Monday, 17 March 2014

What happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight 370?

Meteors, Planes and Flying Objects
It looks like this was some kind of hijacking, but I'll keep this blog piece up because I think that the points made are worth a thought or two on a more general level (15/2/14):
A plane that disappears in this day and age of constant global communication presents a great mystery. Given the lack of a 'May Day' communication from the plane (and today they're saying the plane confirmed everything was all right just minutes before it disappeared), it would appear that there are two possibilities. Firstly, that the plane was instantaneously destroyed - to such an extent that the wreckage is too small and dispersed to have been recoverable.  Secondly, that control of the aircraft was taken over, preventing all communications (e.g. a very well planned and executed hijacking).  

Since no groups have claimed responsibility for a terrorist act - or some kind of hijacking which subsequently led to disaster once the plane had been substantially diverted from its scheduled path - then the instant destruction possibility needs to come from either a natural catastrophic event, or something 'out of left field'. 
A natural event would be a statistically almost impossibly unlikely collision with a meteor.  There are hints from the scant evidence emerging that an unidentified object was picked up on military radar to the west of Malaysia, and that a fiery object was seen in the sky by an observer.  But an impactor from space must be a very remote possibility.
The 'out of left field' zone might include an accidentally launched missile from a warship undergoing manoeuvres (which no country or military in their right mind would admit to).  Controversially, question marks still remain as to whether the TWA 800 flight was brought down by a ground-to-air missile. 
Or could there have been a collision with something else in the sky that simply shouldn't be there?  Like that unidentified object to the west?  One of the things that many Ufologists have pointed out down the years is how many times unidentified physical objects have had dangerous near-misses with airliners which, at the time, scare the hell out of  the pilots, but are then covered up with the usual harrumphing and ridicule.  Perhaps the Malaysian airliner was not fortunate enough to get to that stage in the UFO-encounter process, ending in a collision with foreign technology that was truly catastrophic.  
Just my speculative thoughts, with the greatest of respect to the relatives of those lost who are desperately seeking the truth.  With a rapidly changing story such as this, we might all know the truth soon enough.  But, as things stand, the Malaysian authorities seem absolutely clueless.

Written by Andy Lloyd, 12th May 2014