vaccination individuals is inappropriate and shouldn’t be accepted.” So, he advocate abridging free speech for anyone who disagrees with the AMA. He’s saying that alternative health practitioners should be banned. He’s implying that, if doctors think a procedure should be done on someone, that person not only doesn’t have the right to refuse, no one has the right to provide information about why it should be refused.
That, of course, leaves people with no options. When modern medicine runs into a wall, leaving people both severely damaged by their treatments, they don’t even want to let people try anything else. But then, it’s certainly good for members of the AMA guild!

Attacking Free Speech

Why would the AMA advocate against free speech? The reason is quite simple: The AMA does not exist for the benefit of patients. It exists solely as a guild for the promotion of its members’ businesses. Right now, vaccines are an enormous industry—and they’re highly profitable for doctors. They take only a minute of time. Indeed, they don’t even require involvement from the doctor. As often as not, staff members do the deed. They also bring people, children in particular, back over and over for routine—that is, unnecessary—visits, for which lovely fees can be charged.
Vaccines are highly profitable for doctors—and becoming ever more so as more new vaccines are introduced and more repetitions of existing vaccines are added to the schedules as their ineffectiveness is demonstrated. They’re very good for business, especially in this era of diminishing returns from the old standbys, antibiotics.
Keep in mind that it’s been doctors who have pushed antibiotics for anything and everything, whether it makes sense or not. It’s only been since so many severe new diseases have broken out as a result of them that they’ve even started to step back from their massive overuse. But in the face of overwhelming evidence of the devastation being wrought by antibiotics and the harm that their loss can mean for those who truly can benefit, they’ve only just started easing up on prescribing them. Worse, they aren’t acknowledging the harm done by antibiotics even when legitimate cause exists for their use, such as their destruction of the natural intestinal flora.
In fact, the medical profession isn’t even taking a stand against massive antibiotic use by Agribusiness. So, they are obviously quite happy to sit back while new diseases are minted by their own products.

New Diseases

Make no mistake about it, these diseases are new. Whenever we learn of an antibiotic-resistant disease, we find that the new disease is far worse than the one that was crushed by the antibiotic. In fact, the antibiotics still work on the old diseases: that little detail is generally ignored. They’ve even converted beneficial bacteria into killers.
The disease form of E.coli is a killer—yet beneficial E. coli in the gut is necessary for health. MRSA, methycillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is far more than the old staph infection. It was the first mass-hyped drug-resistant disease, originally called the “flesh eating bacteria” by news media. It’s not merely drug resistant: it’s a new killer.
The same sort of thing is happening with vaccinations, though you’d never know it by the way the vaccine industry, including the doctors who administer them, are acting. Whooping cough is breaking out again, and it’s a more virulent variety known to be the direct result of vaccines. Yet, the response to these outbreaks is to do evermore vaccinating … and now to force vaccines and even punish those who would speak out against it!
For telling the truth that runs counter to their story, there will be punishment. The AMA guild, with their wealth and power, is pushing for it.

False Claims

They make false claims, like the “science is in” as stated by Hambleton. Gaia Health holds a wealth of information documenting good science that clearly demonstrates how false that claim is.
The attack on Wakefield, resulting in removal of one paper from one journal, is cited over and over as proof that vaccines are safe. If that were true, why don’t they point out a single study that actually compares vaccinated against unvaccinated children? It won’t happen, because they refuse to do it. But Wakefield has been successfully scapegoated and makes a terrific straw dog.
When you hear stories of how a “poor innocent baby” died from a “vaccine preventable” disease, ask this question: What was wrong with the vaccine-induced antibodies—which according to vaccine theory is all that’s necessary to prevent disease—provided by the vaccinated mother? Shouldn’t they have protected the baby? If not, why not?
Their treatments, again and again, prove to be more harmful than beneficial. Their claims for lengthening people’s lifespans are easily demonstrated to be utterly false. Now, we’re seeing signs that lifespans are diminishing—and even when they aren’t, lives are increasingly lived in debility, with chronic disease becoming everyone’s burden.
Nonetheless, they insist that they be the sole arbiters of truth, that they have the power to silence anyone who holds a different view, and that they have the power to enforce their will on everyone, without even having to take responsibility for any harm that such abridgement of rights will do.