Thursday, 16 May 2013

FEMA camps confirmed in Australia

Written by RC Christian   

Not surprisingly, FEMA has also been active for several years now in Australia and the public was never informed by corporate media.
FEMA Camps Activated - Military Authorized to Arrest
A very interesting YouTube Video has documented not just FEMA Camps activity in Australia, but HAARP and Chemtrails in Australia as well.
The video unveils a diagram of the World Power Structure which has been put together from research over the years by numerous individuals.
The FEMA head came to Australia last year to give instructions how to build the detention camps suitable to take Australians who reject the UN global government ‘ take over ‘of the country when this region becomes the ASIAN UNION.
FEMA Camps Confirmed in Australia
Already 850 similar camps are built in America to hold over 40 million when the expected civil unrest begins, which will hold detainees for forced vaccinations and dissidents.
FEMA Camps Confirmed in Australia
The video showed footage related to the bizarre events surrounding the instructions to build the Australian FEMA CAMPS and the conspiracy behind.

Update: Obama Signs Peacetime/War Preparation Martial Law Order

Full Story and Videos: FEMA Camps Confirmed in Australia

Meanwhile in in the U.S., FEMA has put in requests for millions of packets of food, blankets, water, and fuel specifically for the gulf region.
FEMA has issued multiple requests for Information in regards to the availability of 140 million packets of food specifically for a disaster in the New Madrid Fault System. Usually, this will be perceived as disinformation but the very situation is heavily documented.
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