Friday, 14 March 2014

Holographic reality

"Did. . .did you just see that?." -- The Matrix

It seems that with every new issue of Scientific American there is a new wave of unnerving information that further confirms the newest suspicions of the Quantum Physics community. Without getting into all the background information, reality boils down to this:
1. There is very little actual matter in the Universe and the little bit there is constantly blips in and out of existence.
2. Reality is primarily comprised of densely compressed information existing on multiple frequency realms.
3. Some of what we "see" with our eyes isn't actually there. Our minds fill in what it thinks should be there.
4. What we consider to be "hard reality" is actually more holographic in nature when examined on the quantum level. The frequency bands that we tune into create interference patterns in our brains that are then visually interpreted to project our physical reality out in front of us. In other words:
Our thoughts really do determine our reality
I already know what you are saying because I've asked all the same questions: "Yeah, this is all really great, but if it's true why can't I materialize a million dollars in cash or mentally will my body to be 20 pounds thinner?" The reason that we can't seem to do much with this fabulous new scientific insight is because our brains are hopelessly landlocked by life experience and cultural conditioning. So while our reality might actually be holographic, a lifetime of rigorous training and negative reinforcement has turned each of us into a leaden lump sunk at the bottom of flowing, pliable, vibrant universe.