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The next False Flag event


While everyone is speculating about when, how, why the next big one is about to happen, let’s state some obvious facts here. Just bear with me for a moment.
False flag attacks are used to advance an unwanted agenda. That’s the definition in a nutshell. So what kind of an agenda needs to be ‘pushed’? Rumors are they need a distraction from the melting economy. Rumors are they need a reason to convince the people of a one world government.
Our Matrix Monitor room
It’s all about awakening. The last big terror event was Mumbai. It didn’t shock the world. In fact, since 9-11, every new false flag created less and less impact. Nobody cares anymore, because mandkind’s biggest strength and weakness is its ability to quicky adapt to new paradigms. So, here goes our IF statement.
If there is a false flag pending to happen, you can expect it to be huge. Huge like in, not another terrorist attack, not another Katrina, …
People are by now used to see and hear about the wars in the Middle East and wont look up if the stuff escalates, just are the’ve adjusted themselves to the pending Influenza A H1N1 pandemic – be it staged or true. That’s the problem of the man behind the curtains, ThePowersThatBe, the Smiths of this matrix. How-in-the-world are they going to over-impress/baffle the sheeple and the awakened?
Project Bluebeam
Although I have many doubts on the specific implementation of this kind of technologies, that’s they only thing that would have to do to baffle almost everyone. Check basic written info on Blue Beam here (must read) and here. From unconfirmed sources, Number 1 reported this: Helion-1957 to hit the Sun due August 22nd. It’s important that – if you read it – you read it completely, and then take a break, because what’s to follow, is yet something else. I know, I suck at distributing the larger posts into smaller ones.
Pre-Sequences add-on
If your doubting the previous, consider the folowing. “Sacred” time a.k.a. evolution (e) is speeding up compared to tick-tock time (t). (Bit of an arty-farty youtube here). 9-11 was such a big hit, because besides some small little events, nothing very serious happened the years preceding that false flag. Crappy graph made between telling two customers to get a life – to illustrate what I’m about to say:
Impact of false flag events on the collective consciousness.
Graphically seen, it looks quite simple. Just a logarithmic curve acting as a X axis for a sinusoid. The problem is, this is a 2D representation of it, and we perceive it as a single dimension. Point being: 9-11 (OMG!!!”) occurred on the first hill. Down to the valley you can see the Madrid bombings (“WTF, it’s coming to Europe?!?”), then London (“You’ve got to be kidding”), then Mumbai (“yea yea, muslims again, right?”),etc.
The tricky part is here: because the X axis of the sinusoid is a logarithmic curve, the hills are increasingly steeper (e.g. come more as a surprise) while the way down to the valley is longer and the valleys not as low as the hills are high.
I’m using this graph to explain all my evolution and future predictions for years now. But universe decided to put those stupid customers in my day, so I finally found an excuse to write it down. Anyone still following along?
I don’t believe many will doubt the graph above. It’s plain and simple a logarithmic curve with a sinusoid drawn upon by a guy with a day job. The difficulty is to determine the period of the sinusoid, e.g. when do the red line and the blue line cut each other. Is the amplitude fixed or constant? Is the frequency (= period) constant or fixed? After a quick peek behind the curtain here, I would say both are increasing in a logarithmic order.
Debunk department
Debunkers go here – though that’s an consolidation of all consciousness altering graphs – false flag events being only one of them. The same graph in it’s natural non-theoretical form can be found here:
Dow Industrial Average 1900-2007
It can be even be concluded that the fewer parameters are into the game, the lower the amplitude of the sinusoid gets, the better you start to see the clear logarithmic curve (which is actually only the left leg of the Gauss/Bell curve). Interested in fractals? You got that this normal distribution curve is in fact a partial sinusoid? Good. That’s why the sheeple say: “You know, history repeats itself”. Too bad they failed to do something with that key guideline.
World population  - only two parameters – whereas the Dow is influenced by approximately 10,000, clearly shows that less variables, make the image sharper.  The H1N1 graph in our Matrix Monitor Room is also depending on 2 parameters and shows the same thing (PDF download link in the article).
World population expansion (1800-2006) + extrapolation to 2050
So how does this sourcecode compile inside the matrix? If you got this far, you should already know.
From boring math to “stunning” predictions
Look up how many times we said “it’s the calm before the storm now” here and on the rest of the net. Even in Iran, China and Japan the same is being heard. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that on the curve above we are now in the first valley if it comes to false flag events. Important to note: the systematic imploding of our economy by design is another curve. So this stuff shows that the next “surprise” is due soon, but due to the lack of pre-sequences it’s difficulty to pin point a date.
Let’s sum up what we know for sure:
  • We are now in the first valley, somewhere between the middle and the end.
  • The next attack will be sudden and more ‘baffling’ than 9-11
  • When it happens, the way to the next valley will be shorter in time and – instead of weakening – maintaining it’s impact.
  • After that “valley” the next hill is even steeper, etc
The Endgame
The next false flag will happen, but I’m not that sure if it will be tomorrow. A small false flag is possible this month or next month, serving as a pre-sequence to something larger. I expect something on the scale like the Georgia conflict last year.But never mind terrorism. It’s almost over. They’ll need something new, and soon. Blackjack suggested something like “Christian Doomsday Believers” and “home-grown extremists” (that’d be us).  They (TPTB) are becoming the victim of their game of making the folks indifferent: they’ll need something like Bluebeam to baffle us all. Flipside of the coin: it’s a victory as well: they don’t need false flags, as the sheeple are transforming into shleeple.
But besides false flag events: what you really need to worry about is the economy. Their pulling it off right in front of us. There is protest everywhere, but it is not reported. I’m wondering why no one hacked CNN or FOX or something. Their are lying unbelievable. Among those 300+ million US citizen there should be at least one lunatic to set congress on fire, no? That’s all that’s needed: a spark. Write me with some pics, we’ll handle the media coverage for Europe.
Go America, invent True Flag Terrorism!
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