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Billionaire: “We Are Destroying the Middle Class....

That’s What Keeps Me Awake at Night.”

Mac Slavo 
June 9th, 2015
“We’re in for a huge change in society. Get used to it. And be prepared.”
That’s not a new message, but as the warning will affect the personal wealth, job prospects and ability to stay afloat of nearly everyone on the planet, it is worth paying attention to.
They are the blunt words of Johann Rupert, a jewelry and fashion mogul from South Africa worth an estimated $7.5 billion.
Rupert blasted the actions of “.1 percent of .1 percent,” or roughly the upper 7,000 individuals of the population, which paints with a narrower brush than the general class warfare slogans against the 1%, who instead make up an enormous 70 million people across the globe.
Bloomberg reported:
We cannot have 0.1 percent of 0.1 percent taking all the spoils… It’s unfair and it is not sustainable.”
“How is society going to cope with structural unemployment and the envy, hatred and the social warfare?” he said. “We are destroying the middle classes at this stage and it will affect us. It’s unfair. So that’s what keeps me awake at night.”
The already widening wealth gap is not properly seen by the masses below, who are perhaps ready to simply blame anyone in sight who holds wealth. Instead, the true gap is between the insiders, who used just a handful of powerful individuals to manipulate the economy and tilt things towards their control.
These tensions between the haves and have-nots will “escalate” even more drastically than they already have, according to the billionaire, “as robots and artificial intelligence fuel mass unemployment.”
[Rupert] said he expects advances in technology to lead to job losses after having read books on the subject recently.
The stakes could hardly be higher.
The manufacturing, delivery, warehouse and even service industry transition away from human labor towards robotics and A.I. will threaten the supporting net of nearly the entire working force, unless a transition to fabled new industries can be envisions and implemented with as little disruption as possible.
As these trends shape our future, a very real group of insiders are meeting at the secretive Bilderberg Group during their annual conference to discuss, among other vital global topics, the issues surrounding “artificial intelligence” and “cybersecurity.”
Attended by some 150 powerful individuals who represent the most dominant firms on the planet, Bilderberg has increasingly invited tech geeks and Silicon Valley billionaires to advise the banking and finance cartel who steer world politics, industry and social life.
Paul Joseph Watson reported on the attendance of DARPA director and Google researcher Regina Dugan, whose work in bioauthentication has sparked controversy:
Former DARPA director and now Google executive Regina Dugan, who is helping to develop and promote the idea of an ingestible identification microchip, will be in attendance at the secretive 2015 Bilderberg conference in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.
Google Chairman Erich Schmidt along with Demis Hassabis, Vice President of Engineering for Google DeepMind, will also meet with over 100 global power brokers from finance, politics and academia during the elitist confab.
As SHTF previously reported, job-killing killer robots are on the way to changing the social strata, and making more poor people than ever before:
Already many human jobs are being displaced by computers, and most trends point to a rise of automated assembly lines, computer-run logistics and services and robots to do jobs humans did before that.
From The Week:
The robopocalypse for workers may be inevitable. In this vision of the future, super-smart machines will best humans in pretty much every task. A few of us will own the machines, a few will work a bit — perhaps providing “Made by Man” artisanal goods — while the rest will live off a government-provided income.Silicon-based superintelligence and robots will dramatically alter labor markets — to name but one example, the most common job in most U.S. states probably will no longer be truck driver.
The future looks bleak for those who once made up the middle class, and who now find themselves and their contemporaries competing for meager earnings and struggling to maintain qualification for increasingly predatory loans and financial arrangements, just to keep afloat.
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Australian PM advisor says climate change a NWO scam

This is the kind of quote that would have made big headlines half a decade back or so…
Now, the people at the top are openly admitting in everyone’s face that the global warming data has been falsified for years to bring about authoritarian, global control and it barely catches people’s attention.
This is what they are doing to everyone through everything from propaganda to mandates, and it is working.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s top business advisor on Friday claimed climate change was a ruse encouraged by the United Nations to create a new authoritarian world order under its control.
Maurice Newman, chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, said the real agenda was “concentrated political authority. Global warming is the hook”.
In a column for The Australian newspaper to coincide with a visit by UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, he added that the world had been “subjected to extravagance from climate catastrophists for close to 50 years”.
“It’s a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error,” he said, without providing evidence.
Newman, a former chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is a known climate change sceptic but he went further by accusing the UN of being involved in a scam.
Gee. A scam that has been “encouraged by the United Nations” to bring about “concentrated political authority” that will help to create “a new authoritarian world order under its control.” You don’t say.
He added that they will continue to make this look like an organic, grassroots movement of concerned politicians, scientists and citizens who believe in the man-made global warming hoax, backed of course by powerful government interests including the White House. Oh, and “they will keep mobilising public opinion using fear and appeals to morality.”
There you go. Doesn’t get more straightforward than that.
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Dead scientists mystery

Dead Scientists 2004-2015

Alberto Behar, Robotics expert NASA at the JPL.
died instantly when his single-engine plane nosedived shortly after takeoff Friday from Van Nuys Airport He worked on two Mars missions and spent years researching how robots work in harsh environments like volcanoes and underwater As part of the NASA team exploring Mars with the Curiosity rover, Behar was responsible for a device that detected hydrogen on the planet's surface as the rover moved.
47-year old NASA Scientist Alberto Behar helped to prove that there had once been water on Mars according to the sad Daily Mail story published to announce his recent death in a plane crash that happened on Friday in LA, California. While plane crashes do happen and scientists do die, Behar's name has now been added to a very long list of scientists and astronomers who have met their untimely ends prematurely, leading us to ask, did Behar know something that 'they' don't want the rest of society to find out?
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Died 2014

John Rogers, Tropica Disease expert with the National Institutes of Health.
Martin John Rogers was found "near" his wrecked car down in an embankment in western Maryland on Thursday, September 4, 2014, after disappearing on August 21, 2014 when he left home for work at the world-renowned research center near Washington, D.C. No word yet on the cause of death, an autopsy will be performed to determine the manner of death, according to LA Times' The Baxter Bulletin.
Here is where the mystery comes in. According to the report the search for Rogers didn't start until a "few days after he failed to show up for work," but on the day he disappeared he is seen on a surveillance and used a credit card at a Motel 8 a few hours after he left home. Two days later there is a report of a sighting of Rogers on a "local trail," which authorities have deemed "likely credible.While the search for Rogers is over, the search for answers regarding his disappearance and death continues.
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Glenn Thomas, AIDS and Ebola expert and spokesperson for the World Health Organization.
Ebola expert Glenn Thomas was among the 298 people who were killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down and crashed in Ukraine. It is understood he was one of more than 100 researchers who were aboard the flight on their way to an international Aids conference in Australia. Among the other delegates aboard the plane was Joep Lange, a leading AIDS researcher and former president of the International AIDS Society (IAS)
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Mark Ferri, 59, Nuclear engineer
A renowned American engineer was found dead in his hotel room in Salford after his heart suddenly stopped working. Mark Ferri, 59, from Tennessee, had completed two degrees in engineering as well as an MBA before becoming a nuclear engineer.
At an inquest into Mr Ferri’s death at Bolton Crown Court, it was heard that the dad-of-one was visiting Manchester on business on September 18 – the day of his death.
It was said Mr Ferri had been under stress from his job. His wife, Michaela, told the inquest: “He said a number of times, this job is killing me.” Mr Ferri was originally due to return to the US a week earlier to see his family but was asked to remain in the UK for an extra week.
On September 5, Mrs Ferri spoke to her husband and said that ‘he didn’t sound right’. She said: “He said it was just his work and they were giving him additional assignments and he was feeling overwhelmed and he didn’t think he would be able to complete them”.
Read more from the Manchester Evening News

Died 2013

Professor Carol Ambruster, 69, University professor and Astronomy and Astrophysics
Officers had found nothing in Ambruster's life or history that appeared suspicious. Philly.com reported; Carol W. Ambruster, 69 was found by her roommate in the kitchen of her apartment in the 5500 block of Wayne Avenue, Germantown with a knife in her neck about 9 p.m., police said. She also had been stabbed in the chest.

Ambruster, a tenured professor in the department of astronomy and astrophysics at Villanova, retired in 2011. Ambruster attended Northeastern University, where she majored in physics, and received her doctorate in astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984. Her research interests included stars and the history of astronomy.
Anne Szarewski, 53, pioneered the cervical cancer vaccine.
Mystery: Doctors are still at a loss to explain Dr Anne Szarewski's death in her Hampstead home in August. Doctors are still at a loss to explain what exactly caused the brilliant researcher’s death. She was found with high levels of an anti-malarial drug in her bloodstream, but doctors said this was not thought to have caused her death. The scientist who pioneered the cervical cancer vaccine was found dead by her husband at their £2million home after he warned she was ‘heading for a crisis’ by working too hard. Dr Anne Szarewski, 53, a university lecturer whose discovery has saved thousands of lives, was begged to slow down by her husband, who was becoming increasingly concerned about the pressure she was putting on herself. In August he found her dead in their four-bedroom home in West Hampstead, north London, after he spent two hours drilling through a door she had locked from the inside. Dr Szarewski is credited with discovering the link between the human papillomavirus and cervical cancer, leading to a vaccine for HPV – the first-ever vaccine against any form of cancer – which is now routinely given to girls across the country.


Shane Todd, 31, Phd in electrical engineering with expertise with GaN (Gallium Nitride).
Mystery: Dr. Todd felt increasingly uncomfortable with the work he was doing with the Chinese company Huawei, to the point Shane told his family that he was being asked to compromise US security and he feared for his life. Shane was working on a “one of a kind” machine, with a dual use in commercial and in military application, requiring expertise in the area of GaN (Gallium Nitride). Shane refused to do what he was being asked to do and turned in his sixty day notice at IME. Shane found a good job with a company in Virginia, and bought a ticket to fly back to the US on July 1, 2012. Shane was killed late June 22nd, or 23rd, right after his last day of work.
Shane's death was so unusual that CBS 48 Hours did a show on it.

48 Hours: Did a son die protecting American secrets? A family's quest for the truth


  Dr. Richard Holmes , age 48. Weapons expert. Dr Holmes is believed to have worked on the production of chemical protection suits for troops. In 1991 he was the joint author of a scientific paper about an RAF chemical and biological protection system. Suicide riddle of weapons expert who worked with David Kelly: Scientist tells wife he is going for a walk, then takes his life in a field... just like his friend
  • Body of Dr Richard Holmes discovered in a field four miles from the Porton Down defence establishment
  • Police said there were no suspicious circumstances in latest case but revealed scientist was 'under a great deal of stress'
  • He resigned from Porton Down last month, but it is unclear why
A weapons expert who worked with Dr David Kelly at the Government's secret chemical warfare laboratory has been found dead in an apparent suicide.
In circumstances strongly reminiscent of Dr Kelly's own mysterious death nine years ago, the body of Dr Richard Holmes was discovered in a field four miles from the Porton Down defence establishment in Wiltshire. It is not yet known how he died.
Read more: http://truthaholics.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/uk-new-suicide-riddle-of-former-colleague-of-dr-david-kelly/

Melissa Ketunuti, - died January 2013 - Firefighters find charred body of murdered pediatrician who was hog-tied, strangled and set on fire in her basement 
Dr. Kentunuti worked at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and dedicated her whole life to being a doctor and helping kids with cancer. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, she earned a doctorate in medicine from Stanford University and had initially considered working as a surgeon internationally.
She worked on an AIDS research fellowship in Botswana through the National Institutes of Health. She also completed internships at Johns Hopkins Hospital and New York University.

Australia: mandatory vaccines and the secret treaty by Jon Rappoport

Globalism is the New World Order. There is no mystery about it
The alliance between mega-corporations, banks, and governments is ever-growing, as they extend their power over populations.
In this article, I use the example of Australia to illustrate a hidden point that applies to nations all over the world:
The medical cartel is “a compliance arm” of the New World Order.
The principle is simple: expand the degree of citizen-obedience in one area, and you expand it in all areas.
You create the core habit of obedience. That habit extends down into the subconscious mind.
Globalism and the New World Order need that obedience, because its methods are often so outrageous only robots would fall into line.
For an example of outrageous lunacy, take the upcoming Globalist treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). When ratified by 12 nations (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam), it will establish the right of corporations to bypass national courts and demand that their products be sold, without tariffs, without concern for workers who are paid slave wages, without concern for poisoning the environment with toxic chemicals.
This is a secret treaty. In Australia, it will be signed by the cabinet before any supporting legislation is considered.

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Monsanto challenged. Steven Druker

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In a challenge delivered to Monsanto's headquarters on May 20, 2015, U.S. public interest attorney Steven Druker calls on that corporation to find any inaccurate statements of fact in his new book:


The thoroughly documented and referenced book exposes the substantial risks of genetically engineered foods and the multiple misrepresentations that have enabled them to permeate world markets.

Druker asserts that if Monsanto cannot prove that his book is essentially erroneous, the world will have a right to regard these controversial foods as unacceptably risky - and to promptly ban them.

'Altered Genes - Twisted Truth' was released in March 2015 and is the result of more than 15 years of intensive research and investigation by Druker, who initiated a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that forced it to divulge its files on GM foods.

The book indicates that the commercialization of GM food in the U.S. was based on a massive fraud. 

The FDA files revealed that GM foods first achieved commercialization in 1992 but only because the FDA covered up the extensive warnings of its own scientists about their dangers, lied about the facts and then violated federal food safety law by permitting these foods to be marketed without having been proven safe through standard testing.

If the FDA had heeded its own experts' advice and publicly acknowledged their warnings that GM foods entailed higher risks than their conventional counterparts, Druker says that the GM food venture would have imploded and never gained traction anywhere.

He also argues that that many well-placed scientists have repeatedly issued misleading statements about GM foods, and so have leading scientific institutions such as,
  • the U.S. National Academy of Sciences
  • the American Association for the Advancement of Science 
  • the UK's Royal Society
Druker states that contrary to the claims of biotech advocates, humans have indeed been harmed by consuming the output of genetic engineering. 

He also explains that laboratory animals have also suffered from eating products of genetic engineering, and well-conducted tests with GM crops have yielded many troubling results, including intestinal abnormalities, liver disturbances, and impaired immune systems.

Druker says:
"Contrary to the assertions of its proponents, the massive enterprise to reconfigure the genetic core of the world's food supply is not based on sound science but on the systematic subversion of science - and it would collapse if subjected to an open airing of the facts."
Now, in his open letter 'Challenge to Monsantodated 19 May, Druker challenges Monsanto's Chief Technology Officer to "Face Up to the Extensive Evidence Demonstrating that Genetically Engineered Foods Entail Unacceptable Risks and Should Be Promptly Removed from the Market."

Druker finishes his letter by saying:
"If by July 20th you and your allies have not been able to refute the essential factual accuracy of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth according to the terms set forth above, the world will have a right to assume that it is as sound as the experts who reviewed it have affirmed - and to conclude that GE foods are unacceptably risky and must be banned."
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positive change is occurring now

Entire article found here...

This younger generation is manifesting, whether conscious of it or not, a non-local level of human relationships. This expanded connectivity is impacting and affecting a change in our psychology and consciousness. 

We are now being impelled to live in ways that enable all other people to live as well. We are also being compelled to live in ways that respect the lives of others and that respect the right to the economic and cultural development of all people; and to pursue personal fulfillment in harmony with the integrity of nature.

These traits may constitute what I refer to as an integral-ecological consciousness: a person acting and behaving as both an individual and as a part of the greater connected whole. Such multiple relations form a more varied, rich and complex life; they also provide a more diverse range of impacts and opportunities to develop the self. 

As well as providing challenges for developing new skills and learning, our diverse networks can form new friendships and add extra meaning to our lives.

Many young people today are comfortable in expressing themselves with strangers; they explore and express their inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas with hundreds of unknown persons online, from various cultural backgrounds. More and more daily interactions are empathic as we react and share news, stories, and emotional impacts from sources around the world.

Empathy is one of the core values by which we create and sustain social life. 

Exposure to impacts outside of our own local and restrictive environments helps us to learn tolerance, and to live with experiences that are richer and more complex, full of ambiguities, and multiple perspectives. It is a mode of connecting that allows diverse people worldwide to construct a new form of planetary social capital. We have the resources to co-create a planetary human society where once again the focus is on social benefit rather than profit. 

We can see many examples of this today, such as in online collaborative tools and both local and global projects. The online global community is a model for the new paradigm that illustrates how sharing can work above the individual motive for profit. 

The values and ethics of communal sharing might seem odd or out-of-place to the old capitalist-consumerist mindset, yet these are the very values that will be on the rise within the coming generations.

The spectacular rise in global communication technologies (Internet and mobile phones, etc) reflects a new form of participatory consciousness, especially among younger people. 

This new model is a distributed one; in other words, it connects people through networks rather than through hierarchical structures. It also represents a more feminine energy that seeks relationships, to nurture and to collaborate rather than compete and conquer. It is this emerging feminine energy that underlies the rise in global empathy. 

Also, since people are connecting amongst themselves in multiple relations it impels them to have an active engagement.

For those individuals brought-up within the older generation of communication technologies (radio, television, fixed phones), the interaction was either two-way or, for the most part, one way. In this era people were passive receivers, targeted by information they could not engage with. This has now shifted so that the receiver of the communication is both the user and the producer.

We have learnt to democratize our engagement and to activate choice through online social networks, phone messaging, video channels (e.g. You-Tube), and various other broadcast mediums. 

The younger generation is waking up quickly and learning how to set-up inexpensive, or free, radio sites (podcasts), home websites, newsletters, and are managing their own forms of self-expression. This new model is changing our thinking and behavior patterns. 

We are now getting used to dealing with multiple connections rather than single ones; and to becoming immersed in diverse relations and not just one-on-one dialogues. We are also being exposed to a myriad of viewpoints, beliefs, identities, and experiences. 

Within these new arrangements we are being asked to respond and engage with the outside world not in fear or with anxiety but with healthy, creative, and positive energies.

As a new generation enters a world where collaboration and connection is the new normal, we are likely to also see a different consciousness responding to such an environment.

In this way, change will come through responding to new patterns and potentials. 

With patience, tolerance, empathy, compassion, and conscious communication we will see a different set of values catalyzing change throughout our cultures of the world.

US attorneys claim courts are corrupt. Whistle blower.

45221111Retaliation. It is becoming a rather consistent sub-text in growing numbers of reports coming in concerning US policies—domestic as well as international. On the domestic front, attorneys are being suspended from the practice of law for protesting that the courts are corrupt, an intelligence whistleblower flees the US for safety in Russia and a journalist has been stripped of US citizenship. All these stories have the element of retaliation in common.
And now, we have reports of the FBI retaliating against one of their own former agents, allegedly for criticizing a high profile and troubled investigation. Richard Lambert, former Inspector in Charge of the 2001 anthrax investigation (AMERITHRAX) has filed a lawsuit against former Attorney General Eric Holder, former FBI Chief Robert Mueller and others in the Justice Department, alleging retaliation.
Richard Lambert, whose criticism of the FBI’s  investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks became public fare on 60 minutes, has filed a tort claim in US District Court, alleging that an erroneous legal opinion, written by FBI attorney Patrick Kelly and circulated both within and outside of the FBI, resulted in Lambert’s being fired in June of 2013 from the position of Senior Counterintelligence Officer with Oak Ridge National Laboratories, a position Lambert took in 2012 after retiring from the FBI following 24 years of service.
Lambert alleges that Kelly’s legal opinion branded him as a criminal for taking a job wherein he had contact with the FBI, without allowing the one year “cooling off” period mandated by law for former FBI employees. Lambert points out in his lawsuit that Kelly misreported the law, which allows former FBI employees to maintain exactly such contact if they are in a position wherein they are “representing the US government.” Lambert’s position at ORNL– a Department of Energy facility– fulfills this stipulation, he maintains.
Lambert states he reported Kelly’s conclusions to the US Attorney’s office and to the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, both of which found Kelly’s findings to be “meritless.”
In his lawsuit, Lambert maintains that he was singled out for retaliation due to the animus created by his criticisms of the AMERITHRAX investigation, an investigation with which he, as Inspector in Charge, was intimately acquainted.  He states that in 2006 he provided a “whistleblower report” to the FBI’s Deputy Director, with concerns that the investigation was pocked with inadequacies, including understaffing, threats of retaliation should the understaffing be reported to the FBI Headquarters, as well as an extensive cover up of what Lambert calls “daunting exculpatory evidence” concerning the chief suspect, Dr. Bruce Ivins, a Fort Detrick researcher.
Ivins reportedly committed suicide in 2008 before he could be arrested. The FBI has continued to maintain that Ivins was the “anthrax mailer.” Letters laden with weaponized anthrax spores were put into the mail in the weeks following the attacks of September 11, 2001, killing five people and sickening at least seventeen others.
Lambert’s lawsuit describes some of the actions taken by the FBI and DOJ in efforts to brand him as a criminal in allegedly violating the “cooling off” period. According to Lambert, the DOJ “launched and sensationalized massive criminal probes, which included the dispatch of teams of OIG Special Agents …who raided and searched Plaintiff’s office at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, seized and analyzed Plaintiff’s personal documents and effects, and interrogated dozens of Plaintiff’s…coworkers and associates in a wild fishing expedition festooned with prurient inquisitions into the intimate and irrelevant details of Plaintiff’s private life and marital status.”
The DOJ, however, came up empty handed. No charges were ever filed against Lambert, whose lawsuit  claims: “Due to the stigmatizing publicity and notoriety surrounding Defendant (Patrick) Kelly’s legal opinion and Defendant’s inquisition, Plaintiff has been blackballed with the specter of illegal conduct and ethics violations, unable to gain reemployment despite his submission of more than 70 job applications to various employers.”
Lambert is seeking 2.5 million in compensatory damages.
Lambert, who holds a law degree and three Master’s degrees, is representing himself. His 24 year career with the FBI included a stint as Assistant Special Agent in Charge at the San Diego Division, Special Agent in Charge at the Knoxville Division and Inspector in Charge of the AMERITHRAX investigation, along with other positions.
Another attorney, Barry Kissin, of Frederick, Maryland, also publicly critical of the FBI AMERITHRAX investigation, was reportedly put on a terrorist watch list. Kissin is in private practice and also writes for the Frederick News Post.
Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender that has traveled pretty extensively over the Asian region, an author of a tell-all book EXILE, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook

USA failed Russia policy. World changing.


... USA Russia policy failure

Washington's brilliant total war strategy against Russia initiated with the November 2013 Kiev EuroMaidan coup d'├ętat has become a manifest, utter failure that is creating the worst imaginable geopolitical nightmare for Washington.

Far from reacting as a helpless victim and cowering in fear before the U.S. efforts to isolate Russia, Putin initiated a brilliant series of foreign economic, military and political initiatives that by April added up to the seed crystal of a new global monetary order and a new Eurasian economic colossus to rival U.S. sole superpower hegemony. 

He challenged the very foundations of the U.S.-dominated dollar system and her global world order everywhere from India to Brazil to Cuba to Greece to Turkey. 

Russia and China signed mammoth new energy deals that allowed Russia to redirect its energy strategy from the west where the EU and Ukraine, both under strong Washington pressure, had sabotaged Russian EU gas deliveries via Ukraine.

The EU, again under intense Washington pressure threw one monkey wrench after another into Gazprom's South Stream natural gas pipeline project to southern Europe.

Rather than be defensive, Putin shocked the EU during his visit to Turkey and meeting with President Erdogan when he announced on December 1 that he had cancelled Gazprom's South Stream project

He announced he would seek an agreement with Turkey to deliver Russian gas to the Greek border. From there, if the EU wants the gas they have to finance their own pipelines. The EU bluff was called. Their future gas needs were more remote than ever.

The EU sanctions on Russia also backfired as Russia retaliated with a ban on EU food imports and a turn to Russian self-sufficiency. And billions of dollars of contracts or exports from German firms like Siemens or France's Total were suddenly in limbo. Boeing saw large aircraft orders to Russian carriers cancelled. 

Russia announced it was turning to national suppliers in production of critical defense components.

Then Russia became an "Asian" charter member of China's remarkably successful new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) designed to finance its ambitious New Silk Road Economic Belt high-speed rail network across Eurasia into the EU. 

Rather than isolate Russia, U.S. policy backfired badly as, despite strong pressures, U.S. staunch allies including Britain, Germany, France and South Korea all rushed to join the new AIIB.

Further, at their May meeting in Moscow, China's President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin announced that the China silk road rail infrastructure would be fully integrated with Russia's Eurasian Economic Union, a staggering boost not only to Russia bit to Eurasia into China, a region containing the majority of the world's population.

In short, by the point John Kerry was told to swallow hard and fly to Sochi, hat in hand, to offer some kind of peace pipe to Putin, U.S. leading circles, the American Oligarchs had realized their aggressive neo-conservative war-hawks like Victoria "F**k the EU" Nuland of the State Department and Defense Secretary Ash Carter were propelling the creation of a new alternative world structure that could spell the ruin of the entire post-Bretton Woods Washington-dominated Dollar System. Oops...

In addition, by forcing her European "allies" to toe the U.S. anti-Putin line, to the severe detriment of EU economic and political interests, alone her vigorous participation in the New Silk Road Economic Belt project and the economic boom in investment that will bring with it, Washington's neo-conservatives have managed also to accelerate a probable parting of the ways between Germany, France and other Continental European powers to Washington.

Finally, as the whole world (including even Western anti-Atlantists) came to view Putin as the symbol of resistance to the American dominance

This perception first emerged at the time of the Snowden story but has solidified after the sanctions and blockade. Such perception, by the way, plays a significant psychological role in the geopolitical struggle - the presence of such a symbol opens up novel venues in the fight against the hegemony.

For all these reasons, Kerry was clearly sent to Sochi to sniff out possible soft points for a renewed assault in the future. He told the rogue U.S.-backed lunatics in Kiev to cool it and respect the Minsk cease-fire accords. 

The demand came as a shock in Kiev.

U.S.-installed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told French TV, 
"Sochi is definitely not the best resort and not the best place to have a chat with Russian president and Russian foreign minister."
At this juncture the only thing clear is that Washington has finally realized the stupidity of its provocations against Russia in Ukraine and globally. 

What their next scheme will entail is not yet clear. 

Clear is that a dramatic policy shift has been ordered on the Obama administration from the highest levels of U.S. institutions. Nothing else could explain the dramatic shift. If sanity replaces the neo-con insanity remains to be seen. 

Clear is that Russia and China are resolute about never again leaving themselves at the mercy of an incalculable sole superpower. Kerry's pathetic attemptat a second Russia "reset" in Sochi will bring Washington little at this point. 

The U.S. Oligarchy, as Shakespeare's Hamlet put it, is being "hoist with their own petard," as the bomb maker blows himself up with his own bomb...

Elsewhere, as we shopped...

school, get a job, pay your bills, and try to put yourself in a position to earn enough money to be able to live (...or better, survive?) - this is our current human experience. 

But while we're busy focusing on how to survive, our planet is being trashed at an exponential rate.
  • Is it possible to create a human experience where we don't destroy the planet? 

  • Is it possible for everybody to have their basic necessities met without the use of money? 

  • Is it possible to create a “system” where money is not even needed? 
We believe so, but there still seems to be a harsh resistance to this type of thinking, despite the tremendous amount of options that exist to change our world.

For example, we could use hemp and other biodegradable non-toxic ingredients to manufacture our products - products that don't harm the environment, but actually help to heal it. 

No more plasticno more deforestation

Hemp can also be used to generate energy and boasts over 50,000 other uses, but this crop is still illegal in many places. Again, hemp is just one small example out of many with big implications. 

There exist a number of problems that urgently need to be addressed, and the fact that a handful of corporations pretty much own the entire planet and all its resources doesn't help, but things are changing, there is still good out there. Imagine if these corporations came together and pooled all of their resources to change the world. 

What a difference that would make...

We need a shift in consciousness to save the planet, a network that is not driven by greed, fear, and ego, but one that is driven by a common goal: 
the betterment of our planet and the well-being of all life on Earth.
This is absolutely possible to achieve, and sometimes I feel that because this is such a simple idea in essence, people don't believe it. 

It's not uncommon for many to refer to economicsbusinessfinance, the very system that enslaves us; it's hard for many to imagine a world without money or to understand how that world would even function in practice. 

I believe this simply comes from an ignorance of solutions that are out there and the way our world works in general. 

Self-education is the key to making change happen.

I've said this before and I will say it again, working in this field for a number of years now and being interested in it for even longer, the progress we've made as a human race is astounding.

Anybody who pays attention to this type of thing can clearly see that. 

At the same time, we have a long way to go, and there are many steps for the human race to take, but we are indeed heading in the right direction.

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and they've been floating around the Internet for a while. 
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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Universe is a computer simulation

The Week

"Whoa." It's the familiar refrain of Neo (Keanu Reeves) in 1999's The Matrix, the celebrated cyberpunk thriller that imagines reality as a grandiose computer simulation. It's also how a few sci-fi fans are reacting to mind-bending new research that suggests the film's conceit might not be so far-fetched after all. Right now, University of Washington physicists are conducting experiments to determine whether or not the universe in which we're living is actually just one, gigantic computer simulation. Here's what you should know:

How could the universe be a computer simulation?In 2003, a British philosopher named Nick Bostrom from the University of Oxford published a highly controversial but widely read paper in which he suggested, says Ray Villard at Discovery News, that "our far-evolved distant descendants might construct such a program to simulate the past and recreate how their remote ancestors lived." Any supercivilization, argues Bostrom, would inevitably create such a program. 
Is that even possible?Well, we already have simulation games like The Sims. But if you're going to reconstruct reality as we know it, you'd have to start at the most basic, fundamental level. Right now, the planet's most advanced supercomputers use a technique called lattice quantum chromodynamics (LQC) to model subatomic particles — stuff like quarks and gluons. In their paper "Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation," UW physicists argue that a super-super-super-super computer in the future could stack these basic subatomic building blocks together like Legos to recreate anything: Plants, animals, the human brain, oceans, planets, entire galaxies... you name it. Essentially, such a powerful computer could model space-time as a simulation from the Big Bang forward.
How would we be able to tell if we're living inside a computer-generated universe?It's really complicated, but essentially UW researchers suggest that we could be living in an intelligently designed reality they're calling The Lattice. Like all software simulations, The Lattice should contain telltale evidence (or "signatures") that the space-time continuum as we know it was being modeled in some sort of omniscient computer. All you'd need to do was identify these "signatures," says Matt Peckham at TIME, say, "something like a limitation in the energy produced by cosmic rays." At the frayed boundaries of The Lattice, for instance, these cosmic rays would behaved in strange, unexpected ways.
How can we test it?The paper doesn't specify. Physicist Martin Savage, one of the project's researchers, says that if the simulations run long enough, "and have the same laws as our universe, then something like our universe will emerge within that simulations, and the situation will repeat itself within each simulation." In other words, all we have to do is find a simulation within a simulation for evidence that our reality is, indeed, a simulation. You know what that means, says Villard: God could be a computer programmer rather than "a bearded old man living in the sky." Whoa, indeed.