Tuesday, 24 April 2012

beware of knights in shining amour.

alarmingly a growing number of sheeple are avidly following posts by supposed clandestine groups that are working on our behalf to save the planet from various enemies and calamities.
Most notable feature amongst these is the predilection for explaining world events posthumously as controlled events and most helpfully explain it as part of the ongoing battle for the planet or other such worthy spoils. These secret org informants and alien employed stenographers as a whole are in one way or another fighting the good fight to keep our body and souls from evil and still take the time to write home and let us no whats "really" going on.
People, sheeple, people! leave yourself a trail of breadcrumbs if your going to go there.  force your mind to the worst case scenario. We are alone, we are in danger of ourselves and we dont know what to do. Take your self there. live that belief, swallow the implications and look to improve the situation.
Once you've atleast visited that thoughtspace and your fairly sure you could live there and make a go of it, then go forth an seek your channeled galactic federation messages, cabal crime lords, and your entities of various densities both good and evil.  You can travel the length and breadth of the multiverse and as long as you are the point of origin from which you embarked you'll always know the way back.
develop/trust your instincts.

true nature of "the system"

pondering the true nature of the system leads me to an interesting thought. It may be a self perpetuating system fed by human naturally greedy inclinations. Perhaps we are enslaved by none but ourselves