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Drone operators, serial killers.

drone operator

Brandon Bryant, 27, from Missoula, Montana, spent six years in the Air Force operating Predator drones from inside a dark container. But, after following orders to
shoot and kill a child in Afghanistan, he knew he couldn't keep doing what he was doing and quit the military.
"I saw men, women and children die during that time. I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought I couldn't kill anyone at all." - Former US drone operator Brandon Bryant

A little after 10:00 p.m., and a serial killer is getting ready to make his move. He has watched and waited for this moment for some time.

He watches his victim get out of a cab and dig in his pockets for money. Two of his children run out to the porch to greet their daddy. The killer presses a button and watches as the victim, the taxi driver and the two children are vaporized. Other people in the house, the man's wife, parents and three other children are badly injured and burnt by the high explosive.

The house next door partially collapses, killing an elderly woman and injuring her grandson. But this is just the beginning.

Neighbors and emergency personnel arrive and begin trying to help the victims. There is chaos...children screaming, people wailing and the cries of the burnt and injured. Several people are trapped under rubble.

When enough people have gathered, the killer presses the button again. Fifteen seconds later, all those at the scene are vaporized or blown to shreds. The killer high-fives his partner. In two hours he will be off work! They are planning on driving in to Las Vegas, have some cocktails maybe pick up some girls.

On the other side of the world, at the crime scene, the misery, grief and suffering is just beginning. The gathering and grouping of body parts, the burials, the amputations and lifetime medical traumas, the traumatized children, the destroyed lives. But tonight in Vegas, it is party party party for this 22-year old serial killer from Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, some 7550 miles away from the carnage. The biggest threat he will face tonight is a hangover tomorrow.

He is a drone "pilot". He and his kind have redefined the words "coward", "terrorist", and "sociopath". He is the new face of American warfare. He is a government trained and equipped serial killer. But unlike Ted Bundy or John Gacy, he does not have to worry about getting caught. It is his job.

One thing that the drone terrorism/assassination program has revealed to the world is how racist we Americans are. American life is precious... when Americans die we expect the entire world to weep at our feet along with us. Three Americans die in a senseless act of violence and murder at the Boston Marathon, and the entire country grieves and the president makes heartfelt speeches. Where were all the speeches and expressions of grief when the US bombed the school in Chenagai, Afghanistan? Didn't hear about that senseless act of violence and murder? Of course not.

This is from the UK newspaper The Tribune.
    "It is one of the worst incidents of the entire drones campaign, yet one of the least reported.
    A CIA strike on a madrassa or religious school in 2006 killed up to 69 children, among 80 civilians.
    The attack was on a religious seminary in Chenegai, in Bajaur Agency.CIA drones attacked on October 30, flattening much of the school. Their target was reportedly the headmaster, a known militant. But dozens of children were also killed, the youngest aged seven."
    (see here)
Wow. So the CI next decides that the teacher of this school needs to be killed. They do not kill him on his way to school, or when he is alone. They wait until he is at the school full of children, THEN they send the missiles.

They PURPOSELY wait until they can kill dozens of children too. Could Satan himself top this act of pure evil? If there is aHell, there is a special place for the murdering, drug running, child killers known as the CIA. Hitler's SS were Cub Scouts in comparison.

When the CIA decided that they wanted to kill a 16-year old American kid named Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki, they waited until he was in a Yemeni restaurant with two of his teenaged friends. A drone operator fired the missiles and not only the intended victim, but eight other people died.

This is from Wikipedia:
    "Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki was a 16-year-old American citizen who was killed while eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant in an airstrike by an armed C.I.A. drone in Yemen on October 14, 2011. The attack also killed two of his teenaged friends and five other people in the restaurant, which was reduced to rubble. He had no connection to terrorism and was searching for his father Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by an airstrike by an armed C.I.A. drone two weeks prior to the death of his son."
drone strike victem

Dr. Mona Kazim Shah with a drone strike victim
By the way, Obama approved that strike, according to the New York Times. Tough guy. A real leader. Child killer.

Would that ever happen in the US?

Say if a non-government sanctioned serial killer like Jeffery Dahmler was in a Burger King, would the police or FBI blow up the entire restaurant and kill everyone else inside to get him ? If a really bad guy...robber, rapist, murderer was found to be in his house some night with his wife and four small children, would the police blow up the entire house and everyone in it to get the bad guy? Would the CIA bomb a school full of children in Colorado (where the 16 year old was from) to kill ONE teacher? No, because we value AMERICAN life.

Our damned military and the ghouls who give them their orders are rapidly changing for the worst, how we are perceived in the world. We are murderous, racist thugs, killers of children, bombers of weddings and funerals. The "logic" given for bombing weddings and funerals is that there might be someone attending that they want to take out. So, our Nobel Peace Prize winning president and the serial killers he employs just kill as many people as possible.

If they were at the wedding of someone who might be related to someone possibly involved with trying to get the foreign invaders out of their country, well they were probably "terrorists", and the children would probably grow up to be terrorists, so kill em all.

This is racism at it's most extreme. We can kill them like mice because they are not like us. We lie, invade, destroy, kill and then we call THEM "savages". WE are the most brutal, arrogant and sociopath society this earth has ever seen. We criticize the Jews for calling themselves the Chosen Ones, yet we act as if we are the only people on the planet that matter.

"Well", you might be thinking, "this rant does not apply to me. I am not in the military, I am not an 'aviation warfare specialist' as the joystick/drone operators in their 'flight suits' are called. I don't like this crap any more than the author of this piece...."

My question then would be "What are you doing about it?"

Have you called your congressmen and senators and told them that you will only support those politicians who sincerely and repeatedly call for an end to the drone murder program?

About the only thing I feel that I can do about it at this time is try to raise awareness. Anyone can do that in their everyday conversations with others. Letters to the editor are good. Do something or know that by your silence you are aiding and abetting evil in it's purest form.

Even a "Drones are Evil" bumper sticker would be a start.

You would probably be surprised and maybe encouraged by how many others would comment on it. I believe that there should be a drone operator website where these punks are "outed". We need a drone operator list with names, pictures and addresses... I want to know if my neighbor, my child's friend's father, or the newly hired town cop is or was a murdering serial killer.

If so, they need to be treated like any other murderers.

They need to know even a bit of the terror that they inflict on others. They need to worry every single day, like the way Afghan and Pakistani parents worry, many now not sending their chidren to school because of the American/NATO habit of bombing schools, picnics and any gathering of people.

Can you imagine being afraid to throw a wedding for your child because a bored 22-year old "aviation warfare specialist" on the other side of the world may decide that it could be a terrorist get together and blow it up? That is the reality of life for many people in the world today, especially in Northern Pakistan.

And do you think that this killer drone business will not come to our shores?

Do you think that the same people who plan, approve and carry out strikes on weddings and houses full of children, who blow up an entire restaurant and everyone in it to kill a 16 year old American kid..do you think that these people would hesitate to do the same thing here if they felt a need to?

They kill children but are too nice to do it here?? "They wouldn't do that to us....that's crazy talk!" Remember Waco? There were children there. Twenty-eight of them.

drone poster
Sooner or later we are going to see a scenario like this...in the United States. A citizen shoots down a surveillance drone flying over his property. The government responds with an armed drone and blows the citizen to shreds. No risk to "law enforcement", call the guy a terror suspect and classify the information so that no one can look any further into it.

The message will be sent to the other uppity citizens that if you mess with us, you will die...today.

And consider this the next time you hear of a "terrorist" bomb, a suicide bombing or a car bomb going off somewhere. The giant V-2 rockets that Germany deployed during WWII were invisible to the naked eye when they hit. These rockets were 46 feet long, nearly 6 feet in diameter, and had a 12 foot wingspan. They were the size of, and looked like, the finned rockets in old science fiction movies.

Hellfire missiles, which US drones use, are less than five feet long, seven inches in diameter, and have a 13" wingspan. By my rough calculations, nearly three hundred Hellfires could fit into a V-2, yet these giants were invisible when they hit. How much more so the Hellfires?

And by the way, do you know how many car bombs had been set off in Iraq before the American/British invasion?


Even with all the "sectarian strife" that we were told we must invade to prevent. Look it up..not one recorded car bombing incident until the Americans and Brits got there. Coincidence? I think not.

So if a drone fires a missile at a car in a crowded market and it explodes, it becomes a "car bomb"? In Gaza, shops, houses and cars blow up routinely and it is usually attributed by the Israelis to a bomb blowing up prematurely. You can only use that so many times however, before people start to question things.

I am afraid that we are to the point however, where they do not care about our impressions of their actions as long as we are "shock and awed" enough to fear resisting. Everything the government does, it does gradually...like frogs in a cooking pot, we adjust to each little infringement, each loss of freedom, each "sacrifice" that we are asked (ordered) to endure "for the good of the country".

One day we wake up and realize that we have become slaves to a cartel of profiteers that do not give a damn about us or The United States or the world. We are their tools, their pawns to be used and disposed of as they see fit. They use one group of us to wipe out another group of us, but we are all their pawns... Americans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, whatever.

We are being distracted and manipulated by "nationalism" - by people who have no allegiance to any country. Their loyalty is to power and wealth. They believe that they should rule the world.

When I was growing up, in the movies, cartoons and comic books, the people who wanted to "rule the world" were ALWAYS the bad guys....remember? How did that change? It didn't... wanting to dominate the world remains the wet dream of the most evil amongst us.

drone poll
The real war going on is a class war. But it is very narrow class indeed which does the ruling..maybe the top 3%. They use fear, nationalism, "patriotism", religion, race, sexual preferences... anything they can to get us to fight each other, but what we always have is one group of poor bastards killing another group of the same so that evil people who have nothing but disdain for all of us can continue to grow in power and wealth.

We average Americans are too nice. We think that our "leaders" are nice also. We cannot imagine lying to the whole world to create a war for profit, or bombing a restaurant full of people to kill a 16-year old kid but they can and have. We cannot imagine torturing people to death, but they can and do. We could not imagine that they would kill 2200 of us on 9-11 to get a war going, but even the government appointed 9-11 commission members do not believe the official story that they say they were railroaded into endorsing. Polls show that a majority of the world does not buy it either.

So, do I think that even massive public pressure would change things, that the US military and the CIA would stop using and promise not to use killer drones anymore, or if they did make such a promise it would be kept? Not for a second. They are here to stay. I think that the only thing we can do is make it as difficult as possible for them. Make them go to a little more effort to cover their tracks. Harass drone-promoting politicians... make them worry. Send a letter to General Atomics, the ghouls that build these Predator drones.

Here is their address:
General Atomics
PO Box 85608
San Diego, California 92186-5608
If you think that their products are shitty, maybe the best way to express that is to send them some......shit! Got a dog? Maybe a cat? There you are... you are just a stamp and an envelope away.

We have generated a lot of well-justified hatred. If Americans were digging through rubble of weddings, restaurants and schools looking for their victims of Chinese drone strikes, I think it is safe to say that we would hate the Chinese.

I would try to figure out a way to fight back if I could. Wouldn't you?

And if Chinese drones were killing Europeans or Japanese in their houses, their restaurants, I would boycott all things Chinese. Despite all our wealth and WMDs, we are just 5% of the world's population. How long can we spit in the faces of the other 95% and not receive serious repercussions?

drone protest
We use force to resolve differences, but we are an especially warlike society. The rest of the world will simply ignore us, reject us, and starve us out. Remember the fall of the South African apartheid government? That regime lasted a decade longer than it would have only because of loans from AMERICAN banks. The rest of the world had closed it's doors on the racist regime.

No one likes murderous bullies, except it seems, other murderous bullies. Things are going to change. I am surprised that it hasn't happened already. We are raised to think that the whole world admires us and wants to be like us. That may have been the case in the past, but we have become so brutal, hypocritical and arrogant that those days are over. The beautiful young maiden that the world embraced last night has been revealed to be an ugly, syphilitic old whore with bloodstained hands in the morning light.

The honeymoon is ending quickly...

We need to realize that an American boycott could very well happen. Sadly, only then will a huge number of us realize that we have been on the wrong side of history. Many of us will dig in with the "right or wrong, it's us against them" mentality. But most of us, I believe, are good, decent people who wish no harm to anyone. We just want to live our lives the best we can and hopefully raise our children in a happy and peaceful world. And most of us realize that all around the world everyone else is, with very few exceptions, the same.

For most of us our only sin is our silence.

That is how history will judge us.

People want to feel proud of themselves, of their country, of their military. We resist realizations that shatter that perception. It is tough to realize that at this point in time, we are indeed "the bad guys", and we should be ashamed for allowing this world-threatening cancer to grow in our name. But we are continually bombarded with lies and misinformation by a "government" that we were raised to trust and believe in.

What will our overlords do when they realize that we see through their lies, and their time is up? What will they do when our servicemen and women start refusing orders en mass? And how many innocents have to die before that point is reached? THAT is up to us.

"If there be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine


Vic Pittman is a freelance writer from Scotts Mills, Oregon who resides in Mexico today. He is the holder of no literary awards, journalistic awards or college degrees. He has at one time or another been a honor student, inmate, biker, Christian, pothead, father, radical, pacifist, anarchist, artist, heavy metal guitarist, model citizen, lawbreaker, business owner, illegal marijuana grower, and volunteer for various causes. He is proud to be a "common man" and be among those striving to make this world a better place if at all possible. He was fortunate enough to have been raised by awesome parents who instilled what he feels to be essential values and encouraged him to feel a kinship with not just family or Oregonians or Americans or whites, but every person on Earth, and to act accordingly. He and his wife Glenda currently live in Nayarit Mexico.

You can write to Vic at this address: tropicats08@hotmail.com

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HAARP, ELF fields, monkeys and mind control

 Mind Control

By Harry V. Martin and David Caul
Copyright, Napa Sentinel, 1991

(go here for full article)


Monkey in restraint experiencing electrode stimulation to its brain in experiment by José Delgado, infamous mind control researcher.

...In California, it was discovered by Dr. Adey that animal brain waves could be altered directly by ELF fields. It was found that monkey brains would fall in phase with ELF waves. These waves could easily pass through the skull, which normally protected the central nervous system from outside influence.
In San Leandro, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, director of Technic Research Laboratory, has been doing ELF/brain research with human subjects for some time. One of the frequencies produces nausea for more than an hour. Another frequency, she calls it the marijuana frequency, gets people laughing. "Give me the money and three months," she says, "and I'll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it."....
The American public was never informed that the military had planned to develop electromagnetic weapons until 1982, when the revelation appeared in a technical Air Force magazine.
The magazine article stated, "....specifically generated radio-frequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military trends." The article indicated that that it would be very easy to use electromagnetic fields to disrupt the human brain because the brain, itself, was an electrically mediated organ. If further indicated that a rapidly scanning RFR system would have a stunning or killing capability over a large area. The system was developable.
Navy Captain Dr. Paul E. Taylor read a paper at the Air University Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Dr. Taylor was responsible for the Navy's Radiation Laboratory and had been studying radiation effects on humans. In his paper, Dr. Taylor stated, "The ability of individuals to function (as soldiers) could be degraded to such a point that would be combat ineffective." The system was so sophisticated that it employed microwaves and millimeter waves and was transportable by a large truck.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the South Bay, are working on the development of a "brain bomb". A bomb could be dropped in the middle of a battlefield which would produce microwaves, incapacitating the minds of soldiers within a circumscribed area.
Applications of microwave technology in espionage were available for over 25 years. In a meeting in Berkeley of the American Association for the Advancement of Science as early as 1965, Professor J. Anthony Deutsch of New York University, provided an important segment of research in the field of memory control. In layman terms, Professor Deutsch indicated that the mind is a transmitter and if too much information is received, like too many vehicles on a crowded freeway, the brain ceases to transmit. The Professor indicated that an excess of acetyl choline in the brain can interfere with the memory process and control. He indicated excess amounts of acetyl choline can be artificially produced, through both the administration of drugs or through the use of radio waves. The process is called Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM). The memory transmission can be stopped for as long as the radio signal continues.
As a result, the awareness of the person skips over those minutes during which he is subjected to the radio signal. Memory is distorted, and time-orientation is destroyed.
According to Lincoln Lawrence, author of Were We Controlled, EDOM is now operational. "There is already in use a small EDOM generator/transmitter which can be concealed on the body of the person. Contact with this person, a casual handshake or even just a touch, transmits a tiny electronic charge plus an ultra-sonic signal tone which for a short period will disturb the time-orientation of the person affected....it can be a potent weapon for hopelessly confusing evidence in the investigation of a crime."
Thirty years ago, Allen Frey discovered that microwaves of 300 to 3000 megahertz could be "heard" by people, even if they were deaf, if pulsed at a certain rate. Appearing to be originating just in back of the head, the sound boomed, clicked, hissed or buzzed, depending upon the frequency. Later research has shown that the perception of the waves take place just in front of the ears. The microwaves causes pressure waves in the brain tissue, and this phenomenon vibrates the sound receptors in the inner ear through the bone structure. Some microwaves are capable of directly stimulating the nerve cells of the auditory pathways. This has been confirmed with experiments with rats, in which the sound registers 120 decibels, which is equal to the volume of a nearby jet during takeoff. Aside from having the capability of causing pain and preventing auditory communication, a more subtle effect was demonstrated at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp. Dr. Sharp, himself, was the subject of an experiment in which pulsed microwave audiograms, or the microwave analog of the sound vibrations of spoken words, were delivered to his brain in such a way that he was able to understand the words that were spoken. Military and undercover uses of such a device might include driving a subject crazy with inner voices in order to discredit him, or conveying undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.
But the technology has been carried even a step further. It has been demonstrated by Dr. Ross Adey that microwaves can be used to directly bring about changes in the electrical patterns of different parts of the brain. His experiments showed that he could achieve the same mind control over animals as Dr. Delgado did in the bull incident. Dr. Delgado used brain implants in his animals, Dr. Adey used microwave devices without preconditioning. He made animals act and look like electronic toys. 


from  http://www.sonic.net/sentinel/gvcon8.html 

The Illuminati were amateurs

Rolling Stone

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

The Illuminati were amateurs. The second huge financial scandal of the year reveals the real international conspiracy: There's no price the big banks can't fix

APRIL 25, 2013
Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.
You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that's trillion, with a "t") worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it "dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets."
That was bad enough, but now Libor may have a twin brother. Word has leaked out that the London-based firm ICAP, the world's largest broker of interest-rate swaps, is being investigated by American authorities for behavior that sounds eerily reminiscent of the Libor mess. Regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers at ICAP may have worked with up to 15 of the world's largest banks to manipulate ISDAfix, a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps.
Interest-rate swaps are a tool used by big cities, major corporations and sovereign governments to manage their debt, and the scale of their use is almost unimaginably massive. It's about a $379 trillion market, meaning that any manipulation would affect a pile of assets about 100 times the size of the United States federal budget.
It should surprise no one that among the players implicated in this scheme to fix the prices of interest-rate swaps are the same megabanks – including Barclays, UBS, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and the Royal Bank of Scotland – that serve on the Libor panel that sets global interest rates. In fact, in recent years many of these banks have already paid multimillion-dollar settlements for anti-competitive manipulation of one form or another (in addition to Libor, some were caught up in an anti-competitive scheme, detailed in Rolling Stone last year, to rig municipal-debt service auctions). Though the jumble of financial acronyms sounds like gibberish to the layperson, the fact that there may now be price-fixing scandals involving both Libor and ISDAfix suggests a single, giant mushrooming conspiracy of collusion and price-fixing hovering under the ostensibly competitive veneer of Wall Street culture.
The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia
Why? Because Libor already affects the prices of interest-rate swaps, making this a manipulation-on-manipulation situation. If the allegations prove to be right, that will mean that swap customers have been paying for two different layers of price-fixing corruption. If you can imagine paying 20 bucks for a crappy PB&J because some evil cabal of agribusiness companies colluded to fix the prices of both peanuts and peanut butter, you come close to grasping the lunacy of financial markets where both interest rates and interest-rate swaps are being manipulated at the same time, often by the same banks.
"It's a double conspiracy," says an amazed Michael Greenberger, a former director of the trading and markets division at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and now a professor at the University of Maryland. "It's the height of criminality."
The bad news didn't stop with swaps and interest rates. In March, it also came out that two regulators – the CFTC here in the U.S. and the Madrid-based International Organization of Securities Commissions – were spurred by the Libor revelations to investigate the possibility of collusive manipulation of gold and silver prices. "Given the clubby manipulation efforts we saw in Libor benchmarks, I assume other benchmarks – many other benchmarks – are legit areas of inquiry," CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton said.
But the biggest shock came out of a federal courtroom at the end of March – though if you follow these matters closely, it may not have been so shocking at all – when a landmark class-action civil lawsuit against the banks for Libor-related offenses was dismissed. In that case, a federal judge accepted the banker-defendants' incredible argument: If cities and towns and other investors lost money because of Libor manipulation, that was their own fault for ever thinking the banks were competing in the first place.
"A farce," was one antitrust lawyer's response to the eyebrow-raising dismissal.
"Incredible," says Sylvia Sokol, an attorney for Constantine Cannon, a firm that specializes in antitrust cases.
All of these stories collectively pointed to the same thing: These banks, which already possess enormous power just by virtue of their financial holdings – in the United States, the top six banks, many of them the same names you see on the Libor and ISDAfix panels, own assets equivalent to 60 percent of the nation's GDP – are beginning to realize the awesome possibilities for increased profit and political might that would come with colluding instead of competing. Moreover, it's increasingly clear that both the criminal justice system and the civil courts may be impotent to stop them, even when they do get caught working together to game the system.
If true, that would leave us living in an era of undisguised, real-world conspiracy, in which the prices of currencies, commodities like gold and silver, even interest rates and the value of money itself, can be and may already have been dictated from above. And those who are doing it can get away with it. Forget the Illuminati – this is the real thing, and it's no secret. You can stare right at it, anytime you want.
The banks found a loophole, a basic flaw in the machine. Across the financial system, there are places where prices or official indices are set based upon unverified data sent in by private banks and financial companies. In other words, we gave the players with incentives to game the system institutional roles in the economic infrastructure.
Libor, which measures the prices banks charge one another to borrow money, is a perfect example, not only of this basic flaw in the price-setting system but of the weakness in the regulatory framework supposedly policing it. Couple a voluntary reporting scheme with too-big-to-fail status and a revolving-door legal system, and what you get is unstoppable corruption.
Every morning, 18 of the world's biggest banks submit data to an office in London about how much they believe they would have to pay to borrow from other banks. The 18 banks together are called the "Libor panel," and when all of these data from all 18 panelist banks are collected, the numbers are averaged out. What emerges, every morning at 11:30 London time, are the daily Libor figures.
Banks submit numbers about borrowing in 10 different currencies across 15 different time periods, e.g., loans as short as one day and as long as one year. This mountain of bank-submitted data is used every day to create benchmark rates that affect the prices of everything from credit cards to mortgages to currencies to commercial loans (both short- and long-term) to swaps.
Gangster Bankers Broke Every Law in the Book
Dating back perhaps as far as the early Nineties, traders and others inside these banks were sometimes calling up the company geeks responsible for submitting the daily Libor numbers (the "Libor submitters") and asking them to fudge the numbers. Usually, the gimmick was the trader had made a bet on something – a swap, currencies, something – and he wanted the Libor submitter to make the numbers look lower (or, occasionally, higher) to help his bet pay off.
Famously, one Barclays trader monkeyed with Libor submissions in exchange for a bottle of Bollinger champagne, but in some cases, it was even lamer than that. This is from an exchange between a trader and a Libor submitter at the Royal Bank of Scotland:
SWISS FRANC TRADER: can u put 6m swiss libor in low pls?...
SWSISS FRANC TRADER: ive got some sushi rolls from yesterday?...
PRIMARY SUBMITTER: ok low 6m, just for u
SWISS FRANC TRADER: wooooooohooooooo. . . thatd be awesome
Screwing around with world interest rates that affect billions of people in exchange for day-old sushi – it's hard to imagine an image that better captures the moral insanity of the modern financial-services sector.
Hundreds of similar exchanges were uncovered when regulators like Britain's Financial Services Authority and the U.S. Justice Department started burrowing into the befouled entrails of Libor. The documentary evidence of anti-competitive manipulation they found was so overwhelming that, to read it, one almost becomes embarrassed for the banks. "It's just amazing how Libor fixing can make you that much money," chirped one yen trader. "Pure manipulation going on," wrote another.
Yet despite so many instances of at least attempted manipulation, the banks mostly skated. Barclays got off with a relatively minor fine in the $450 million range, UBS was stuck with $1.5 billion in penalties, and RBS was forced to give up $615 million. Apart from a few low-level flunkies overseas, no individual involved in this scam that impacted nearly everyone in the industrialized world was even threatened with criminal prosecution.
Two of America's top law-enforcement officials, Attorney General Eric Holder and former Justice Department Criminal Division chief Lanny Breuer, confessed that it's dangerous to prosecute offending banks because they are simply too big. Making arrests, they say, might lead to "collateral consequences" in the economy.
The relatively small sums of money extracted in these settlements did not go toward reparations for the cities, towns and other victims who lost money due to Libor manipulation. Instead, it flowed mindlessly into government coffers. So it was left to towns and cities like Baltimore (which lost money due to fluctuations in their municipal investments caused by Libor movements), pensions like the New Britain, Connecticut, Firefighters' and Police Benefit Fund, and other foundations – and even individuals (billionaire real-estate developer Sheldon Solow, who filed his own suit in February, claims that his company lost $450 million because of Libor manipulation) – to sue the banks for damages.
One of the biggest Libor suits was proceeding on schedule when, early in March, an army of superstar lawyers working on behalf of the banks descended upon federal judge Naomi Buchwald in the Southern District of New York to argue an extraordinary motion to dismiss. The banks' legal dream team drew from heavyweight Beltway-connected firms like Boies Schiller (you remember David Boies represented Al Gore), Davis Polk (home of top ex-regulators like former SEC enforcement chief Linda Thomsen) and Covington & Burling, the onetime private-practice home of both Holder and Breuer.
The presence of Covington & Burling in the suit – representing, of all companies, Citigroup, the former employer of current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew – was particularly galling. Right as the Libor case was being dismissed, the firm had hired none other than Lanny Breuer, the same Lanny Breuer who, just a few months before, was the assistant attorney general who had balked at criminally prosecuting UBS over Libor because, he said, "Our goal here is not to destroy a major financial institution."
In any case, this all-star squad of white-shoe lawyers came before Buchwald and made the mother of all audacious arguments. Robert Wise of Davis Polk, representing Bank of America, told Buchwald that the banks could not possibly be guilty of anti- competitive collusion because nobody ever said that the creation of Libor was competitive. "It is essential to our argument that this is not a competitive process," he said. "The banks do not compete with one another in the submission of Libor."
If you squint incredibly hard and look at the issue through a mirror, maybe while standing on your head, you can sort of see what Wise is saying. In a very theoretical, technical sense, the actual process by which banks submit Libor data – 18 geeks sending numbers to the British Bankers' Association offices in London once every morning – is not competitive per se.
But these numbers are supposed to reflect interbank-loan prices derived in a real, competitive market. Saying the Libor submission process is not competitive is sort of like pointing out that bank robbers obeyed the speed limit on the way to the heist. It's the silliest kind of legal sophistry.
But Wise eventually outdid even that argument, essentially saying that while the banks may have lied to or cheated their customers, they weren't guilty of the particular crime of antitrust collusion. This is like the old joke about the lawyer who gets up in court and claims his client had to be innocent, because his client was committing a crime in a different state at the time of the offense.
"The plaintiffs, I believe, are confusing a claim of being perhaps deceived," he said, "with a claim for harm to competition."
Judge Buchwald swallowed this lunatic argument whole and dismissed most of the case. Libor, she said, was a "cooperative endeavor" that was "never intended to be competitive." Her decision "does not reflect the reality of this business, where all of these banks were acting as competitors throughout the process," said the antitrust lawyer Sokol. Buchwald made this ruling despite the fact that both the U.S. and British governments had already settled with three banks for billions of dollars for improper manipulation, manipulation that these companies admitted to in their settlements.
Michael Hausfeld of Hausfeld LLP, one of the lead lawyers for the plaintiffs in this Libor suit, declined to comment specifically on the dismissal. But he did talk about the significance of the Libor case and other manipulation cases now in the pipeline.
"It's now evident that there is a ubiquitous culture among the banks to collude and cheat their customers as many times as they can in as many forms as they can conceive," he said. "And that's not just surmising. This is just based upon what they've been caught at."
Greenberger says the lack of serious consequences for the Libor scandal has only made other kinds of manipulation more inevitable. "There's no therapy like sending those who are used to wearing Gucci shoes to jail," he says. "But when the attorney general says, 'I don't want to indict people,' it's the Wild West. There's no law."
The problem is, a number of markets feature the same infrastructural weakness that failed in the Libor mess. In the case of interest-rate swaps and the ISDAfix benchmark, the system is very similar to Libor, although the investigation into these markets reportedly focuses on some different types of improprieties.
Though interest-rate swaps are not widely understood outside the finance world, the root concept actually isn't that hard. If you can imagine taking out a variable-rate mortgage and then paying a bank to make your loan payments fixed, you've got the basic idea of an interest-rate swap.
In practice, it might be a country like Greece or a regional government like Jefferson County, Alabama, that borrows money at a variable rate of interest, then later goes to a bank to "swap" that loan to a more predictable fixed rate. In its simplest form, the customer in a swap deal is usually paying a premium for the safety and security of fixed interest rates, while the firm selling the swap is usually betting that it knows more about future movements in interest rates than its customers.
Prices for interest-rate swaps are often based on ISDAfix, which, like Libor, is yet another of these privately calculated benchmarks. ISDAfix's U.S. dollar rates are published every day, at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., after a gang of the same usual-suspect megabanks (Bank of America, RBS, Deutsche, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, etc.) submits information about bids and offers for swaps.
And here's what we know so far: The CFTC has sent subpoenas to ICAP and to as many as 15 of those member banks, and plans to interview about a dozen ICAP employees from the company's office in Jersey City, New Jersey. Moreover, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, or ISDA, which works together with ICAP (for U.S. dollar transactions) and Thomson Reuters to compute the ISDAfix benchmark, has hired the consulting firm Oliver Wyman to review the process by which ISDAfix is calculated. Oliver Wyman is the same company that the British Bankers' Association hired to review the Libor submission process after that scandal broke last year. The upshot of all of this is that it looks very much like ISDAfix could be Libor all over again.
"It's obviously reminiscent of the Libor manipulation issue," Darrell Duffie, a finance professor at Stanford University, told reporters. "People may have been naive that simply reporting these rates was enough to avoid manipulation."
And just like in Libor, the potential losers in an interest-rate-swap manipulation scandal would be the same sad-sack collection of cities, towns, companies and other nonbank entities that have no way of knowing if they're paying the real price for swaps or a price being manipulated by bank insiders for profit. Moreover, ISDAfix is not only used to calculate prices for interest-rate swaps, it's also used to set values for about $550 billion worth of bonds tied to commercial real estate, and also affects the payouts on some state-pension annuities.
So although it's not quite as widespread as Libor, ISDAfix is sufficiently power-jammed into the world financial infrastructure that any manipulation of the rate would be catastrophic – and a huge class of victims that could include everyone from state pensioners to big cities to wealthy investors in structured notes would have no idea they were being robbed.
"How is some municipality in Cleveland or wherever going to know if it's getting ripped off?" asks Michael Masters of Masters Capital Management, a fund manager who has long been an advocate of greater transparency in the derivatives world. "The answer is, they won't know."
Worse still, the CFTC investigation apparently isn't limited to possible manipulation of swap prices by monkeying around with ISDAfix. According to reports, the commission is also looking at whether or not employees at ICAP may have intentionally delayed publication of swap prices, which in theory could give someone (bankers, cough, cough) a chance to trade ahead of the information.
Swap prices are published when ICAP employees manually enter the data on a computer screen called "19901." Some 6,000 customers subscribe to a service that allows them to access the data appearing on the 19901 screen.
The key here is that unlike a more transparent, regulated market like the New York Stock Exchange, where the results of stock trades are computed more or less instantly and everyone in theory can immediately see the impact of trading on the prices of stocks, in the swap market the whole world is dependent upon a handful of brokers quickly and honestly entering data about trades by hand into a computer terminal.
Any delay in entering price data would provide the banks involved in the transactions with a rare opportunity to trade ahead of the information. One way to imagine it would be to picture a racetrack where a giant curtain is pulled over the track as the horses come down the stretch – and the gallery is only told two minutes later which horse actually won. Anyone on the right side of the curtain could make a lot of smart bets before the audience saw the results of the race.
At ICAP, the interest-rate swap desk, and the 19901 screen, were reportedly controlled by a small group of 20 or so brokers, some of whom were making millions of dollars. These brokers made so much money for themselves the unit was nicknamed "Treasure Island."
Already, there are some reports that brokers of Treasure Island did create such intentional delays. Bloomberg interviewed a former broker who claims that he watched ICAP brokers delay the reporting of swap prices. "That allows dealers to tell the brokers to delay putting trades into the system instead of in real time," Bloomberg wrote, noting the former broker had "witnessed such activity firsthand." An ICAP spokesman has no comment on the story, though the company has released a statement saying that it is "cooperating" with the CFTC's inquiry and that it "maintains policies that prohibit" the improper behavior alleged in news reports.
The idea that prices in a $379 trillion market could be dependent on a desk of about 20 guys in New Jersey should tell you a lot about the absurdity of our financial infrastructure. The whole thing, in fact, has a darkly comic element to it. "It's almost hilarious in the irony," says David Frenk, director of research for Better Markets, a financial-reform advocacy group, "that they called it ISDAfix."
After scandals involving libor and, perhaps, ISDAfix, the question that should have everyone freaked out is this: What other markets out there carry the same potential for manipulation? The answer to that question is far from reassuring, because the potential is almost everywhere. From gold to gas to swaps to interest rates, prices all over the world are dependent upon little private cabals of cigar-chomping insiders we're forced to trust.
"In all the over-the-counter markets, you don't really have pricing except by a bunch of guys getting together," Masters notes glumly.
That includes the markets for gold (where prices are set by five banks in a Libor-ish teleconferencing process that, ironically, was created in part by N M Rothschild & Sons) and silver (whose price is set by just three banks), as well as benchmark rates in numerous other commodities – jet fuel, diesel, electric power, coal, you name it. The problem in each of these markets is the same: We all have to rely upon the honesty of companies like Barclays (already caught and fined $453 million for rigging Libor) or JPMorgan Chase (paid a $228 million settlement for rigging municipal-bond auctions) or UBS (fined a collective $1.66 billion for both muni-bond rigging and Libor manipulation) to faithfully report the real prices of things like interest rates, swaps, currencies and commodities.
All of these benchmarks based on voluntary reporting are now being looked at by regulators around the world, and God knows what they'll find. The European Federation of Financial Services Users wrote in an official EU survey last summer that all of these systems are ripe targets for manipulation. "In general," it wrote, "those markets which are based on non-attested, voluntary submission of data from agents whose benefits depend on such benchmarks are especially vulnerable of market abuse and distortion."
Translation: When prices are set by companies that can profit by manipulating them, we're fucked.
"You name it," says Frenk. "Any of these benchmarks is a possibility for corruption."
The only reason this problem has not received the attention it deserves is because the scale of it is so enormous that ordinary people simply cannot see it. It's not just stealing by reaching a hand into your pocket and taking out money, but stealing in which banks can hit a few keystrokes and magically make whatever's in your pocket worth less. This is corruption at the molecular level of the economy, Space Age stealing – and it's only just coming into view.
This story is from the May 9th, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone.

study finds 147 super entities rule the world

Swiss Study Shows 147 Technocratic “Super Entities” Rule the World

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

The Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortiums of corporations – mainly banks – run the world. A mere 147 corporations which form a “super entity” have control 40% of the world’s wealth; which is the real economy. These mega-corporations are at the center of the global economy. The banks found to be most influential include:
• Barclays
• Goldman Sachs
• JPMorgan Chase & Co
• Vanguard Group
• Deutsche Bank
• Bank of New York Melon Corp
• Morgan Stanley
• Bank of America Corp
• Société Générale
However as the connections to the controlling groups are networked throughout the world, they become the catalyst for global financial collapse.
James Glattfelder, complex systems theorist at the SFI explains: “In effect, less than one per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network.”
Using mathematic models normally applied to natural systems, the researchers analyzed the world’s economy. Their data was taken from Orbis 2007, a database which lists 37 million corporations and investors. The evidence showed that the world’s largest corporations are interconnected to all other companies and their professional decisions affect all markets across the globe.
George Sudihara, complex systems expert for SFI claims that this phenomenon is a common structure that could be found in nature. Comparing the manufactured reality of the financial markets to the ecosystems of the planet, Sudihara says that although the 147 corporations that rule the world through influence and interconnectedness are no more harmful than the natural cycles of our weather or animal kingdoms.
Yet because of the facts presented in the study, the financial crash of 2008 can be traced back to these tightly-knit networks. Future disasters can also be projected based on this analysis because of the “connectedness” of these influential entities which are only 147 corporations.
It is suggested the global capitalism could be a useful tool to make the markets more stable by simply acquiescing to control by the technocrats. The world’s transitional corporations (TNCs) guide the flow of all economies through influence and manipulation which created a structure of economic power. Most corporations are guided by the shareholders who use the companies to wield incredible power over the shift of economic consciousness. And the behavior of the system reflects the direction taken by those who fund the super entities.
Assumed by many that there was a complex architecture to the global economic power that caused financial systems to ebb and flow or crash and burn is not a scientific fact as evidenced in this study.
As the banking cartels force countries in the EuroZone into sovereign debt, there is a weakening of the many multi-national corporations around the world. Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have financially gained while stocks are being unloaded in other markets.
This sovereign land-grab by the central banking cartels across Europe is mirrored in a recent Goldman Sachs report: “The more the Spanish administration indulges domestic political interests … the more explicit conditionality is likely to be demanded.” In other words the technocrats working for the Zionists are acquiring each country in the EuroZone.
The European Central Bankers agreed to give any nation in the Euro-Zone a bailout if they agreed to hand over the country to them under the guise of “new rules and conditions when applying for assistance.”
As America drifts downstream toward economic implosion, the Federal Reserve headed by Ben Bernanke has chosen a different approach. They unveiled QE3 last week as a pump and dump scheme to prop up the US dollar by printing cash that is backed by nothing, while purchasing the mortgage-backed securities from the same banks that created the scandal and acquiring land in a massive land-grab; the likes of which have never been seen in the US.
Simultaneously, the BRICs nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are buying gold to back their fiat currencies to avoid being caught up in the destruction of the technocrats as they march toward one world currency.
BRICs have become the anti-thesis to the banking cartels of the Zionist regime.
As these nations pair with Middle Eastern countries like Iran to trade gold for petrol instead of the US dollar as the global reserve currency, the Obama administration has begun a propaganda campaign against China involving a manufactured cyber-threat.
In Iran, the terrorist factions that do the bidding of the Zionists to topple governments by inciting fake revolutions have been deployed to Iran to stir-up trouble and blame the failing Ra-il which is being strategically destroyed by sanctions placed on the nation by the US. The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) coerced the US Congress to pass HR 1905 which further tighten the economic noose around Iran for the benefit of the Zionist-controlled Israeli government.
In April of this year, the BRICs nations met to agree upon a strategy that would liberate the countries of the world from the grip of the technocrats. The BRICs countries are pushing for peace, but not through force and occupation of other countries to obtain this goal.
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia had this to say about the United Nations and their obvious attempts at global governance through usurpation of powers over countries. “One of the priorities of BRICs for the years to come should be the strengthening and key role of the UN’s Security Council in maintaining international peace and security. And also ensuring that the UN is not used as a cover for regime change and unilateral actions to resolve conflict situations.”
A joint BRICs bank was discussed with vigor. It would serve as an alternative to central banks that abuse their power at the expense of nations worldwide. They hope to replace the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The IMF and World Bank are alarmed by this move and highly disapprove of it.
This is not shocking, considering that the central banks play a game of printing fiat that has no precious metals backing the paper.
Over 180 countries have signed onto the BRICs agreement as evidenced in their declaration. While the global Elite still hold power over the G5 countries, the rest of the world is standing up, severing their ties and making plans for a new world without them.


by: Thomas, William William Thomas is an investigative journalist who comes to us from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. He has won numerous awards for his feature films and articles. His 30-minute Gulf War documentary "Ecowar" was the U.S. Environmental film festival award for "best documentary short" in 1991. William Thomas is the author of Scorched Earth: The Military's War Against the Environment and Bringing the War Home: The True Story Behind the Gulf War Illness and Biological Warfare in the Gulf. William has lectured extensively on the Gulf War and biological warfare in the '90's, and is a frequent guest on the "Art Bell Radio Show". His latest book is Probing the Chemtrails Conundrum.
I have been an investigative journalist for the past 30 years and as a journalist I base my reports on documented information. During the Gulf War, I served as a member of a three-man volunteer environmental emergency response team in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, and returned from that experience emotionally scarred, and with my immune system ravaged. After recovering through a program of supplementation, I became very disturbed to find hundreds and hundreds of emails from U.S. and Canadian veterans complaining of something they called Gulf War Syndrome. My investigation into biological weapons has been ongoing since I returned from the Gulf War, and I uncovered the untold story of the biological war in the Gulf in my book Bringing the War Home. In a previous book, Scorched Earth, I examined biological warfare experimentation, particularly in the United States.
In January, 1999, I was contacted by the managing editor of the Environment News Service, an international wire service which I had worked for in the Gulf. I was asked to check out a story by William Wallace about very unusual aerial activity over the state of Washington that was apparently changing the skies overhead. Wallace and his wife lived in a remote mountainous area, and he claimed that large unmarked jet aircraft were flying back and forth over his property, spraying something in the air. Unlike normal contrails behind commercial jets which dissipate quickly, these lingered for hours, came together and obscured the sky. Mr. Wallace said that he and his wife were very ill, their dogs were dying, and their plants were dying. I began to investigate this story and after looking at a videotape made by Mr. Wallace, realized as a former pilot and former member of the military myself, that this was very unusual aerial activity. He gave me some of his contacts across the United States, and as I followed up on those contacts, I developed a huge story. As of today we have over 1,000 eyewitness reports on the so-called chemtrail phenomena. We have documented evidence that chemtrail spraying is taking place over cities throughout Canada, the United States, England, Australia, Holland, Italy, Germany, and New Zealand. And I have uncovered direct ties between biological warfare experimentation and the spraying of pathogenic material and chemicals over our cities.
I have found in my research over the past 15 months that in every instance of heavy spraying over cities across Canada and the United States, there has been an epidemic of acute upper respiratory ailments and gastrointestinal ailments that have overfilled hospital emergency rooms across North America. After researching biological warfare, I found two U.S. Congressional investigations documenting decades of biological warfare experimentation carried out over hundreds of cities in the United States and Canada, including Winnipeg. While these biowarfare simulants were said to be "harmless", some of the new genetically-engineered pathogens - particularly mycoplasma and other fungi - are now loose among the general population. This has occurred through vaccinations of Texas prisoners, and inoculations of Gulf War soldiers - many of whom never left the United States.
Many autoimmune diseases have been seen in the wake of the chemtrail spraying - such as chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lupus, once very rare transverse myelitis and meningitis. My researchers and I are also finding that there appears to be a mental-emotional component to this spray that is a disorienting factor. It is a factor that makes people lethargic and mentally confused, with an inability to concentrate and short-term memory loss.
(a) THE HIGH-FLYING SPRAY PROGRAM Chemtrails are not contrails from commercial airplane traffic. Contrails are condensation trails formed when moisture from hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses into ice crystals, usually above 35,000 feet. Chemtrails occur around 22,000 feet, and they do not dissipate within 45 seconds as contrails usually do, according to Air Transport authorities. (However, genuine contrails over heavily trafficked areas do sometimes linger and nitrogen oxide and other jet engine pollutants can form extensive cloud cover over time.) Unlike normal contrails, chemtrail plumes are laid in parallel lines in grid patterns and telltale X's over towns, cities and remote rural areas. They spread out, and over hours coagulate into a dense droopy overcast. This is not a normal overcast. Often you will even see this being woven between regular cumulus clouds, and it drips and it weeps. Within 24 to 48 hours, people on the ground often flood emergency rooms with acute upper respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal problems, gushing nose bleeds, joint pain, and a dry, hacking cough that unlike flu, lasts for four or five weeks, and then often returns. These symptoms are characteristic of the mycoplasma infections found in some blood-tested chemtrail observers. We have positively identified many of these aircraft as unmarked KC-135 and KC-10 Airforce tankers. In early March, hundreds of KC-135 aircraft were grounded for a part to be replaced in the tail-section of the airplane, and spray activity decreased from 24, to just two locations across the United States. Spray activity climbed right back to previous levels as the planes returned to service the following week.
(b) THE LOW FLYING SPRAY PROGRAM These contrails are sprayed by low flying C-130 Turboprop aircraft. I witnessed this myself in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, last summer. I was stunned to see a C-130 gliding low over this little resort town in the mountains, engines throttled back, dead quiet, spray coming out of the wings of the aircraft as it pulled away. I was standing in the middle of the intersection with my mouth hanging open! I went into the stores in that town, and everybody was coughing like crazy. We also took samples from aluminum-sided buildings in Michigan and Pennsylvania that were not contaminated by background bacteria. We found Pseudomonas fluorescens, streptomyces and a bacillus. In a similar sample taken a year previously on the other side of the United States, we found the same things, as well as other very pathogenic moulds. Rainwater samples taken after heavy spraying over Espanola, Ontario, were found to contain aluminum seven times higher than permissible safe levels. Chemtrail fallout also included carbon black - this is used by the United States Air Force for weather modification. It absorbs sunlight and heats the atmosphere. Carbon black can be hit with HAARP or similar ionispheric heaters and artificially heated to change the weather. They also found chaff (a fine cobwebby filament used to jam radars) in the fallout, and this very fine filament stays aloft for up to a day. So if you put it in your spray mix, you can track the distribution of your spray on radar for a full day. We have very clean lab samples of the material being sprayed and it all contains very pathogenic moulds and fungi. I discovered an article in the Portland Free Press, written by John Titus, in March 1997, describing how dozens of these spray-equipped aircraft, C-130s, were taken away from the U.S. Forest Service, from forest fire-fighting duties, and taken over by the CIA for "missions undisclosed."
CHEMTRAILS IN CANADA In March 1999, people in Espanola, Ontario began to see large unmarked multi-engine aircraft, white in colour, laying X's in the sky over Espanola. When they called friends in Sudbury about 50 miles away, those same X's were being laid at the very same time. These were grid patterns like tic-tac-toe laid in the skies overhead, parallel patterns like jets furrowing a farm field with plumes that at first-sight looked like condensation trails. But instead of evaporating and dissipating quickly, they lingered, spread out and dripped a kind of a mist onto the good residents of Espanola. A reddish powder was also dropped on patios and a nearby lake from AC-130s flying at rooftop level. Everyone, and I mean everyone, became very ill with severe muscle and joint pain, headaches, upper respiratory ailments and more recently, gastrointestinal ailments. One of my researchers, Erminia Cassani came up from the States, and went to Espanola to see what was going on. She saw a C-130 Turboprop spray that community at very low level, rooftop level, with a red powder. She collected the sample, and took it to the same government lab that had been doing sample tests for us earlier in the year. They found a cocktail of pathogenic moulds and fungi. The Ontario Ministry of Environment became involved and tested the rainwater in Espanola, and they found carbon black and chaff in this fallout. Near North labs found aluminum in the rainwater at .53 ppm (parts per million), seven times the safe threshold in Canada, enough they said, to kill fish. The U.S. Airforce claimed that it wasn't their planes. The Canadian Air Force said, "We do not know what is going on in our own skies." Finally, last summer, the residents of Espanola signed a petition and took it to Parliament in Ottawa and demanded an investigation. They said, "We want some answers and we want this stopped." The Ministry of Defense promised to get back to them. They haven't heard yet.
In Kitchener, Ontario, recently, there was a sudden outbreak of people complaining of earaches, blocked sinuses, sore throats and acute attacks of asthma. Everyone was sick at the same time. This is not how flu operates. There has been heavy spraying over Kitchener. In the wake of the spraying, we have seen 1-800 numbers posted which ask you to call in to become part of medical studies, and the qualification is that you have contracting specific symptoms within a certain area within a specific time frame. That sounds like biological warfare tracking to me.
CHEMTRAILS IN USA Erminia Cassani also found some samples of this gel-like material that had splattered a house in the central United States. According to neighbours who witnessed it, it had been dropped from an airplane. We have photographs of the substance. She interviewed the owner, but the owner had been stricken by endocarditis within a month, had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital. We took this to a government-licensed lab. Many samples from this fallout have landed on the ground, or porches, and could have been contaminated by bacteria and the surrounding environment. These samples came from aluminum-sided buildings, taken immediately; they were clean, good samples. Erminia Cassani is a health researcher and knows how to collect samples. The lab said, "Where did you get this biohazard material? We have never seen anything grow out so quickly and overflow our culture dishes within 48 hours." They found three things: Pseudomonas fluorescens, streptomyces, and a very toxic bacillus, as well as a chemical dye marker taken from a coral reef and a restrictor enzyme used to restrict or cut DNA used in research laboratories. Why is this substance being dropped from an airplane! Then we became aware of a similar incident in Pennsylvania last year. Neighbours had witnessed the X-patterns, the weird sky designs as they called it, and an airplane overflying the house so low they thought it would hit the roof. The sample was sent to Erminia, and she took it to the same lab. We did not expect much in terms of this sample because it was a year old and dried out. However the same thing happened. It overgrew the dish; it amazed the head lab technician. They found streptomyces, the same bacillus, and a cocktail of other toxic moulds. Within a few months, Erminia was admitted to hospital with a black yeast mould found in that sample on her left lung, and she became one of the first documented human links between the aerial spray and human illness.
PROJECT CLOVERLEAF In addition to military aircraft, some insiders allege that commercial airlines are being equipped to release "special undisclosed chemicals" under the government's "Project Cloverleaf" (begun around 1998). Using airliners to spray aluminum powder in an effort to avert global warming is also called for in the Welsbach patent. This information has not been released to the public.
CREDIBILITY FOR THE CHEMTRAIL PHENOMENA Just this year my original story for the Environment News Service was chosen by Project Censored as one of the censored stories of 1999, by a panel of peer-reviewed highly professional journalists who looked at this story and concluded that it is real. So the chemtrails story has real journalistic credibility.
For the past two winters over towns and cities throughout England and North American, strange X's were appearing in the skies. In these same cities, there have been outbreaks of "flu" epidemics that have filled hospital emergency rooms across the country. We have also had a dramatic onslaught of degenerative autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, all apparently originating from viral, bacterial, or fungal infections. During this time most of us have been ill with something that doesn't quite act like the flu because it holds on for weeks and months at a time, seems to get better, and then returns. It is very hard to shake. In fact, during the height of this year's 33-week epidemic of fatalities from pneumonia and "flu-like" illness, the Centers for Disease Control blood-tested acutely ill patients - and found that between 67% and 85% did not have the flu. (The CDC now says, "An unknown pathogen" may be responsible for these illnesses and deaths.) This epidemic is particularly hard on children and the elderly.
We have found Streptococcus in our samples of low-level air-dropped material. Streptococcus A and fatalities were up about 200 to 300% across North America. Meningitis, another rare inflammation of the brain and spinal cord has occurred in epidemic proportions in certain areas across North America. In certain areas of the country, there are epidemic levels of multiple sclerosis, which used to be a fairly rare ailment. Transverse myelitis, perhaps the rarest of all, used to be almost unheard of, but we are getting increased reports of this disease across North America this year.
Prof. Colman Salloway, an epidemiologist at the University of New Hampshire, was investigating the Sydney A variant of influenza that was shutting down universities across the United States, but he found out that no cultures were being taken, and in fact, this is usually the case with flu. Doctors prescribe on symptomology, and rarely do blood work. Whereas flu usually gives you a bad cough and other symptoms for five to seven days, this ailment gives people a very dry hacking cough for four to five weeks and often returns. Prof. Salloway concluded that the only thing that does that is mycoplasma.
Another disturbing thing is that these illnesses are driving people toward experimental vaccination programs. There is a push for vaccines for flu, pneumonia and migraines, and migraines are also a common symptom of spraying. We know that vaccines are loaded with formaldehyde, formalin, little parts of recombinant genes, cancer causing material and monkey viruses. There is not only a campaign to push us toward vaccines, but to vaccinate infants soon after birth.
The probable origin of these unknown pathogens is a biological warfare program (see The Brucellosis Triangle, and the Consumer Health Newsletter, Jun.00 by Don Scott). Don Scott explains how the bioweaponeers extracted the active agent of brucellosis from the brucellosis bacteria. Although the active agent, the mycoplasma is still there, the bacteria has been discarded, and your blood tests will be negative even though you are infected with the brucellosis mycoplasma. Don Scott's conclusions are further corroborated by the work of Dr. Len Horowitz in Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola. This mycoplasma is behind the sudden epidemic of autoimmune diseases, a mycoplasma developed by the bioweaponeers as a stealth weapon that provokes no anti-inflammatory or antibody response. Mycoplasma is the infectious agent of Gulf War illness, and has long been a favourite of the bioweaponeers because of its stealth characteristics. (Stealth means that these organisms do not trigger an anti-inflammatory response or an antibody response that can be detected through normal testing. You need specialized equipment and processes to find mycoplasma or genetically-engineered brucellosis.)
Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are caused by brucellosis without doubt. In my book Bringing the War Home, order numbers and dates of shipment of pathogens originating in the United States and shipped to Sadam Hussein's forces in Iraq are documented, including, brucellosis.
Dr. Garth Nicolson, a world-renowned microbiologist, and his wife Nancy became ill when their daughter returned from service in Iraq during the Gulf War. After their pets died of the same illness, they managed to isolate the microbe that was making them ill. The Nicolsons discovered that the germ underlying Gulf War illness is sexually transmittable, and is in fact, Mycoplasma fermentans. They cured themselves with repeated courses of Doxycycline. Dr. Garth Nicolson now believes that brucellosis and mycoplasma together underlie much of the systemic illness we find in North America, and in fact, throughout the world. He has found more than 60% of patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis test positive for the mycoplasma.
Dr. Nicolson and his wife continued their research and isolated the carrier for Gulf War illness in a squalene adjuvant that has been used since the 1970's to induce rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis in experiments. This adjuvant was put into the anthrax vaccine given to Canadian, American, British and Australian soldiers in hopes that it would boost the immune reaction far quicker than the normal course of anthrax vaccine because the U.S. military command was terrified of the biological weapons in the hands of Sadam Hussein. They had sold these same weapons to him for the war in Iran. They were afraid that they had no effective antidote, so they put the adjuvant in the anthrax vaccine to increase the speed of its effectiveness and they wrapped this mycoplasma in a 40% HIV protein coat, not to give people AIDS, but to evade the normal immune system response and get it into the blood stream and into the immune system. But they needed a carrier for this. And what did they choose? Mycoplasma fermentans, because, again, it could outwit the immune system; it could carry this adjuvant into the immune system and it was supposed to be an attenuated, or killed form of mycoplasma. But obviously, it wasn't sufficiently attenuated (we find the same problem in other live vaccines today). Approximately 200,000 American soldiers became very ill. The mycoplasma, of course, spread to their spouses and their children.

The United States is not the only country interested in mycoplasma. The mycoplasma research project of the University of Baghdad was directed by a Dr. Jawad al-Aubaidi, who did his graduate research at Cornell University (which should be renamed Biological Warfare University because of its ties to the Pentagon and its experimentation). He also worked at Plum Island research laboratory engineering animal pathogens to become more infectious and contagious and to jump the species barrier to humans. In 1975, you will recall that Plum Island, a secret biowarfare laboratory 12 miles off the U.S. coast, was working on a project to infect ticks from the active brucella toxin. Perhaps it's coincidence that the first Lyme disease occurred in Lyme, Connecticut at that time, just 12 miles away.
Last year, I suggested to the Environment News Service that somebody ought to look into Plum Island's experiments because the so-called West Nile fever that caused deaths on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. last year and has now re-emerged there and in upstate N.Y., was in fact, a form of Japanese encephalitis. My story about this wasn't published and got me in a lot of trouble. My research team and I had discovered that Japanese encephalitis was being researched at Plum Island where dead birds were discovered outside their research lab. Birds spread West Nile virus. Plum Island lies less than 22 miles from New York. What is going on? These appear to be a new breed of stealth viruses, and they certainly do not appear to be of natural origin.
Dr. Martin from the Center of Complex Infectious Diseases examined a chronic fatigue patient and discovered a new life form that is now recognized by American medical authorities called a viteria. A viteria is part virus, part bacteria and part fungus in terms of its gene sequences, something that looks very much genetically engineered and actually morphs or transforms itself from one to the other. We noted earlier that these autoimmune diseases that are afflicting more and more North Americans seem to have a viral bacterial and/or fungal origin. Dr. Martin stated that the cytomegalovirus which results in severe headaches and joint pain among other symptoms is found in monkey cell cultures used to culture live polio vaccine. We are well aware of the illness and fatalities resulting from that vaccine. Where else have we seen live monkey viruses contaminating vaccines? The Hepatitis B vaccine introduced into the gay population in seven U.S. cities by the CDC, including New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, preceded the outbreak of AIDS in those seven cities and only those seven cities. And I thought, "Well, let's follow the monkey business further to Litton Bionetics. Litton Bionetics supplies the monkeys, the monkey cultures, the monkey viruses, and administers all of Fort Detrick's bioweapons programs. Its president, Roy Ash was National Security Advisor to President Nixon along with Henry Kissinger, who wrote the infamous Memorandum 200 calling for a population reduction across the planet.
Litton Bionetics has also been exploring kuru's use as a weapon for a number of years. Kuru was the disease among the cannibals of New Guinea investigated by the Japanese biowarfare researchers during World War II. We now know kuru is mad cow disease caused by prions which appear to be crystal capacitators that store energy and - perhaps on receiving certain frequencies - emit strobe-like bursts of actual physical light (it can be measured) leaving a spongiform or perforated brain that has baffled medical researchers because there is no disease element to find, only these spongiform brains from these abnormal proteins called prions. These are now loose among us. Litton Bionetics has been researching these prions and trying to make these into weapons for a number of years.
Finally, I think we are all familiar with the 1969 closed-door Defense Appropriation Hearings in the U.S. Senate. Dr. MacArthur stood up at that time and said "We can take 24 years of biological warfare research, use our 76 biowarfare labs in operation, add ten million dollars on top of the 31 million dollars going into this nefarious warfare research this year, and come up with the ultimate stealth weapon, a synthetic bioagent for which no natural immunity could have been acquired." And in fact, Appropriation 1509 did develop these incapacitating agents: air delivered aerosols meant to infect people by breathing them. They were intended not to be contagious and were tested on students at the Tahoe-Truckee High School in California. Seven out of eight of those victims developed chronic fatigue.
So in this quick overview, we can see that these epidemics of flu and flu-related ailments have quite a bit of history behind them. As a journalist of some 30 years standing, it is my contention that this biowarfare experimentation has gotten out of control and is now loose among the population. And really the only outstanding question (and we can include the spread of HIV) is whether this has been intentional or accidental. A very compelling case could be made for the first supposition.
In September, 1993 a patent was issued to Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, who worked for the biological warfare division of the Defense Department in the United States, for his invention of a pathogenic or disease-causing mycoplasma responsible for pneumonia, chronic fatigue, lupus, and respiratory distress, precisely the symptoms we were seeing among Gulf War veterans, precisely the symptoms we are seeing among people in heavily sprayed areas, subjected to what I have come to call the "chemtrail spraying".
Researchers, investigators and a task force recently formed in the United States have uncovered documentation from Lawrence Livermore and other labs for U.S. government studies to spray chemicals in the upper atmosphere to repair the ozone layer and/or cool the atmosphere by one degree and head off the worst of global warming.
There has been a massive effort of intense spraying across this continent at least for the past two years. What in the world is going on? Let's look at some clues. In a United States Air Force research paper, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, they state that "Weather Force Specialists" are going to own the weather. Jet tankers flown by Weather Force Specialists are now in the process of creating aerial obscuration by spraying chemicals to create an overcast (or cirrus shield) in a clear blue sky to hide aerial activity from observers on the ground.
HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) is a joint US Air Force and Navy project which has for the past several years been using antennas situated near Gakona, Alaska to steer powerful beams of radio waves to heat selected parts of the upper atmosphere (ionosphere) to cause weather change. Weather is all about heat distribution and differentials, and if you can heat a part of the atmosphere, you can change the weather. According to Bernard Eastlund, the inventor of this technology, they are trying to disrupt regions of the ionosphere at a range of 1200 miles or more. These rays can interrupt brain function and cause emotional difficulties, because this will entrain with (modify) your brain patterns. "But don't worry", he said, "because we are using very low power levels." A U.S. Air Force document, Technical Memorandum #195, issued October 1991, page 185, Phillips Laboratory states: "Our intention is to have HAARP transmitting at 100 billion watts effective energy. We have never seen anything like this on earth, and God help us all if they ever come near this power level.
HAARP works on the ionosphere, way up there. HAARP does not work on the lower atmosphere where weather forms unless you put a matrix like carbon black in the air that you can heat with these intensely focused radio beams. We also found iron oxide particles in some of our spray samples.
A high ranking Air Force officer involved in these weather projects told me that they were using atmospheric folding, and by spraying in front of the moving demarcations between the upper and the lower atmosphere where weather forms, they could cause fronts and shear patterns. One effect is to bring the jet stream down to ground level on a day of otherwise normal weather. We are seeing trailer parks and small communities devastated by sudden blasts of extremely powerful winds that dissipate almost immediately after doing this damage. It is the effect of atmospheric folding, an unnatural effect.
I am seeing violent weather changes, not always, but often in conjunction with heavy spraying, particularly at the front of approaching fronts. We have videotapes of chemtrail spraying which occurred in Tennessee last winter, and the next day 90 tornadoes formed over a three-state area around the sprayed area in wintertime (winter of 98/99) when tornadoes do not form. Disruptive tornadoes have also occurred across the United States this winter (99/00). This is in the wake of heavy spraying. There have been record rains, record droughts, violent weather, very warm temperatures, particularly in Chicago and Milwaukee.
As we know global warming is real. The Arctic ice cap to the north of us is melting so rapidly that that flood of cold water is changing the temperature of the Atlantic conveyor that brings warm nutrient rich water up from the tropics along the coast of England and Europe. It is slowing that conveyor down; the warning now is that we are going to see increasingly violent weather in Europe as occurred in France and nearby countries this winter. The Antarctic ice shelf is also caving off it is melting so rapidly.
Very recently I became aware, through Mike Castle, an environmental consultant in the United States who does work for the U.S. government and other corporations, that there could be something more going on, perhaps atmospheric modification. Global warming is an extreme emergency but even more so is the rapid depletion of the radiation shield in the atmosphere. There is a high incidence of cataracts and skin cancers in Australia and in North America. What to do about this? In 1979 the physicist Freeman Dyson suggested, "Let's insert sunlight-reflecting particles in the upper atmosphere to deflect the sunlight back into space. We will use jets to do this and we will spray it." In August, 1998, at the International Seminar for Planetary Emergencies, Dr. Edward Teller proposed a sunscreen for planet earth. He said, "Let's commence a program of aerial spraying and try to lower the temperature one degree. This would take a lot of airplanes, but the U.S. Airforce has about 700 aerial tankers in its active inventory. They estimated the cost at Lawrence Livermore - $1 billion a year, a bargain price, because, they said, "if we reduce fossil fuel usage and reduce emissions of carbon to 1990 levels it will cost us $100 billion a year. So it's a bargain!
In March, 1991, Hughes Aircraft was granted Patent #1990000513145 for a process to reduce global

Effects of HAARP tech on humans

by: Begich, Nick, MD
Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Dr. Nick Begich, Sr. Dr. Begich has served as an expert witness and speaker before European parliament and has lectured on various issues to groups representing statesmen, elected officials, scientists, citizen concerns and others. He has published articles throughout the world on new technologies, politics, health and science, and his books include Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, and Earth Rising: The Revolution Toward a Thousand Years of Peace.
HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. HAARP is a joint project by the U.S. Navy and Air Force in Alaska to create a very large radio frequency transmitter which can transmit an electromagnetic beam into the upper atmosphere or ionosphere. This radio-frequency energy is broadcast through a field of 48 antennas which are 72 feet tall and they have a cross diapoled across the top. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto Earth and penetrate everything--living and dead. Normally, radio frequency energy dissipates with distance, but by firing them in a unique way, the energy is focussed and a cyclotron resonance effect occurs. This produces very much more concentrated and potent energy when it delivers its load either through magnetic lines of force or to the ionosphere. The cyclotron resonance energy wraps itself around these magnetic lines and it moves north to south. This was intended to create a shielding effect during a nuclear attack. The ideal place to locate these instruments happens to be in the northern regions where the magnetic lines of force intersect the planet, and the research project was located in Alaska.
HAARP is an advanced model of an 'ionospheric heater'. The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere. It ranges between about 40 to 600 miles above Earth's surface. It also acts as a filter or shield for the planet. It filters out X-rays, cosmic rays and various particle streams that would be quite damaging to life on Earth. In fact, losing the ionosphere or altering it in some way would be significantly worse than anything that would result from ozone depletion. Bernard Eastlund suggested in his original patent that you could actually knock out some of the pollutants and increase ozone production.
Another aspect of HAARP that is extremely important is a non-linear effect. Researchers at Stanford University discovered that if you put energy into the upper ionosphere and magnetosphere, in the ULF range (ultra low frequency range), you can create a catalyst which causes natural energy to be released. They found that the signal sent up was amplified by a thousand times when it arrived there. HAARP, when it is fully completed, will have one billion watts of effective radiative power. If you can manipulate that energy to get the amplification effect, it is huge. They have also created some new signal amplifiers. According to patents, transferring energy through this transmitter into huge Mylar reflectors and bouncing the signal back to the earth to where it can be re-introduced to the energy grid, is supposed to be economically feasible in the next couple of years. The problem is that if the reflector moves only slightly, you may have a path of energy rolling through your neighbourhood. Research also suggests that by using this instrument, you could actually change the chemical composition of the upper atmosphere.
The idea that HAARP can be used for affecting weather systems is pretty startling to us. HAARP researchers felt that manipulating weather systems would be advantageous in terms of drought control, and producing rainfall where it is needed. With HAARP, you can create a column-shaped hole with a diameter of 30 miles that rises a couple of hundred kilometers through the atmosphere. The lower atmosphere then moves up the column to fill in that space, and it changes pressure systems below. The fact is, that it can literally be used to divert or alter the course of jet streams.
The April/May 00 issue of Scientific American is about weather, and there is a specific article on the effects of a slight bend in the jet stream. This slight change happened to occur right above the HAARP facility. That little movement caused a storm front 4,000 miles away in east Texas and Louisiana to move into central Florida where it deposited a couple of tornadoes. This is interesting but it is not conclusive that it was a cause and effect relationship. However, weather modification is certainly possible with only a slight change. In fact, the European Space Agency contracted Bernard Eastlund, and in 1998 he completed a paper on how to knock out tornadoes using HAARP instruments on the ground. That paper was peer-reviewed and presented in Italy and it was widely accepted, in fact, so much so, that NASA and FEMA contracted Bernard Eastlund to do further research on weather modification using satellite-based technology and this was published in late 1999, early 2000.
The problem is we cannot model the entire global system. We don't even understand fully how the weather operates. And yet, the experiments go on. The issue of weather modification is disturbing because we have treaties that forbid it. The last three secretaries of defense have all suggested reopening that treaty because there would be significant military advantage.
HAARP publicity gives the impression that it is mainly an academic project with the goal of changing the ionosphere to improve communications for our own good. However, other US military documents put it more clearly: HAARP aims to learn how to "exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes". HAARP can be used for:
1. Enhancing wartime communications. The ionosphere is critical for global and wireless communications. With HAARP you can wipe out the communications of your adversaries over an extremely large area, while keeping the military's own communications systems working.
2. Missile Defense HAARP can be used to detect incoming low-level planes and cruise missiles, making other technologies obsolete. This technology also allows "over the horizon radar" which is very important. From the HAARP research, it was deduced that you can create an over the horizon radar effect that has a great deal of accuracy. Over the horizon technologies of the past were distorted and hard to see. The HAARP technology uses two transmitters. One creates a plasma that reflects the signal from the second transmitter so you can see around the curvature of the earth. This ability to look around the curvature of the earth allows you to spot things at very, very high elevations, all the way down to cruise missiles, essentially making cruise missiles obsolete. And HAARP creates an energy field that produces a very unique signature around each incoming object, so that you can discriminate which missiles are carrying nuclear payloads and which ones aren't. Thirdly, with enough power you can create what is called an EMP, an electromagnetic pulse, a surge of energy sufficient to disrupt the onboard avionics that control the flight path, causing the object to disrupt or break up.
3. Earth penetrating tomography is one of the primary uses of HAARP. HAARP can act like a broadcast antenna and sends a signal back to the earth in the ELF (extremely low frequency) range, that can pass through the earth and sea for several kilometers for communication with submarines or determining underground nuclear facilities, tunnels, and defining mineral strata.
Problems with using HAARP for Earth Penetrating Tomography
Brooks Agnew, a specialist in the area of earth penetrating tomography, did research back in the 1970s using 30 watts of electricity to send a signal into the earth to locate underground oil and gas deposits. Brooks used only 30 watts of power, but he said that if you increased this to a few thousand watts, you could possibly create problems that you don't anticipate, in other words you might trigger geophysical events within the earth. This statement was echoed in a lecture given by the previous Secretary of Defense, Cohen, on April 27, 1997 at the University of Georgia. He was speaking on weapons of mass destruction and he asserted that "electromagnetic waves can be used to stimulate geophysical events such as earthquakes, climate change, volcanic eruptions and the like". In fact, there is an international treaty going back to 1977 forbidding the use of weapon technologies which do these very same things. The fact that we might trigger a geophysical event using this system, has been and continues to be a major concern. Secretary of Defense Cohen also stated that this is being used in an ecotype of terrorism, whereby they can alter climate, set off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. You can bring it up on the DOD's website and see it yourself.
When HAARP sends up a signal in the high frequency range and they begin to pulse or vibrate that signal, the ionosphere itself converts from DC to AC, begins to mirror the pulse rate and acts like a giant broadcast antenna in the sky, perhaps as much as a 1,000 miles above this transmitter. It pulses the signal back to the earth in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range. This is between one and approximately 100 Hertz. That is what is used for communication with submarines at depth using 14 and 26 mile long antennas buried underground in Michigan, Wisconsin and in Alaska to create that signal. With HAARP, they thought they would have a little more versatility and the ability to communicate at higher data rates and more efficiently with submarines at depth. It is the same ELF that is used for earth penetrating tomography because you need a long wave in order to penetrate the earth to any great degree. Short wavelengths just don't go very far. The problem is, earth penetrating tomography operates in the ELF range, which happens to correlate to biologically active frequencies in the human body, particularly in the human brain.
The human brain predominantly operates on a frequency of between one and 30 pulses per second, cycles per second Hertz, and it varies. One to four pulses per second is the delta range. This is where you are in your deepest, deepest sleep. The next level is theta, which is about 4 to 7 cycles per second. This is the range where you are in that semi-awake, semi-asleep stage where you are sort of drifting off. You are aware of your dreams but are aware you are awake. This is where most three to five-year-olds spend most of their lives, which explains an awful lot. But it is also where they learn a tremendous amount. This is where they learn language, social skills, everything that kids learn between the ages of three and five. This is also the state where a lot of people re-experience childhood events, because that is where you are when you are a child. The next stage is the alpha stage, which goes from about 7 to 12 Hertz. This is where you are when you do your most creative and intellectual work. It is interesting to note that the planet Earth pulses at Schumann's Resonance which is 7.83 Hertz. That is the ideal frequency for human beings to be engaged in, and we are separated from that because we are surrounded by Tesla's invention of 60 cycles of AC current which is agitating to most of our systems. The next level is beta. Low beta is where we are actively engaged in learning and thinking and dialogue. You are in high beta when you get agitated and angry, when you have high, strong emotions.
The problem is that external signals like the radio frequency signals of HAARP, and any electromagnetic signals from light and sound waves that can be pulsed in this ELF range will cause the brain to begin to lock onto that external signal and begin to mirror it. When it does so, it changes the character and chemistry of the brain during that period of time and your behaviour changes. Early researchers have claimed that these ELF concentrations of energy are harmless, but over the last 20 years, researchers have recognized that very low energy concentrations can have profound physiological effects. The military rationalizes that HAARP instruments broadcast the signal in the ELF range and this is a very, very low level of electromagnetic radiation by the time it gets back to the earth, that it is nothing to worry about, that it is about equal to what the earth naturally produces. They compare it to things like the flickering of the television set.
However, Jose Delgado at Yale University researched radio frequency energy, and discovered that he could influence the brain using a pulsed radio frequency signal concentration at one-fiftieth of the energy that the earth naturally produces, and this was sufficient to change the behaviour of primates and humans like flipping on and off a light switch. It was not the magnitude of energy, but its specific frequency which triggered events within the brain, changed brain chemistry and consequently changed behaviour. A few years ago, a story was released about children having epileptic seizures from watching a cartoon on television. A reaction in the brain was caused by the flicker rate hitting one of these frequencies inadvertently. It wasn't the amount of energy; it was the frequency. It is like dialing a radio station. In between stations, you hear static. When you hit a resonant frequency, a signal that corresponds to the receiver, you get a clear signal.
The same is true of the human body. Every organ, every chemical, every element within our body has a unique resonant frequency that can be measured. In fact, the basic organs of the body have been measured for radio frequency symmetry by the University of Utah under contract with the United States Air Force. The study is cited in our books. You can look it up. They have actually determined the amount of radio frequency energy each part of the body can tolerate. So if you want to stop a heart, you know how to do it. This is kind of a gross application of the technology. A more refined application would be to target a chemical or chemical compound within the population that is present in all of us, that is universal. For instance, if you send a signal that resonates at the same frequency as iodine, you trick the body into thinking it has been poisoned by iodine. And you have a mystery illness which doesn't show on tests because the iodine is not there. This can be used in lots of different ways. If everyone breaths in a substance during war, you can send energy that amplifies its effect, and you can create some pretty horrendous special effects.
The idea that HAARP inadvertently or purposefully might be used in this way is kind of shocking. In Between Two Ages (p.54-56), Zbigniew Brezinski, previous National Security Advisor to President Carter, discussed triggering an event in the ionosphere that could affect human behaviour. Referring to research out of UCLA by Gordon MacDonald, Brezinski suggested that if you could electronically stroke the ionosphere in just the right way to return a signal in the ELF range, you could manipulate the emotions of a population of a large geographic area. Between Two Ages is about technology's impact on society, culture and economies, and it gave a 25-year forecast of what was going to happen globally. It was written in the early '70s, so it reads like a history because it is dead right on. In Earth Rising: The Revolution, our latest book, we cite a CIA experiment in which they actually tried this in Eastern Europe. There is plenty of evidence that the Russians were doing this to us. Remember the macrowave beaming of the U.S. Embassy? There are reports of Russian research where they exposed primates to this same signal. This research is still classified because it caused disruption of physical health.
The U.S. military research projects are separated into very distinct sub-sections so that no one really sees how it all connects except at a certain level of government. This is done for security reasons within the United States. It is the opposite in the former Soviet Union, which brings multi-disciplinary teams from the biological sciences, physics and the hard sciences together to investigate a topic, so that they can benefit from the knowledge of other disciplines. As a result, the Soviets had standards that were 1,000 times more stringent than U.S. standards of electromagnetic exposures because they had the expertise to see what subtle energy could do to your health. The root of HAARP research is to control and manipulate environmental factors for military advantage. There are no biological sciences or electrophysiologists associated with the HAARP project, meaning that the health effects of this system aren't really being monitored at all.
We have 200 million times more radio frequency energy surrounding us today than we had a little over 100 years ago when the radio was invented. And this energy at the right frequencies does have an effect on us. Most of it is transparent, but there are window frequencies that are of concern. Virtually everything that surrounds us influences to some degree what is going on internally. It's different for every single person, because we eat differently, we metabolize our food differently, we react to energy differently. Some people are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields within certain ranges and some are not. But certain technologies can affect massive percentages of the population.
In previous times, people could actually distinguish electrical differentials on the body. Some people are still hypersensitive today and can make distinctions about energy surrounding the body. A good example is when you have a power failure most people notice how quiet it is. The next time it happens, observe your body's general sensation. It is as if your whole body relaxes, the same feeling you get when you get out of the city and into rural areas. Your body has to constantly compensate for all of the electromagnetic fields that surround you because you are under this low-level stress most of your daily lives. If you have trouble with your sleep patterns at night, and you just can't get to sleep or sleep through the night, try turning off the circuit breaker to your bedroom. Try it for three or four days and see if that reduces that tension, because you have the electromagnetic current surrounding you and coils within your bed that also trap electromagnetic energy. Put a voltmeter on your bed before you kill the circuit and see what happens.
What is happening in weapons systems, of which HAARP is one tiny minute infinitesimal particle is going to be unbelievable. Earth Rising: The Revolution documents the issue of mind control technologies. We analyzed the U.S. patent record, and found over three dozen U.S. patents dealing with this technology and its advancement from the early 1960s to present time. We found military and academic reports talking about future advancement in this area. You can externally influence what goes on within the human brain. The military is talking about doing this wirelessly. An electromagnetic signal from a distance can enter the human body and be decoded by the brain and perceived as speech, creating the illusion of a voice in the head.
The U.S. Science Advisory Board of the Air Force were researching memory and memory manipulation. Their original idea was that electromagnetic frequencies would be quite useful for training purposes such as learning a language or a sophisticated operation within the military. In 1996, they published a research document called New World Vistas: Air and Space for the 21st Century. In this paper they state: "It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction. Thus, it may be possible to talk to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them." In the same paper, they say, within the next 10 to 15 years, they will be able to go in and completely remove a memory set and replace it with a new one. According to the leading scientists in the field, the problem is that you bypass the conscious filter that sorts out what is good and bad, what is right and wrong when you introduce information in this way. One Russian scientist by the name of Smirnoff said, "as if it were the voice of God, it cannot be resisted." As we all know, military technologies do eventually reach the civilian sector. It might take 20 or 30 years. If this kind of technology where there is no filtering migrates into the educational sector it could really change the character of the country. You accept the information as fact and do not question it.
Another really interesting publication we quote from pretty liberally is Space Cast 2020 which describes the advancement of this technology. We get a lot of our documentation from completed research from contracting offices, requests for proposals and corporate reports to stockholders. Eventually you put the pieces together and you can see quite clearly what is happening. The one that was the most startling was in Parameters which is a publication by the U.S. Army War College and the article was called The Mind Has No Fire Wall. In other words the mind has no protection. In it, they analyzed the Russian, European and American research, and deduced that affecting human behaviour and human mental processes was really the target of the new weapons technologies. The techniques developed by the Russians in this book include:
* A psychotronic generator which produces a powerful electromagnetic emanation capable of being sent via telephone lines, TV, radio networks, supply pipes and incandescent lamps. The signal would manipulate the behaviour of those in contact with the signal.
* A nervous system generator, which is designed to paralyze the central nervous systems of some insects. The system is being refined to have the same effect on humans.
* "The twenty-fifth frame effect" is a technique where every 25th frame of a movie reel or video produced contains a message which is picked up by the subconscious so as to alter the conscious mind.
* and so on…
The CBC show Undercurrents did one show on HAARP and another on technologies that affect human behaviour. I appeared on the Undercurrents show on mind control, and they also interviewed Smirnoff from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Persinger, a Canadian scientist who works in this field and two individuals by the name of Morris who were responsible for the introduction of non-lethal armaments concepts to the CIA during the Reagan and Bush administrations. There is plenty of evidence from these professionals who come from a military background. In fact, Smirnoff was the guy they contacted during the Waco event to try to change the behavior of the people within the compound. But the idea of using processes to control human beings is highly disturbing to me because if you look at any religious philosophy on the planet, one of its basic tenets is that you don't interfere with a person's free will. God doesn't do that. Why should man think he can do that? And that is exactly what this type of technology is about.
Biometrics refers to individual measurements of individual people. We all think of biometrics when we think of fingerprints. Fingerprints are unique, but we also have emanations from the face that are as unique as a fingerprint. The voice is as unique as a fingerprint. We have already heard of iris scans. These are all biometrics.
Monitoring Communications Essentially all communications, fax, telephone, internet particularly, are 100% monitored by super computers. Three hundred agencies within the five participating governments load in what are called "Dictionaries". These can be anything from voice biometric information, phrases, names, key words, etc. The computers do most of the sorting, and then tens of thousands of technicians in the United States and around the world interpret those communications that the computer says have high probability of risk. That is done on a wholesale basis. All of our privacy is invaded in that way. In our book Earth Rising, there are European parliament reports, mainstream media reports, and other reports on this technology.
LOSS OF INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM The huge revolution in military affairs and technologies is going to result in a highly directed and controlled society. We are headed for one centralized government. Are we ready for it? My conclusion is no, because there are too many differences between people, between cultures, between populations to suggest that one government can really be all things to all people. I don't think that is possible. The book Earth Rising: The Revolution has a whole section on personal privacy and how it has been eroded.
A U.S. Army War College paper written in 1989 called The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflicts Short of War discussed the military applications for implant technologies. It was the first paper that indicated that the new technologies being contemplated to influence human mental processes and human health (which they call the "revolution in military affairs") would be objectionable to most Americans and fundamentally violate American values. And the military reaction within this paper was, "How do we change American values? " Our military and our governments should reflect and defend our values, but this paper makes it very clear that this is not the case when they say, "These values will conflict" and their solution is, "We have to create villains". Who are the villains that they decided to create in 1989? International terrorists and international drug traffickers. A tremendous amount of media during the last decade has been dedicated to both of these subjects. Are people now a lot more willing to give up some of their personal privacy and freedom for what they perceive as a little more security? The paper said that they have to create this type of framework to force people to give up civil liberties in exchange for safety and security. When people feel insecure they are more inclined to give up civil liberties in exchange for that security.
There are some big changes coming in the health sciences, and electromedicine is going to present the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities in medical science over the next couple of decades. When you treat the body at an energetic level, then the physical body will improve.
Electro-cranial stimulation is the use of electric current for creating brain entrainment within those ranges that are effective for learning or creative work.
Electrolaser acupuncture There is a system of electrolaser acupuncture in Europe that is quite effective using a class four laser, not one of these small hand-held, but a class four, which is pretty powerful. It won't burn you; it is not that strong, but it is sufficient to affect your physical health. The practitioners I know who are using this technique are trained acupuncturists. This electrolaser breaks things up and gets the energy flowing through the body again, and has had remarkable results.
Light devices A pulsing light can be used to entrain the brain to move it into various states of consciousness. One of my children used to have trouble sleeping and I used to use this tool for him because it was really effective. Within about five minutes he was asleep.
Sound A technique that is used in conjunction with sound is a bi-aural beep. The human ear cannot hear these extremely low frequencies. One sound wave will come in one ear at say 17,000 Hertz (or cycles per second). Another will come in the other ear at 17,008 Hertz. The 17,000 cancels and leaves a standing beep frequency of 8, which correlates to the alpha rhythm, and your brain locks into that beat rhythm and begins to mirror it and go through chemical changes, not just in the way you think but how your thinking is focused.
Biofeedback There are a number of applications tied to brain biofeedback or neurobiofeedback. In brain biofeedback, you look at a computer monitor. Depending on the system, you might use 4, 8 or 16 channels or more, and they place electrodes on the head. You look at the screen, see what your brain activity is doing in real time, and you can then drive the activity of the brain artificially. You can also learn how to do it yourself without the equipment. Brain biofeedback has become very effective for stroke victims who are trying to reclaim part of their mental capacity and children with Attention Deficit Disorders. Within 30 to 45 sessions, hyperactive children with ADD learned how to modulate their brain activity, focus their attention and learn without Ritalin or other drugs that are being introduced on a mass scale around the world. There is a place in Denver that certifies biofeedback practitioners called Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. You may contact them at 303-422-8436, email aapb@resourcecenter.com, website www.aapb.org or www.bio-medical.com
So there are probably practitioners that are certified in virtually every area of the United States and Canada because they are pretty active up here as well.
We approach scientists and governments directly. When we started our work with HAARP we sent 80 packages of material to every scientist that we knew of, hoping to change at least one person's mind. We must try to influence political processes and get our legislatures to start investigations. Don't look for some grand plan. Do what you know you can achieve. But no matter where you live today, with the advent of the internet and mass communication systems, it is more possible than it has ever been before to influence public policy. A few people can make a very large difference in what happens around the world.
All of the information in this article is extensively documented in my two books Angels Don't Play this HAARP and Earth Rising: The Revolution. Every statement is referenced with accurate sources of first hand published material with 650 separate footnoted sources. You will find patent numbers and academic paper references which you can look up yourself. We do not use personal testimony as evidence to present our case, and this has allowed us to present the HAARP issue in many different venues including European Parliament