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Venezuela declares war on banksters


by Dean Henderson

On March 15th Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addressed his military.  Mindful of the recent CIA/bankster putsch in Ukraine, he warned the right-wing fascist thugs who have incited violence in the country over the past two months, “Prepare yourself.  We are coming for you.”  He then played John Lennon’s Give Peace a Chance.
Venezuelan National Guardsman took over the Plaza Altamira in Caracas and put down another provocation in the borough of Chacao.  Suddenly on Sunday opposition leader and oligarch Henrique Capriles said for the first time that he was ready to talk with the Maduro government.
Violence erupted in Venezuela in January.  In a country sitting atop what some estimates put at 700 billion barrels of oil, it has become an annual bankster-sponsored occurrence.  Bolivarian socialism does not jive with Illuminati plans to colonize the giant Lake Maracaibo oil patch.
In January 2011 the Venezuelan oligarchy and their CIA/Big Oil backers held a rally in Caracas dubbed Operation Venezuela.  The event, which was countered by supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, marked the anniversary of the deposing of Marcos Perez Jimenez in Venezuela in 1958.  But as with all recent CIA-sponsored Orange/Velvet/Cedar “revolutions”, the contradiction lies within the history books.  Jimenez, you see, was a right-wing dictator, the polar opposite of Chavez.
In 1914 Royal Dutch/Shell subsidiary Caribbean Petroleum discovered the vast Mena Grande oilfield in Venezuela.  Foreign oil companies began flocking to the area.  When oil was discovered at Lake Maracaibo in 1922, Venezuelan dictator Juan Vicente Gómez allowed Americans to write Venezuela’s petroleum law.
On November 27, 1948 Venezuela’s first democratically-elected President Romulo Gallegos was overthrown on a coup led by Jimenez cronies.  Democracy was not restored until 1958 when Jimenez was overthrown.  President Romulo Ernesto Betancourt Bello won the election held later that year.  The populist Betancourt had been President from 1945-1948.  He had transferred power to the novelist Gallegos shortly before the right-wing coup.
Jimenez privatized Venezuela’s economy while littering Caracas with the skyscrapers of multinational corporations and banks.  He was tight with both Venezuela’s richest man Gustavo Cisneros and Creole Petroleum.  Cisneros is a Rockefeller lieutenant who sits on the board at Bank of Nova Scotia – one of the Big 5 Canadian banks.  It owned the 200 tons of gold recovered from beneath the World Trade Center post-911.
Creole Petroleum is an Exxon Mobil subsidiary and was founded by the CIA.  Creole and the CIA share office space in Caracas.  The Rockefeller family-controlled Exxon Mobil is the CIA in Venezuela.  Bechtel built the Mena Grande pipeline to service Creole’s Lake Maracaibo oil interests.
Shortly after the 1958 election, Vice-President Richard Nixon visited Venezuela in an attempt to keep Betancourt in the Big Oil/IMF fold.  Nixon was instead greeted by millions of angry protesters.  Betancourt, who had already forced a 50-50 profit-sharing scheme from Big Oil in his first term, took another left turn.  He began funding Castro’s revolutionaries in Cuba and attempted to fully nationalize Venezuela’s oil.
President Dwight Eisenhower responded by introducing quotas on Venezuelan oil, while giving preferential treatment to Mexican and Canadian crude.  Betancourt countered in September 1960 when Venezuela joined Iran, Iraq Saudi Arabia and Kuwait at a meeting in Baghdad to launch OPEC as a producer cartel to counter the global economic clout of the Four Horsemen and their various tentacles.
Betancourt embarked on an ambitious land reform program and talked of supporting left-wing FARC rebels in neighboring Columbia.  In later 1960 he survived an assassination attempt by agents of Rafael Trujillo, the CIA-installed dictator of the Dominican Republic.  It is likely that the Agency itself was involved.
Venezeula Protest GraffittiFor the next four decades Venezuela underwent an oil industry re-privatization and expansion, becoming the primary source of Four Horsemen oil bound for the US.  When oil prices crashed in the early 1990’s Venezuela – once the most modern nation in Latin America – suffered an economic collapse.  Its once-thriving middle class was largely thrown back into poverty.  It was a wake-up call.
In 1998 Fifth Republic Movement candidate Hugo Chavez was elected President with support from Venezuelan workers and peasants.  He railed against US hegemony in his country, announced he would sell oil to friend Fidel Castro in Cuba on favorable terms and established diplomatic ties with Iraq.  He announced a land reform program and installed Marxist economists at PDVSA – Venezuela’s national oil company.  Chavez talked of diverting Venezuelan oil wealth from Western banks towards a grand development scheme for all of Latin America.  OPEC’s articulate Secretary General until 2002 was Venezuelan Oil Minister Ali Rodriguez.
In early 2002 Venezuela’s ruling elite, led by Rockefeller crony Gustavo Cisneros and his Bank of Nova Scotia crowd, attempted to overthrow Chavez.  There were reports of US Naval and Air Force involvement.  In April Chavez stepped down.  Within days, following angry protests from the Venezuelan working class, he was back in power.  The pro-US general who led the attempted coup was charged with treason.  El jeffe fled to Columbia where he was welcomed by the US-backed narco-terrorist Uribe government.  In October the Venezuelan oligarchy took another run at Chavez.  Again their putsch failed.  On December 5, 2002 Chavez stated that the Venezuelan unrest was part of a plot, “to seize the country’s oil industry”.
On January 16, 2003 Chavez left Venezuela amidst a strike led by oligarch oil executives.  He appealed for help at the UN, where he handed over leadership of the radical G-77 group of developing nations to Morocco.  In late February, after withstanding the strike, Chavez, knowing full well the true power behind the strikers, told the US government to “back off”.
On April 17, 2003 Venezuelan Army Director General Melvin Lopez proclaimed in USA Today that the US government had been directly involved in the attempted February putsch and that he had proof that three US Black Hawk helicopters had been sighted in Venezuelan airspace during that time.
On Christmas Eve 2005 Chavez delivered a speech to his nation in which he said, “…minorities, descendants of those who killed Jesus Christ, control the riches of the world”.  He also proclaimed that 911 was an inside job.
In June 2007 Chavez ordered Big Oil to accept the role of junior partner to state-owned PDVSA or leave Venezuela.  Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips both left.  He befriended Iran and a wave of Chavez-allied left-wing Presidents came to power in Latin America.  The most radical were Evo Morales in Bolivia, Raphael Correa in Ecuador and Sandinista Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.  Together they used Venezuela’s oil wealth to launch the much anticipated Banco del Sur as a counter to IMF hegemony over their continent.
As Chavez’ attitude towards the international bankers became more defiant, the Four Horsemen began to buy oil from more easily corruptible nations like Mexico and Columbia.  By 1990 Exxon was getting 16% of its oil from Columbia, while Chevron procured 26% of its US-bound crude oil from Mexico.
A May 2010 report documenting foreign assistance to political groups in Venezuela, commissioned by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), revealed that more than $40 million annually is channeled to anti-Chavez groups from US agencies.  NED founder Allen Weinstein bragged to the Washington Post, “What we do today was done clandestinely twenty-five years ago by the CIA.”
In January 2011 the Obama administration revoked the visa of Venezuela’s ambassador to Washington after Chávez rejected the nomination of Larry Palmer as US ambassador in Caracas.  Palmer had been openly critical of Chavez and has a spooky resume.
He worked with Betancourt’s would-be assassin Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic and cavorted with US-backed dictators in Uruguay, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, South Korea and Honduras.  Palmer was to replace Patrick Duddy who was involved in the attempted coup against Chávez in 2002.
The latest plank in Chavez’ “Socialism for the 21st Century” program was to reform the financial sector, long dominated by the international banker cartel.  Venezuela’s National Assembly had passed legislation that defined banking as a public service.  The law requires banks in Venezuela to contribute more to social programs, housing construction efforts, and other social needs.  It protects depositors by requiring the Superintendent of Banking Institutions to work in the interest of bank customers rather than stockholders.
In an attempt to control speculation, the law limits to 20% the maximum amount of capital a bank can have out as credit. The law also limits the formation of financial groups and prohibits banks from having an interest in brokerage firms and insurance companies.  The Depression-era Glass-Steagal Act had done the same thing in the US until President Bill Clinton repealed it in 1995.
The Venezuelan law also stipulates that 5% of bank profits go to projects approved by communal councils, while 10% of bank capital must be put into a fund to pay for wages and pensions in case of bankruptcy.
According to the Wall Street Journal, “Chávez has threatened to expropriate large banks in the past if they don’t increase loans to small-business owners and prospective home buyers, this time he is increasing the pressure publicly to show his concern for the lack of sufficient housing for Venezuela’s 28 million people.”
In January 2011 the NED-funded Cisneros/Rockefeller banker glitterati tried to rewrite history via Operation Venezuela.  While the bankers whined unsuccessfully, Chavez issued this rebuttal, “Any bank that slips up…I’m going to expropriate it…”
The Illuminati banksters had seen enough.  Chavez soon developed a rapidly spreading cancer.
In 2013 after Chavez succumbed to his battle with cancer, President Maduro stated, “We have no doubt that Commandante Chavez was attacked with this illness, we have not a single doubt. The established enemies of our land specifically tried to harm the health of our leader. We already have leads, which will be further explored with a scientific investigation. There have been many cases throughout history, including the most recent, of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat; it’s widely known that he was poisoned medically.”

Australians March against NWO

Tens of thousands of protesters have marched through city streets across Australia, waving placards vilifying Prime Minister Tony Abbott and venting their anger at the policies of conservative state and federal governments.
The March in March event attracted the largest crowd in Melbourne, where more than 10,000 people - among them parents, students, environmentalists, refugee supporters, cab drivers, teachers and children - gathered in the city centre.
About 2000 swarmed on central Brisbane to show their disdain for the direction taken by Liberal governments and just under 10,000 protested in Sydney, local police told AAP.
Many of the headline-grabbing polices of the Commonwealth, NSW, WA and Queensland governments were attacked during an event organisers say is a grassroots, non-partisan peaceful protest spawned from conversations on social media.
The organisers claim March in March has 45,000 Facebook supporters, amassed since the conversation began in January.
Speeches on indigenous rights, asylum seekers, education funding and university cuts featured in the Melbourne march, which 17,000 people said on Facebook they would attend.
'Transit not tolls' and 'Turn back the AbBoat' signs were brandished by members of the eclectic crowd.
Blackburn couple Dyan and Andrew brought their kids, Dylan, Harper and Marlo, because they wanted to teach their children to voice their opposition to governments they don't agree with.
'I've never been moved as much by any other government in my life as this to protest,' Dyan told AAP.
In Sydney, placards suggesting Mr Abbott has Satan on speed-dial and others denouncing the illuminati and global weather conspiracies were waved as rain fell on the park hosting the event.
About 12,000 said on Facebook they would march in Sydney but the figure was just under 10,000 despite a large thunderstorm.
Mining magnate Gina Rinehart was targeted by British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg for suggesting Australia should adopt hard-line conservative Thatcherite policies.
He also drew the crowd's attention to what he believes is the real problem with contemporary politics.
'The true enemy is not actually capitalism or conservatism - it's cynicism,' he told the crowd.
'It's the amount of bile that appears on the internet when anyone makes a political point - particularly vile attacks on Twitter to intelligent young women expressing an opinion.'
Signs at the Sydney protest suggested the weather is being controlled by America's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and others featured a picture of Mr Abbott on the telephone with the caption 'hello Satan?'
Another branded him the 'minister for ditch the witch', a reference to slogans aimed at former Labor prime minister Julia Gillard during 2011's carbon tax protests.
Asylum seekers, climate change, gay marriage and the Newman government were the focus of the Brisbane march, which started in Queens Park.
Organiser Matt Donovan, a former Labor candidate, denounced Immigration Minister Scott Morrison's treatment of asylum seekers.
He also took a swipe at Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, dubbing him 'our dear leader' in a comparison to deceased North Korean despot Kim Jong-il.
'I know many of you protesters are here, in fact, to protest the arrogant, despotic, far-right, authoritarian, self-serving, bully-boy government and the police state he has created,' Mr Donovan said.
The event will culminate on Monday when protesters deliver a notice of no confidence to Parliament House.
While the protesters spread their message across the mainland, the Liberal Party was celebrating its return to government in Tasmania, where it crushed the ALP, which received just 27 per cent of primary votes.

The New World War.

By Mark.M.Rich.

Rather than thinking of psychopaths as mentally ill, it may be more accurate to consider them a separate subspecies of the human race. They know they are protected by the naivety of the common worldview. Their pursuit of power is hyperactive. It is no exaggeration to say that, while the normal people are busy pursuing their activities, these characters literally sit around thinking of ways to deceive the populace into giving them control.
Because they are primarily focused on placing themselves in positions of influence, they have a tendency occupy these positions more so than normal people. Their vigorous pursuit of power, combined with their natural abilities to conceal themselves and lie with no inhibitions, allow them to achieve such positions. These characters have been continually responsible for a pattern of historical atrocities.
They spend a considerable amount of time constructing a mask on a personal level. On a macro level, a group of them will construct a similar facade using an ideology. If such people have the financing, they can overthrow constituted governments, typically without a majority of the people being aware of it. They place people similar to themselves in positions of influence. And as part of their mask, they install semi-normal people in positions which have high public exposure.
They eventually establish control over the entire governing structure of a country, including its military and police, as well as the psychological sciences, and institutions which can be used to influence society, such as NGOs, academia, and the media.
They conceal their true objective using an ideology which includes a plan for a better world. Some elements of their plan may seem reasonable or even desirable. In addition, however, an enemy is created which is portrayed as an obstacle to the better world.
The utopia is only possible when the enemy is removed. A portion of the population is recruited to assist in accomplishing this. Also, a privileged class of people is created within the government to serve the pathocracy and is rewarded for its obedience.
Organizations run by psychopaths usually profess only humanitarian intents. A pathocracy will have the appearance of normalcy. Evidence suggests that the US government has been entirely overthrown by a network of groups exhibiting psychopathic traits that have disguised themselves using humanitarian fronts.
They are facilitating a revolution which will result in them having control of the entire planet. Using the multinational force, they are waging a worldwide war against civilians to accomplish this.
We’re informed that a group of people is standing in the way of this global utopia. Various labels have been assigned to them. They are resisters, clinging to old ideologies which have no place in the new world. They are obstacles to our evolution, we’re told. Many of them are using information as a weapon to change people’s worldviews. Some of them are promoting conspiracy theories.
The new enemy will be denied sanctuary, tracked everywhere with intrusive surveillance, and attacked with PsyOp and NLW relentlessly. Most of these weapons and tactics, which are used in combination, leave little or no trace of their use.
Directed-energy weapons, including microwaves, lasers, and acoustic frequencies, will be used on the enemy. Depending on the frequency and power level, these weapons can cause a wide variety of effects spanning the mental, emotional, and physical realms. CNO are used to attack the enemy’s computers. This includes efforts to disrupt and degrade hardware and software, as well as spoofing attacks.
People can be traumatized with microwave hearing technology. Powerful silent subliminals can setup mental conflicts and can be used to influence people’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Holograms can be transmitted to specific points in space to scare people.
PsyOp attacks are transmitted through every possible channel of communication that the TA uses. The TA’s environment is psychologically prepared with products which have triggers that they’ve been sensitized to.
Calmatives that are to be covertly administered to the enemy can cause anxiety and dizziness, headaches, sedation, and also depression. Biological weapons, including viruses that create injuries or medical conditions, are also to be used. It has been suggested that biological weapons can be tailored to affect a specific race or bloodline.
Malodorants and insect infestation are used to cause revulsion. Supercaustics, some of which can be remotely triggered, can destroy any material made of plastic, glass, rubber, or metal. Frequent overhead flights and other displays of force are used during SOFO.
Custom-tailored weather attacks are to be used on a micro-level against the enemy. And, yes, even remote controlled insects and rodents are in the DOD’s arsenal. Physical and psychological isolation of the enemy from their support structure is standard procedure in the new war. Using PsyOp, advanced surveillance technology, and NLWs, the enemy will be denied sanctuary any place they visit.

Official sources have mentioned multiple times that this surveillance will be intrusive and constant. A variety of technology exists which can accomplish this, such as devices for seeing through walls, mind-reading, and tiny sensors which can detect anything a human being can as well as a multitude of other environmental stimuli.
These and other surveillance technologies can be connected to an advanced C4ISR system, such as the GIG, which allows for the real-time synchronization of tactics from the tactical to strategic levels. GIG nodes are equipped with cognitive radios or other devices that allow them to form tactical mobile networks known as MANETS. The technology exists for computer-generated battlewarms, where nodes are directed by an algorithm.
In all likelihood, these algorithms, which have already been used by the DOD for battleswarms, are a feature of the GIG. Therefore, the entire process, including node dispatch, guiding nodes to the target, and even the type of behavior exhibited by each node in the presence of the target, is probably computer-generated.
In order to maintain a dictatorship it is absolutely critical that control is established on the neighborhood level. In the US this network has existed since 1917 and has been used to harass and spy on people that have been labeled subversive. It is now entirely fused into our society, just as it was in East Germany and Communist Russia.

Wall Street runs the medical industry and the mental health system in particular. This includes some of the major patient advocacy groups, professional societies, government agencies, and most individual physicians. The mental illnesses in the diagnostic manuals keep expanding. Profit and control are primary motives. The attacks by the multinational force against the financial elite’s enemies considerably parallel the signs and symptoms in the diagnostic manuals produced by the industry.
Methods of executing large numbers of normal people are instituted when psychopaths rule a society. Although this has usually meant death camps and wars, evidence suggests that an additional method, which appears to be linked to a global eugenics program, includes targeting the entire population with toxic medication.
It is no exaggeration to say that the Anglo-American Establishment is using the military to reach down into your neighborhoods, single people out, and silently torture them, while using the mental health system, congress, media, and NGOs to conceal their attacks.
As we’ve learned, individual psychopaths believe it is necessary for their personal survival to degrade people. On a larger scale, we also understand at this point, that when they run a society they consider it a necessity to annihilate large portions of normal people.
Considering these factors, along with the rest of the traits that compose the profile of a typical psychopath, it would be realistic to consider that the security forces are also being used by the wealthy elites who rule our society to attack people for no reason that would be obvious using the common worldview.
It would be the ultimate dream for any average psychopath to be able to use the resources of the state to place people under surveillance, torture them from a safe distance with weapons that leave no evidence of their use, and sit back and have a good laugh while they watch them suffer in real-time. It would be even better if they controlled the very institutions which proclaimed to exist to expose such activities.
Although it is uncomfortable to consider the possibility that influential members of our society are using these resources to provide themselves with a sick form of entertainment, it would be consistent with their psychopathic profile.
The idea that they have methodically blocked off all possible escape routes for the citizens that they are torturing, and have established control over the institutions that would expose them, is frightening. However, this appears to be the case.
Their widespread, systematic, consistent vile activities, which have spanned multiple realms over the course of decades and have been committed against the human race in general, would be considered a crime against humanity in any civilization run by decent people.

Bizarre skeletons found in Russia

© Screen Capture
 Kristan T. Harris
Cudahy Now
If the reports are true, bizarre skeletons have been unearthed in Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Krai, Russia that would point to a systematic floccinaucinihilipilification of all aspects surrounding macro evolution. Russia NTV reports Stavropol archaeologists have discovered the unearthing of bizarre skeletons when opening an ancient mound. The mound first produced a strange skeleton that can be best described as "Satyr like".

Sergey Savenko, one of the discoverers of the satyr like skeleton suggested his first thought was that there was "no scientific explanation for what just unearthed". " What if the Stavropol archaeologists have discovered a previously unknown anomalous creature to mankind?" Savenko described the skeleton as having a goat like body with a human head.

Relatively close to the Satyr like skeleton the expedition accidentally unearthed the remains of a horse of epic proportions. The warhorse was of giant size with a shoulder span of almost two meters and was with honors uncharacteristic for an animal in that period.

Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum stated: "A special bath shrine was dug in the ground for this horse. It was filled with grass, and horse was on its back in the tub. "

The skeleton was sent for examination and experts anthropologists have refuted all the fantastic theories of these being evidence of the mythological species, but have not disclosed results of their tests.

English translation of video

Archaeologists have been extremely puzzled when they found a medieval mound strange creature, and at some distance from this gigantic horse herbal bath.

In Nevinnomyssk ordinary, in general, the excavation of an ancient burial mound became virtually episode of "The X-Files." Archaeologists have found so mysterious artefacts that the experts, just as Dana Scully in the series, denying all non-scientific version of the scientific explanation, yet to offer anything they can not.

NTV correspondent Maxim Berezin considered the findings.

The name of this unique artifact was not invented by science fiction fans, and most that are on the conservative scholars. In the ancient burial-place, uncovered during the excavation, it was discovered a strange thing - sheep skeleton with a human skull. More refined definition than chelovekobaran, their discovery, archaeologists were not able to pick up.

Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum: "What is it chelovekobaran? That is, there was a combination of cranial young person under 25 years of age and body rams. "

Sergey Savenko, one of the discoverers of chelovekobarana in the head at first climbed unscientific thought: what if the Stavropol archaeologists have discovered a previously unknown anomalous creature to mankind? Order not disturb the skeleton was sent for examination.

Sergey Savenko, Pyatigorsk museum: "They found an analogy, it's even geographically not so far, this is the territory of Crimea. There have been dumping human skeleton was almost complete, but the hands and feet were cut somewhere to elbow and put in charge of the animal bones were, presumably, a goat. "

Experts anthropologists have refuted all the fantastic theories, but none of the puzzles Nevinnomyssky burial is not disclosed.

Mysterious burial can excite the imagination of not only archaeologists. Dark Ages - that is all that is known about him yet, some information about the ritual of the specialists there, perhaps because of such artifacts in the North Caucasus had been found.

For all other archaeological features Nevinnomyssk burial is typical for its era. In the afterlife of the deceased was seen off, observing the necessary rituals. The tomb was found weapons and utensils.

Sergey Savenko: "It's really an unique ritual situation. Whether it was a special man, who had to bury so. "

The Adventures of archaeologists from the very beginning Nevinnomyssk bought some anti-scientific tone. Not far from the first discovery expedition accidentally unearthed the remains of a horse epic proportions. Warhorse had giant growth - almost two meters at the shoulder(1 meter ≈ 1.09361 yards), and was buried with honors uncharacteristic of the animal.

Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum: "For this horse had been dug in the ground a special bath. It was filled with grass, and horse in the tub on his back. "

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UFO sighted over Ukraine

 © UFOsightingsdaily
(Impeccable timing... Dan.)

A large cigar-shaped UFO was spotted over the city of Korosten in Ukraine. The captured video on March 6 has surfaced on the Internet. The video got published on March 7, in the YouTube channel O7TV showing the UFO sighting of a large, elongated object gliding in the sky.

According to the Open Minds report, the video was uploaded by an MSN user and also got shared in Canada's Yahoo! News. The video description read, "A cigar-shaped UFO spotted in the sky over Korosten, Ukraine on March 6. What do you think it is? Camera effects, or is it the real thing?"

The YouTube channel O7TV has provided an open discussion videos in the past such as the UFO with out of focus aliens in Germany, a gigantic dog and even dragons flying over England.

"Video Agency of Audio Color World own all distribution rights of the uploaded videos on our YouTube channel. If you like to use videos for uploads or commercial use please contact ''," the description on the YouTube channel reads.

Russia under attack from Transnational Elite

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro: 'A certain transnational elite seeks to encircle Russia in order to weaken and eventually destroy it'

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused both the US and the EU of "double standards" over Crimea and recalled the Kosovo and Falkland Islands referendums as evidence. Maduro says the West is seeking to "eventually destroy" Russia.

"There is a certain transnational elite that has been cherishing this dream for 300 years," Nicolas Maduro said.

The Venezuelan leader criticized "the anti-Russian policy of the US and some European countries," saying the crisis in Ukraine comes as a response to that.

"What has happened in Crimea is a response to the format that made Ukrainian democracy collapse. And there is only one reason for this: the anti-Russian policy of the US and some European countries. They seek to encircle Russia in order to weaken and eventually destroy it," he said.

His statement comes amid deteriorating relations between Russia and both the US and the EU. The latter imposed first sanctions against Russian officials as the Crimean Peninsula sought to separate from Ukraine. The West threatened that more sanctions would follow after the March-16 referendum in Crimea, in which over 96 percent of its citizens voted to join Russia. The treaty was signed between the two sides on Tuesday.

As the US and the EU considered the referendum "illegitimate" and refused to recognize its results, the Venezuelan President accused them of "double standards" over the Crimean vote. He recalled similar situations with Kosovo and the Falkland Islands.

"This is a major game of double standards," Maduro said. "So it was legal, from the point of view of international politics, to separate Serbia 10 years ago and take Kosovo away from it through a referendum. It turns out that trying to take away the Falkland Islands, which are located here in Latin America, through a forged and illegal referendum, was justified for Europe and Britain. But when it comes to the people of Crimea, who want a referendum and choose a peaceful future for themselves, this is illegal," he added.

Pyschopathic Dynasties. Hidden hand in history.

What They Are..

Underneath our observable personalities there is a vital set of information that contains wisdom and moral values. Also encoded on this level is an emotional content that allows us to experience high-level emotions such as empathy and love. This is the place where our conscience resides, as well as the need to want to contribute to humanity. This information is critical for the survival of the human race.
There is a group of people who exist partially estranged from the rest of society known as psychopaths, who lack this information. Although the traits exhibited by these people appear in diagnostic manuals, it is less accurate to describe them as mentally-ill than it is to say that they are not human as you know it. There is usually no curing them. By any decent person's standards they would be considered very sick.
They are deceitful, manipulative, perpetual liars, who steadily seek positions that they think will allow them to control others. The fundamental trait of the psychopath is the need for absolute power over others.
As individuals, they spend a significant amount of energy constructing a facade to conceal themselves as they attack others, who they see as objects and prey. Because it is taken for granted that we're all the same on a basic level, it is almost effortless for them to do so.
Although normal people are complicit in large-scale atrocities, they are often conceived and directed by psychopaths. Most of them are not in prison and do not technically break the law. Depending on the political circumstances, they may be the ones running your town.
A lack of a conscience creates a wide division in the human race between the psychopaths and the normal people. Those who have studied these people are now seriously recommending that the human race be divided into two subspecies.
Their Pursuit of Power Psychopaths usually form alliances during a relentless pursuit of control over a society. Just as individuals use illusory displays to conceal themselves, on a larger scale a group of them constructs a frontage to hide their efforts.
Researches describe societies under their rule as having attributes similar to a biological disease. It starts at the top and ultimately infects every single city. During what can be described as a systematic and continuous pursuit of complete control, the leadership positions in every town are eventually replaced by people with psychological defects and those who are loyal to the pathocracy.
Our way of life has been under sustained attack by an active network of wealthy psychopaths, consisting of unified dynasties functioning through a variety of interconnected think tanks, tax-exempt foundations, and transnational corporations. Although their names do not appear in history books circulated in the public school system, any astute researcher knows who they are.
Through their various front groups, they have been working vigorously over a period of decades in all of the major areas that influence society, in order to setup a system of control. Observing the groups which they use to promote their agendas, we find evidence that their efforts have been notably destructive. A study of these events reveals the same names over and over again, using lies, deceit, murder, and subversion as the've funded dictatorships, overthrown governments, and instigated wars.

Their Existence is Confirmed Because the groups which these people have been using to carry out their deeds are visible, many have noticed their efforts and warned the public. There have been numerous declarations by historical figures, including presidents of the United States, that lies, deceit, and secret proceedings were being used by a wealthy elite who intended to setup a global dictatorship.
Presidents Jefferson and Jackson were able to perceive attempts by this group to overthrow the US Government in the early 1800s. In the mid 1800s Lincoln noticed the same thing, as did Garfield in late 1800s. They alerted the public of what was happening. We all know that some of these people were assassinated, but it is not commonly known that they had ongoing battles with the international bankers for control of the republic.
Congressional investigations into the tax-exempt foundations during the early 1900s discovered a severe danger consisting of a wealthy elite that had attained such power that it was capable of carrying out anything it wished in any part of the country. Later, Congressman Charles Lindbergh spoke of an invisible government that had gained control of the nation's money supply, and had therefore taken over the country.
When the think tanks and foundations used by these people were investigated again by the US Congress in the 1950s, it was discovered that they were interlocked and functioned as a single unit with the goal of creating a global government. It was reported that because this network had attained unlimited financial resources, it represented a concentration of immense power which was capable of invisible coercion.
In the early 1960s Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy were able to glimpse this network as well. Eisenhower cautioned that it was capable of influencing every city, state, and office of government.
Kennedy spoke of a common danger that threatened every area of our society. He specifically mentioned that we were under attack by a ruthless, highly-efficient machine, which had accumulated vast wealth, and was using infiltration and subversion to establish control of the entire planet.
These and many other historical figures detected this group and issued public warnings. Some of them died under suspicious circumstances while doing so. Unfortunately, this advancing alliance was never stopped. It kept expanding around the globe.
Factions of this network funded Communist Russia and Fascist Italy; placed Adolph Hitler into power and built the death camps in Nazi Germany; and made at least one attempt to overthrow the US government by force.
Now they are poisoning millions of people with psychiatric drugs for profit and control as part of what is obviously a global eugenics program that goes back to the early 1900s. They have used your politicians to pass repressive laws in order to reduce your civil liberties. It has been one deliberately created crisis after another to further their objective.
At this time the US government has been entirely overthrown. It is now run by a network of wealthy psychopaths who control your elected officials like puppets. Only the appearance of what America was remains. To conceal the system that they have established, they have taken over the core institutions that people rely on to expose macrosocial injustice, such as the mass media, NGOs, and the mental health system.

What They're After

Those using common logic would probably consider their goal of controlling the planet to be unnecessary, unlikely, perhaps even foolish. Rational people observing their consistent harmful activities might ask questions such as: What are they after? How they can do this to people? When will they have enough?
However, using a common outlook without an understanding of the nature of the phenomenon, would make it difficult to comprehend what they want. Furthermore, such an explanation has features that cross into the spiritual realm.
They seek to beat the human race into complete submission. Because the psychopaths see normal/decent people as a separate species who are a threat to their survival, the psychological and physical destruction of as many normal people as possible is absolutely critical to them. It is a matter of necessity for them to defile humanity.
They want a world where they no longer have to hide, where their vile ideas can be openly expressed and the decent people must submit to their demented minds. They have no illusions about what they're doing or why they're doing it. They are totally aware that their goal is to have complete power over all people. The New World War is part of a larger war being waged by the psychopaths against all that is good about humanity.
They are relying on you to consider them pleasant people. They want you to trust that we all want what's best for humanity. They want you to believe their big lie. The central mental obstacle that contributes to their concealment is that most people have trouble accepting how utterly monstrous they are.
Their Covert War Now that they are almost finished using the US military and allied forces to conquer nations, they are focusing on groups and individual citizens who might oppose their rule. The new war-form that they're using has been adjusted to attack people in countries which profess democratic ideals.
The weapons and methods used by the multinational force against civilians were designed by the best scientific and military minds on the planet. They leave no visible wounds and are concealed by resembling activities that occur normally in civilian settings.
Those identified as enemies are placed under persistent surveillance during indefinite bogus investigations. Rather than being used to gather evidence for a genuine legal proceeding, these investigations serve as an excuse for them to use the resources of the state against citizens.
The attacks include: recurrent noise, directed-energy weapons, psychological operations, computer network operations (sabotage, spoofing), financial destruction, isolation, weather warfare, chemical and biological weapons, microwave hearing, holograms, frequent aircraft visits, and utility disruption. These are used in combination over an extended period of time against civilians who may have no idea that they are military targets.
There have been many names for these types of wars, a few of which include Civil-Military Operations, Unconventional Warfare, Military Operations Other Than War, and what I call New World War. These campaigns are run by the military, working with NGOs, and federal agencies. It is happening in all developed countries. The battleground is no longer in some distant land. It is in your cities and towns––your homes and workplaces.
In order to maintain a dictatorship the streets must be controlled. Visible troops are not necessary to accomplish this. Since the early twentieth century a civilian security force has been working with the military to monitor people. It has grown to such an extent that it is now entirely fused into our society, similar to ones that existed in East Germany and Communist Russia. Targeted people are persistently swarmed (group stalked) by large gangs of civilians.
Instead of armored tanks and trucks, the military uses civilian and commercial vehicles as ground forces during swarm and noise attacks. Rifles and missiles have been replaced with directed-energy weapons that are silent and invisible. Although there is no obvious military presence, in reality, a powerful military force is upholding their rule in your cities.
Their media informs us that the invisible and silent weapons, which go through walls and leave no evidence of their use, will be used for humanitarian purposes. However, the predictable behavior of a typical psychopath, as outlined their personality profile, gives us an accurate indication of how the technology is really being used.
The subversive network that we were repeatedly warned about, no longer needs to use blatant methods of murder when they have traceless weapons that cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. We'll never know for sure how many they have already killed under conditions which appear perfectly natural.
In addition, it is likely that they have been using the state's resources to provide themselves with a type of deranged entertainment, where they identify people in your cities, place them under surveillance using advanced technology, and attack them with these weapons and methods, simply because they find it enjoyable.
So far they have been able to do this with complete impunity, partially because the type of repugnant thinking which gives rise to that behavior is inconsistent with the thought patterns of most decent people, and therefore uncomfortable for them to consider.
These are ideas that we'd all rather not entertain. The majority of decent people don't do these things. But the psychopaths do. And the unfortunate truth of the matter is that this technology is in the hands of psychopaths. This deviant usage of the state's resources would be a perfect reflection of their characteristic behavior. It is exactly how they would use it. And it is probably very common.
The Coverup As part of their methodical pursuit of power, all of the leading institutions that our society relies on to warn it of such things are now controlled by the psychopaths. Their NGOs, media, and politicians will make no public announcements to accurately describe this. They will not properly expose this because they are part of the sick system.
These organizations have received many complaints from individuals and groups pleading with them to stop the torment. They all know about this. They are standing-down as this atrocity occurs worldwide.
Wall Street's mental health system, which is all about profit and control, is providing complete cover for this.
Conclusion Many people understand that such a mechanism exists, although they may not be aware of all of its features or exactly who runs it. They participate in the harassment, but don't mention it because they are terrified of losing their jobs, having their lives destroyed, being persecuted, and attacked with technology intended to drive them insane.
There was a time when people doubted the existence of an agenda by a wealthy elite to enslave the citizens of the world. However, it has reached such a stage that concealment is no longer possible. Their intentions are so obvious at this time, they can't be denied. They can no longer hide.
It is up to the people to stop them when the institutions that they rely on for representation have been corrupted. They are counting on you not believing that this is possible. They want you to think that the situation is hopeless.
You may want to read the book New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control online, or purchase it in hardcopy or eBook formats from LuLu & Amazon.
This site will be updated with suggestions on what can be done based on a realistic estimate of the situation.

Thank You,

Mark M. Rich

Are Psychopaths a seperate species?

The Other World
Introduction to Psychopathy.

In future chapters we’ll explore a pattern of activities exhibited by several groups that have been hyperactively establishing control of the planet, as well as a method known as problem-reaction-solution that rulers have used to set up dictatorships.
So, to better understand the ruthless mind-set necessary for such practices it will be helpful to have an understanding of psychopathy. Psychopathy is a character deficiency that includes traits and behaviors such as: unreliability, failure to learn by experience, lack of insight, an absence of delusions or nervousness, superficial charm, charisma, frequent lying, deceitful and manipulative behavior, and a lack of conscience.
Other traits are: a poverty of general emotions, lack of remorse or shame, incapacity for love and empathy, antisocial behavior, frequent need for excitement, an inflated ego, an ability to rationalize destructive behavior, and a need to have power over others.
It is present in about 4% of the population, that is, one in twenty-five people.1 Psychopaths can be found in every race, culture, profession, and class. The significant amount of damage they cause is common. Other terms that have been used to describe psychopathy include Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD), Conduct Disorder (CD), and sociopathy. APD and CD are used to describe these character types in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV. The term sociopath, although not an actual medical term, is used by some as a substitute for psychopath.
Those who believe the deficiency is caused by environmental factors use the term sociopath, and believers of the biological theory use the term psychopath. Researchers seem to differ regarding traits, terms, and the degree of disturbances that constitute a diagnosis. However, it is generally agreed that these terms are similar. So for the scope of this study they are synonymous.
It is important to note that psychopaths don’t simply have a diminished capacity for remorse, empathy, or love, but a complete inability to experience these emotions. They have literally no conscience whatsoever.2
A conscience has been described as a need to do right or be good. It leads to feelings of remorse, shame, or guilt when people do things that are against their moral values. It also causes feelings of goodness and integrity when we view our actions as correct. It can be viewed as a result of biological drives that influence people to avoid causing fear and hatred in others. In order to have a conscience, a person must be able to identify themselves with others. They must have empathy.
Cause The exact cause of psychopathy is unknown. It appears to be the result of environmental or biological factors. It may be hereditary, although this hasn’t been confirmed. Some types of brain scans can allegedly detect psychopathy by measuring responses to questions which should trigger emotional reactions. It is usually untreatable and incurable. Therapists will often not work with them due to their pathological lying.
There are social rules that most adults learn to live by and follow without thinking because they’re so basic. Human beings automatically trust each other to follow these social rules. They trust that, despite their shortcomings, they’re all at least trying to contribute to the human race. However, on a fundamental level, some people are radically different. Researchers describe psychopaths as having an empty hole in their psyche where the most evolved of human functions should be.
In his book Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski explains that the reason for this is that these individuals do not have certain information that exists on a basic level, which he refers to as the instinctive substratum.
The instinctive substratum is essentially a set of instructions that is a vital part of the life of individuals and entire societies. It was developed over a period of time as the human species lived in groups. It contains information, wisdom, and particularly, an emotional content that allows people to develop their feelings and social bonds.
The necessity for a social structure and the need to play a worthy role within the structure is encoded at this level. It also has information that counters our self-preservation instinct that compels us to want to contribute to the human race, rather than exclusively to our own personal interests.
This common substratum plays a critical role in linking us to society. It enables us to perceive other people’s emotional states. It allows us to detect and understand human customs and moral values. It has allowed civilizations throughout the centuries to create human, social, and moral concepts that are notably similar. Basically, this substratum is critical for the survival of the human species.
Beginning in infancy, it starts to stimulate activities that allow for the development of higher mind functions, and the formation of our character. A more subtle structure is then built upon this substratum as we grow older, eventually becoming an observable part of our personality. This common substratum applies to most normal people.
However, each society has a minority of people who are not normal. This does not include people who are statistically abnormal, such as those with very high intelligence. Instead, it pertains to individuals who are both statistically small in number and who contain an irregular substratum. These individuals can affect millions of others in negative ways. Such individuals are carriers of a substratum which contains gaps regarding emotional information that is responsible for the deficits of higher feelings, as well as abnormalities in psychological, moral, and social concepts.
Upon this irregular substratum, such an individual’s character develops. As this happens, character defects develop in conjunction with these gaps. The result of the individual’s character formation upon this foundation has been called psychopathy.
It is taken for granted and self-evident that underneath it all we’re all basically the same. However, it has been suggested that these people are not quite human as we know it. A person carrying a deviation on this level will be more distinguishable among his own race and time-period than a person with a normal substratum living in a different time-period or culture.
The emotional content which these characters lack on this basic level impairs their ability to self-reflect, which is an important part of personal growth. Self-reflection occurs during disintegrative and integrative periods when we undergo changes caused by life events. These are usually uncomfortable periods.
These events cause us to perform internal inspections of our character. During these times, changes are made to our personalities. Errors are corrected. New outlooks are formed. These changes are then integrated into our personality and help us pass through the disintegrative stage.
Positive feelings which we experience after passing through these stages validate our new outlook. We see things differently. The conditions we survived take on a new meaning. It is a type of purification. We achieve a higher level of understanding of the laws of life. We understand ourselves and others better. Basically, we grow.
High-level emotions play an essential role in guiding us through a normal developmental process. They are responsible for the act of self-reflection and serve as confirmation signals that we have successfully completed a stage of growth. The combination of emotions such as empathy, shame, guilt, and remorse, as well as a biological drive to do well, are considered a conscience. The conscience triggers the act of self-reflection.
If the issues that led to the disintegration have not been resolved because the uncomfortable feelings were repressed, the circumstances were too overwhelming, we lacked the information necessary for reintegration, or some other reason, then the results are devolutionary.
In this case our personalities contract. We become smaller. This is a type of retreat where our psyche retains the sensation of failure. To compensate, our egos become larger. We become neurotic and more difficult to get along with.
Dr. Lobaczewski mentions that due to the emotional deficiency on a very basic level, psychopaths are unable to access these high-level emotions which are critical for personal growth. They are unable to self-reflect. Therefore, they are unable to grow. They are basically stuck. It appears that perhaps unconsciously these characters are able to understand that this process is necessary, but are unable to complete its phases due to their emotional deficiency.
The inflation of the ego (e.g. selfishness, a need for power, immaturity, a sense of entitlement, beliefs of superiority) is a substitute for growth. Or, in other words, it is a type of false-self that allows them to consciously deal with their failure.
Outline Psychopaths are completely aware of being different, which is why they go out of their way to conceal themselves. Although they are able to hide their beliefs and traits from others, their psychological makeup is amazingly consistent.
They all exhibit antisocial or aggressive behavior whether overt or covert, they are all egotistic, they all demand whatever they believe they are entitled to, they all appear selfish, they all demand that others respect them or submit to them. And foremost, they must have power over others.
Like normal people, some are lazy, others are ambitious. Some are very smart, others are not. Most are somewhere in between. The less intelligent ones are driven to satisfy basic needs such as food or sex. These individuals may be less charming, they may attempt to deceive in blunt ways, and then resort to abusive demands when their tactics fail.
Others have better manipulation skills, using charm and verbal fluency to get others to submit. These individuals may seek high-level positions of power, control, or fame.
Whatever their position, their lives are reduced to an endless game of attempted domination over others. They manipulate and attack others in ways that are often undetectable. They do so not just to accomplish their goals but because they find it enjoyable. It offers them excitement and sadistic pleasure.
Their World Psychopaths view the world much differently than normal people. Researchers vary in their opinions as to whether or not a normal person can ever understand this different world. It has been stated that normal people using the common worldview will not be able to understand how psychopaths think.
There are several factors regarding the worldview of the psychopath. First, there is their self-image, next is the way they see others, and finally, the way they see the world. Psychopaths see themselves as superior to normal people. They see normal people in the following ways: objects, obstacles, targets, simple to deceive, naive, weak, inferior, a separate species.
An important consideration here is that these individuals do not regard normal people as human beings worthy of any compassion whatsoever. They absolutely despise weakness. In fact, they become experts in the weaknesses of normal people. They are completely aware of being different. They understand that they live in a separate world and must conceal themselves. They are also aware that most people are not aware that this other world exists.
Because they do not have access to certain emotions, psychopaths view the behavior of normal people as curious or silly. The emotional reactions of normal people appear to be strange or even funny to them. They also think that that the emotional lives of others are as empty as theirs.
In addition to seeing themselves as superior creatures, they believe their worldview is superior to that of the normal person’s. The worldview of normal humans is considered by psychopaths to be incomprehensible and without justification. They view the social structure dominated by normal people as a system of force and oppression. They see the customs and ethics of such a society as foreign, silly, and ridiculous. For instance, they see religion as foolish.
They know the difference between right and wrong but don’t allow it to limit their behavior. They can’t understand why so many others are unwilling to deceive people. They even think that others don’t have a conscience and are play acting, and therefore, rationalize that at least they’re being real in a society of phonies.
Psychopaths construct their separate worldview while functioning in a society of normal people and easily perceive the flaws of the common worldview used in such a society. In fact, they rely on these flaws. More on worldviews will be covered shortly.
No Conscience A conscience allows us to determine whether our actions are right or wrong. It leads to feelings of remorse, shame, or guilt when people do things that are against their moral values. It also causes feelings of goodness and integrity when we view our actions as correct.
It inspires people to avoid causing fear and hatred in others. In order to have a conscience, one must understand that they are the same as others on a very basic level. Psychopaths have no conscience.
Psychopaths exist in a primarily cognitive world. They are completely unable to feel high-level emotions such as love, compassion, remorse, guilt, or shame. They are also unable to accurately detect these emotions in others. Psychopathy is basically an emotional disorder.
Psychopaths do experience primitive emotions such as frustration, anger, rage, envy, and hatred, as well as minor hints of depression. They also experience sadistic pleasure and excitement. Although they don’t experience high-level emotions, they are fully aware that most people have them. Many even take time to mimic them in order to blend in and manipulate their victims better.
During conversations, they avoid words with emotional content because they do not understand them. However, they may deliberately use them if they believe it will advance an act of deception. Trained observers can usually detect this type of acting because the proficiency they achieve in faking emotions is shallow.
Intelligence/Professions Measured by standardized tests, their intelligence is about average or slightly lower than normal. Psychopaths as a group are not highly intelligent. Neither are they gifted artists or craftsman. They also exhibit a lack of wisdom which appears to have no impact on their IQ. Academically, they are similar to normal people. The common myth of their “genius” (which they like to play upon) is really attributed to the special skills they develop which allow them to deceive and manipulate people.
On average they are not as goal oriented as normal people. Although, they frequently brag about how ambitious they are. Many graduate from college or obtain other professional credentials, usually by working the system rather than genuine effort. Once in the workforce, they usually avoid tasks that they consider boring or difficult.
Psychopaths function fine as lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, police officers, military personnel, mercenaries, business people, politicians, writers, artists, actors, cult leaders, and many other professions without breaking the law.
Their careers, family, social skills, and other circumstances are part of their mask. The true difference between these psychopaths and the ones that end up in prison is that they are better at appearing normal. Although they may attain positions of high status and success, they are parasitic in nature and prefer to live off the efforts of others.
Whatever their job, they engage in repeated acts of deception and manipulation. They manipulate and attack the people around them as often as they can without getting caught. They do this both for personal gain and simply because it gives them a thrill.
Egotism/Power/Rationalization Psychopaths have tremendous egos. That is, they have an inflated self-worth or a grandiose sense of who they are. They demand that others respect and submit to them. They are conceited, boastful, and selfish.
The ego has been described as the thinking “I” or the “self” which views itself as separate from others and the world. It is part of the psyche that experiences and reacts to the outside world. It perceives and adapts to reality.
It is the organized part of the personality structure that is responsible for a variety of mental processes such as judgment, tolerance, reality-testing, control, planning, defense, information processing, intellectual functioning, and memory. Psychopaths exhibit egoism (also called egotism or selfishness) in the extreme. Egoism is the view that morality is ultimately determined by one’s own self-interest. It is the belief that self-interest is the correct motive for all human conduct and that it is the valid end of all actions.
Psychopaths have a need for complete power and domination. Therefore, they are excessively prone to seek positions in society where they can have power over others. All exhibit overt or covert antisocial/aggressive behavior.
They believe they are entitled to demand what they think is rightfully theirs. They think it is their right to take things that normal people would consider a violation of boundaries. This usually makes them appear selfish. They also don’t like to wait for things. They demand them immediately.
They have an ability to rationalize any type of behavior, no matter how harmful, so that it appears warranted. They are able to do this in a manner which can persuade reasonable people that their behavior is justified. They also don’t like to take responsibility for their actions, and may deny them.
Poor Behavioral Control/Unreliability Psychopaths exhibit poor behavior controls, frequently expressing irritability and impatience. For instance, they may quickly become angry, then, just as quickly let it go. During these fits they may use threats or verbal abuse. They are consistently irresponsible and unreliable, even about important things relating to their situations. They make poor life judgments and fail to learn from experience. They exhibit a lack of insight concerning themselves.
Lying/Thrill Seeking Psychopaths are deceitful and manipulative. They are known for their pathological lying. They will lie about anything under any circumstances. While lying, they can appear completely sincere as a result of proper body language.
They are perfectly capable of making eye contact and are likely to exploit the widespread misconception that those who make eye contact are telling the truth. Telling lies does not change their physiology. When they’re caught in a lie they are able to alter the storyline to make it appear believable. Their ability to lie with absolute impunity is incredible. Their lies are said to be so potent that most people instinctively trust them. Their lies often advance a goal.
When most people lie, there is usually an observable reason. Typically, something of value has been gained. However, psychopaths will also lie about things that most people wouldn’t waste energy lying about. In other words, they will lie when they stand nothing to gain of apparent value. Researchers suggest that this is because they find it pleasurable. Deceiving people gives them a thrill.
Psychopaths require considerable excitement to keep from becoming bored. So they frequently partake in thrill-seeking, which may cause them to move from relationship to relationship, or to seek new ventures. It also results in risk taking in social, financial, and legal areas, as well as physical risk taking. In addition, psychopaths will attack people simply because they think it is fun.
Special Abilities and Advantages Apparently, due to their deficiencies in certain psychological and moral knowledge, they develop what some researchers describe as special abilities which most normal people do not have. These abilities give them an advantage over most normal people. I’ve categorized these in major areas that include perception, manipulation, attacks, and concealment.
Psychopaths learn to recognize each other at an early age. They develop an awareness of being radically different from those around them. They are better than most normal people at perceiving the intellectual lives of others. They have a special type of insight into the psyche of others, which allows them to read people and size them up very quickly. This includes the detection of any likes, dislikes, motives, needs, weak spots, and vulnerabilities. This information can be instantly used for manipulation.
Their impression management skills allow them to manipulate people. They appear alert, friendly, and easy to talk with. There is nothing noticeably odd about them. They seem to be happy and well-adjusted people. They are usually entertaining and are capable of telling fascinating stories that seem believable. They tend not to be delusional, irrational, anxious, or neurotic. Many are quite likable.
Some psychopaths also have what seem to be excellent communication skills, which are enhanced by their tendency to initiate conversations due to a lack of inhibition. During an initial conversation, their speech is characterized by a type of verbal fluency which flows with ease. Their messages are usually filled with jargon, clichés, and other flamboyant phrases.
These communication skills are more apparent than real because the actual content of their message is minimal. In addition, although their use of words appears to be correct, a closer observation reveals that they are improperly used.
This may not be obvious to a casual observer because people often pay more attention to the way messages are delivered rather than the content. Regardless of the lack of content, the messages are delivered in a confident manner. Other attributes which allow them to manipulate people during conversations include charm, seduction, persuasiveness, and charisma.
They can also instantly adjust their con as the situation changes to suit their plan. They are masters of impression management. When interacting with such an individual, most people would not suspect they were dealing with a psychopath.
However, some of the less intelligent ones are not as smooth. They don’t have the social or communication skills to interact with people. Instead, they rely on threats, coercion, intimidation, and violence to dominate and control others.
Like their true personalities, their attacks are usually concealed, causing emotional and psychological damage. Their special insight into the psyche of others allows them to easily terrorize most normal people.
Because they understand that they are radically different, many of their efforts are geared toward creating a mask of sanity. They go out of their way to appear normal and decent. They are also natural actors. Furthermore, because it is assumed that we all have a conscience; it is almost effortless for psychopaths to conceal themselves.
Researchers who interact with them describe them as social chameleons and invisible human predators. They are able to mask not only who they really are but also their intentions. They can carry on this deception for extended periods.
In addition to these abilities, they posses an ability to lie with complete sincerity; an ability to rationalize any type of behavior in ways that appear convincing; and a lack of human emotions such as love, empathy, and remorse which allow them to carry out their acts. Plus they have an aggressive/assertive personality which allows them to take the initiative in certain environments. Some who are intelligent can also use their mental skills to their advantage.
Their special knowledge, however, loses its influence when normal people learn to understand them. Because the intelligence of normal people is usually superior, normal people can learn to understand how they think and act.
Negative Behavior Dr. Reid Meloy explains in his book The Psychopathic Mind that these characters suffer from a type of unconscious inferiority complex, which is obscured from their conscious self. According to Dr. Meloy, their hatred and envy of those they consider superior is the driving force for their behavior.3
Dr. Lobaczewski similarly suggests that their hyperactive need to achieve power over others is driven by internal anxieties which are a result of their inability to grow. In his book, People of the Lie, Dr. M. Scott Peck arrived at the same conclusion.
These researchers advise that the extreme egotism displayed by these individuals, with all of its traits (e.g. selfishness, entitlement, need for domination and power, perpetual lying, etc.) serves the primary purpose of fooling themselves rather than others. Motivated by these internal anxieties, they pursue goals and engage in battles that normal people would consider impractical, immature, or foolish. Normal people observing their behavior might be perplexed.
When a normal person applies logic within the common worldview to determine why a psychopath has committed an act, they will be baffled. The application of such logic may take the form of statements such as: Why would they do something like that when they have gained nothing? That was foolish. That makes no sense, why would they do that? This type of reasoning is irrelevant when dealing with psychopaths.
Realizing the immaturity of antisocial characters is critical to understanding their behavior. Their chronological age or position in society should not be considered an indication of their maturity level. Some of their absurd acts and goals make perfect sense when you adjust your outlook to view them as being perpetrated by degenerate children.
Attacks/Manipulative Cycling Most psychopaths don’t technically break the law and most never to go prison or mental hospitals. They lead seemingly normal lives by not hurting people in ways that attract attention. Their attacks are usually covert and subtle.
They are typically not held accountable for the physical, emotional, and psychological damage they inflict. Few victims report them to the police due to the shame they feel for being deceived. Although they usually don’t commit crimes, their behavior is a type of crime within the context of natural law.
As one of their special abilities, they can terrorize most normal people, often in covert ways. Just as they are able to mask themselves they can mask their attacks, which are often psychological and emotional. Their subtle arsenal of tactics is designed to place people on the defensive, make them retreat, or submit—all done while being concealed.
Psychopaths need frequent amusement and like to play games with people. Absent any goal, they will deceive and manipulate people because they find it exciting. They feel sadistic pleasure while mocking and controlling others. It offers them a thrill. To them it is fun.
Many psychopaths focus on a single person at a time because it takes much effort to maintain a facade for multiple different people simultaneously. However, some do enjoy the challenge of running multiple deceits. Some are opportunistic and will take advantage of anyone. Others are more patient and wait for what they consider to be the perfect victim. Some enjoy the challenge of attacking confident people, while others prefer the weak and vulnerable.
Some may target groups because members usually subscribe to an ideology which is easy to exploit. As long as they can appear to support these beliefs while in the presence of the group, their true motives won’t be discovered.
As we’ve learned, normal growth resulting from self-reflection is not experienced by psychopaths. Instead, their egos become larger. They do, however, engage in a type of ego maintenance, or what some researchers describe as an attack cycle or manipulative cycling. The manipulative cycling protects and enhances the inflated ego. Drs. Paul Babiak and Robert Hare provide their version of the process which has three phases, including assessment, manipulation, and abandonment.
During the assessment, psychopaths size people up to determine their usefulness as a source of money, power, sex, influence, etc. As they’re determining if a potential target serves a need, they’re also identifying the person’s psychological strengths and weaknesses.
In addition to selecting people to attack for what they can provide, they also select people they perceive as a threat to their survival. In these cases, they’re not looking to obtain anything from the individual, only to beat them into submission. Dr. Martha Stout refers to this motive as existential vengeance. Upon closer inspection, we find that this motive serves another purpose. It offers them the satisfaction of devaluing people they see as better than themselves.
After they have determined that a person will be useful, they use impression management skills consisting of charm and deceit to manipulate the individual in order to gain their trust. While this is happening, they’re making a great first impression. Upon this impression, they create a fictitious character (a mask).
The mask can vary depending on what they’ve determined that the victim needs to see. For instance, they can appear trustworthy, strong, naive, dominant, honest, submissive, or whatever else will allow them to gain someone’s trust.
The other trait which contributes significantly to their success in gaining trust is their ability to lie with utter conviction. They manipulate the potential victim by giving them carefully tailored messages. The feedback from these messages is analyzed and adjusted to build and maintain control. They then exploit from the person whatever they’ve determined to be useful.
Because psychopaths view people as objects, their victims only have value for what they can provide. So, once a person has been used, they are discarded. The abandonment may also happen if they are bored or otherwise just through with the individual. It is usually abrupt.
Worth mentioning again is the tendency for psychopaths to select certain people to attack because they see the psychological destruction of them as essential to their survival. Some specific traits exhibited by those who are identified for such reasons include: those who are morally admirable, classier, better looking, more popular, smarter, more accomplished, etc. Psychopaths are said to derive the most sadistic pleasure mocking, controlling, and humiliating such people.
Dr. Meloy, who describes psychopaths as the embodiment of the hatred of goodness, says that it is their hatred and envy of those they consider better in some way that motivates their behavior. In addition, psychopaths will preemptively attack anybody who they believe has a certain insight into their true nature.
The cycle has been described as a type of purification process for the psychopath. The apparent purpose is to remove value from the targeted person (to devalue them). It appears important to the psychopath that the person is degraded. This devaluation completes the cycle. Most people who are attacked by these characters report feeling drained and bewildered. Some researchers suggest there may even be energy consumption.
Although psychopaths are able to keep up their facade for extended periods of time, there are situations where certain people are able to get a glimpse of their true identity.4 First, astute individuals who are versed in psychology may spot them. In addition, people who are able to observe them over a long period of time will discover them.
Also, it requires much mental energy for them to maintain their masks. They can’t do it constantly. They need to rest. And they usually do this around individuals who they don’t see as a threat or valuable. Such individuals are in a perfect position to provide normal people with critical insight into their true identity.
Worldviews In the following chapters we’ll see that the behavior demonstrated by some influential groups is identical to the procedure for dictatorship creation. To better understand the true nature of what is now occurring, however, some readers may need to slightly alter their worldview. This has already been accomplished to some extent now that we understand that these people exist, and will be expanded upon at this time.
Psychopaths exist in their own world and are able to perceive and function in the other world (the world of the normal people). It has been said that normal people can learn their conceptual language quite well, but psychopaths are never able to accurately understand the worldview of normal people.
Unlike the normal people, however, they are aware that this other world exists. They interact with it daily. And in this other world are the normal people with their silly ideas. While in this other world they must conceal themselves from the normal people who are not aware of their true nature.
They also know that the normal people have these things called emotions which limit their behavior. They understand that they have no such limitations. They see this limitation as a weakness. They also realize how simple it is to terrorize these normal people.
Although they can maneuver in this world, some of it, such as its customs of decency, is incomprehensible to them. The world of the normal community is morally condemning for them. They despise it. They frequently mock and cheat it. Their world has its own laws and customs.
The common worldview of the normal person cannot conceive this other world. But just as someone can learn and use a foreign language with some difficulty, by replacing their common worldview with a modified version, a normal person can learn to comprehend this other world. This does not imply that they fully understand it or approve of it.
A worldview is a kind of world perception that individuals and civilizations use as a guide to mentally orient themselves as they interpret and interact with society. It helps them develop and use knowledge. It includes concepts pertaining to religion, politics, economics, culture, science, values, emotions, and ethics, as well as opinions about what is true and false.
While instincts and other influences affect an individual’s development of a worldview, the family, community, and environment play considerable roles. Worldviews vary according to time, civilization, and race. Despite the minor differences spanning these realms, a single common worldview exists.5 It is a synthesis of the societal concepts of various civilizations and eras. This worldview is useful because it originated from the natural experiences of societies which were relatively civilized.
However, this common worldview is not complete or highly accurate. It contains flaws. For instance, it is not totally accepted, it lacks data from many individual experiences which are essential, and it is not applicable in certain situations.
Our civilization was insufficiently resistant to evil because it develops beyond the commonly perceivable areas of human consciousness. Specifically, within the common worldview there is a significant distance between what is considered proper thought and psychological reality. Another gap exists between legality and morality. Within these chasms evil is born and thrives.
A careful observation of some factual historical and current events, which will be provided in the chapters that follow, will reveal that the common worldview is unrealistic. It is not consistent with objective reality. It is a fantasy.
Psychopaths are completely aware that society is limited by the common worldview. They count on such naivety. Their activities are made possible by such unrealistic views. Protected by the common worldview, they function freely in society, attacking the naive normal people.6
Summary A considerable number of people in our society have no conscience. They exhibit a need to have power over others and seek positions in society which they believe will help them achieve it. They are often successful because of their special abilities which allow them to manipulate most normal people.
They can easily conceal themselves and their intentions. Most of them move freely within society, hidden by the common worldview. They see others as objects to deceive and control. They frequently attack people for no reason other than feelings of sadistic pleasure. Most of their attacks are not illegal.

1 According to some researchers, there is at least an additional 6% of the population who aren't technically psychopaths, but who exhibit antisocial traits. See the book Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work by Paul Babiak, PhD, and Robert D. Hare, PhD.
2 Some researchers suggest that some of them have a conscience but can control it more so than normal people.
3 The theory that psychopaths attack others due to underlying feelings of inferiority is disputed by some.
4 A targeted individual (TI) can provide some insight into how this technology is really used as well as the mind-set of the people who use it. In future notes I'll explain some of my personal experiences as well as my interpretation of the documentation based on these experiences. However, because some of the behavior that I'll be describing is usually relegated to people confined to a certain chronological age group, some readers may have difficulty believing that technology and resources are being used for such purposes. I've noticed that their use of the state's resources to play foolish games is the norm. A rational adult using the common worldview will probably find this inconceivable. Therefore, as part of the worldview adjustment, their value system, as described in their profile, must be considered. For instance, having carried out an act of deception, no matter how small, is a considerable gain for the psychopath. It has value to them. It will be useful to remember that these people require considerable excitement. They like to play games with people and mock them.
5 Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski refers to the common set of societal beliefs which prevent us from comprehending and explaining the beliefs and behavior of psychopaths as the natural worldview. I prefer the term common worldview because I find that it more easily describes the universal nature of these views.
6 Just as the existence of an invisible monster that regularly attacked people in their own towns would justify an enormous effort by world leaders to warn as many people as possible, the existence of what is thought to be a separate species of human beings living in your communities should be considered to be one of the most important issue affecting humanity, particularly because they have been identified as the primary cause of historical atrocities. The naivety of the public regarding this is partially due to the fact that there has been no major effort by the various mental health agencies to warn them. In any normal society such alerts would be issued. There appears to be two primary reasons why this has not occurred. They are usefulness and concealment. Psychopaths serve a purpose. According to Dr. Lobaczewski, these and similar characters are installed in vital positions to help run a system that is controlled from the top by people like themselves. They are also used in the security forces. Dr. Victor Frankl, a man who survived the Auschwitz death camp, provides an account of his experience in his book, Man's Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy. According to him, the Nazis would use sadists as a type of specialized group who would find enjoyment in attacking prisoners in even the smallest ways. When the evidence that has been presented so far is combined with information that we'll be exploring in future chapters, a pattern begins to emerge which suggests that there is a war against the normal people that is directed by the incredibly wealthy psychopaths who run our society. This war is taking place during the transition to a single world government. As we'll learn, some of the interests that built Nazi Germany and Communist Russia are behind this revolution. Psychopaths are considered valuable to them because they are outnumbered by decent people and they understand that there must be a steady supply of them to attack the normal people. Not to say that all psychopaths are in on it. Similar to the normal people, most of them are completely unaware of it. Any type of awareness-raising campaign regarding psychopathy would eventually expose the leaders of our society. They would not allow the mental health system which they run to launch such initiatives. Evidence which shows that the entire mental health industry is controlled from the top by such people will be provided in Volume IV.