Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Amanda Berry & Gina DeJesus Found Alive

There is more going on than we know but if you read between the lines you uncover a massive global secret so evil that we can never accept it is true.

Notice that bike gang member in the background? He turns to make sure the camera picks up the patch on his back and there are other gang members in the crowd. The rescuer is suspiciously good on camera. His body language says he knows the biker and is seeking confirmation from him at one point. he also says the perpetrator "tinkers with motor cycles" and has BBQ'd with him...

My theory; 

The neighbors knew all along and most of them have gang connections.
The girls were gang controlled "assets" pimped out for ritual abuse.
The story we are seeing is pre planned in event of escape. The "rescuer" lived next door employed by the gang as a minder. Civilians witnessed the escape and may have called police so "rescuer" runs in and puts the plan in action. The perpetrator is isolated as an individual acting alone. Girls will have pre planned stories also which they stick to in fear their programmers.  

Peace and love to those girls.

To understand how common ritual abuse is in our society please read the following. I warn you here that there is explicit detail and this will effect you emotionally.

Major themes of ritual abuse victimization

1. Ritual abuse cults/groups can be both intergenerational and extra-familial
2. Child victims are forced into a group bonding process often with the cooperation of their family and forced to take vows and oaths of secrecy
3. Programming triggers are indoctrinated into survivors when they are children,
4. Victims are subjected to mind-control programming using hypnosis, mind-altering drugging, and the implantation of trigger messages to prevent them from disclosing their ritual abuse ordeals
5. Torture—long-term and repeated—pain, deprivation, death threats, harassment, and intimidation is used on young victims
6. Victims are forced to violate others
7. Survivors speak of the profits ritual abuse torturers earned from filming or videotaping the violence, from the forced prostitution of victims, and from drug trafficking
8. Active cult members continue to threaten and harm adult survivors in a multitude of ways in order to force them to remain silent, most are threatened with death should they disclose their ritual abuse, and many have seen those who threaten them murder others and thus their fears are justified
9. Perpetrators engage in organised efforts to discount the survivors disclosure of their ritual abuse-torture ordeals
10. All survivors tell of extreme difficulties in finding any useful therapeutic help
11. Ignorance of medical staff often put some survivors at risk of Self injury
12. Helpers of survivors are also targets of organized efforts by perpetrators needing to discount and discredit the helper’s work with survivors of ritual abuse. Helpers must also deal with discreditation, denial, and disbelief from peers and the medical community, and may helpers reluctantly stop working with survivors because of these acts of harassment and oppression, and/or because of burnout and/or impossible practice conditions... source

Why is it so hard to accept?

It is incredibly hard for many people to accept or believe that ritual abuse happens because to do so would be tantamount to accepting the unacceptable and believing in the unbelievable. To believe that ritual abuse actually happens also means the complete destruction of a persons world view which can result in inner conflict as the mind struggles to make sense of a different and opposing reality to what the person believes goes on in the world.... source