Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chemtrails in plain sight.

The climate “scientists” still have their collective heads buried in the sand. The article below is laughable and tragic at the same time. It is absolutely astounding how the so called “experts” grab at straws to try and explain the unexpected slowdown in the planetary warming. Do they never look up, ever? This would seem to be the case as the ongoing global geoengineering assault goes completely unnoticed by the vast majority.
The planet is virtually encased in a cocoon of highly toxic reflective metals. “Global dimming” is now fully 22% or more, available science backs this up, not to mention what we can see with our own eyes. Blue skies are now very seldom seen thanks to the constant spraying. Of course the “scientists” have never attempted to acknowledge this elephant in the room.
Now lets add constant chemical ice nucleation of clouds and storm systems to the mix. This process is artificially cooling air masses. Chemical nucleation now appears to be the norm for much of the spraying going on. (google “geoengineered snow storms) The parade of geoengineered snow storms which has occured this winter/spring in the US is almost beyond belief. Don’t people realize is should not snow at temperatures well above freezing which is now often the rule?
HAARP’s manipulation of the jet stream must also be added to the equation. The jet stream patterns are now regularly extreme beyond any historical norms.
Finally, lets consider that much of the temperature reporting is just plain being falsified. In Northern California the temperatures officially reported for any given day are as a rule 3, 4, or even 5 degrees below what actually occurred for the daily high. This appears to be occurring across the US and perhaps throughout the entire global weather monitoring network. What has this done to the equation?
Global stratospheric aerosol geoengineering could not be a more obvious reality yet it still remains completely invisible to almost all of academia and much of the public at large.  Though the most intense spraying has been in the last decade plus, according to available data, these atmospheric experiments have been going on for over sixty years. The effect these programs have had on the climate is horrific and ongoing, and unquantifiable. The constant spraying of sun blocking and ice nucleating materials does indeed cool the planet down, but this cool down has come at an unimaginable cost. We are now completely painted into a corner. The more they spray, the more they seem to feel they have to spray in order to hide the ever increasing atmosheric and climate damage done by the spraying to begin with. In the meantime, every living organism is being poisoned, quite literally.
Though most of us feel considerable disgust for Al Gore and people like him, we must not “throw the baby out with the bath water” in regard to our sense of reason and our conclusions. The planet is warming, this warming is increasing rapidly, and geoengineering is likely the single greatest overall causal factor in fueling the fire. Geoengineering is the “Corexit” cure for planet Earth. Their philosophy? Hide the problem at any cost, even life on Earth.Though the spraying/HAARP programs do help to hide the extent of climate damage for a time, the same programs are likely the largest single cause for the climate disintigration and fluctuation unfolding around us.
Every day they continue to spray our collective horizon grows darker.
The article below is worth reading as it makes clear the depth of geoengneering denial and coverup.
Its up to all of us to bring the dire issue of geoengineering to light.
Dane Wigington