Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Harmonic 695 and HAARP


There was a kiwi pilot that wrote a book called harmonic 695 in the 1960's. He explains how towers are set up at key points on the planet to form a grid of energy which these "ufo's" use to travel and communicate. He also said the frequencies were being used against populations in key areas to produce ill health mentally and physically. Also he warned that these frequencies could be used to cause earthquakes etc... sound like HAARP. But this was just when they were setting it up in the 60's and the author Bruce Cathie had NZ government backing to investigate this. The prime minister at the time brought the issue up with USA and got stone walled.
Matter can be transferred through this energy grid by breaking it down to frequency and sending it to co-ordinates on the grid, as it manifests or in traveling form the matter looks like an orb of light when broken down to frequency of light, (see bio photons).
Basically it is the total mastery of matter through frequency, tesla was half way there in the 1930's !!
Any way Bruce Cathie found that there was a very large group of highly skilled scientist being pored into this project and countless dollars world wide. It is alien tech built and used in partnership between humans and aliens.
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