Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Zionism and other tools of division

Zionism is not necessarily jewish. Its another rabbit in the hat when  "the powers that be" wish to stir up emotion. Its just another fold in the veil of illusion. Every thing that seeks to further divide humanity works in the favour of the 1% of the population that seek to control the other 99%. They have no recognisable morals and no sense of nationality. They see us as cattle and laugh when we do their bidding without realising. They own everything you watch and everything you read, they rewrite history. These groups and families are generations upon generations old reaching right back to the beginning of known history. They control education they withhold technology and construct cultural trends. They orchestrate conflict between factions such as jews moslems, christians. They create groups and set them against each other so they can profit from the conflict. Metaphorically, we are in the matrix. The only way to stop them is to unite and refuse to participate in unjust systems and personal ways of thinking that effect fellow humans negatively.  Love basically.
All conflict and division serves "them".
beware anything that seeks to cause division and beware movies as they work on us at an subconscious level. All emotions are biochemical reactions. Images coupled with information takes us on a biochemical/emotional journey which over rides our logic and sets patterns of belief deep in us without us being aware. It would take a long time to explain this and if you read this far your probably overwhelmed, (or Bored), anyway.