Monday, 3 February 2014

Does the photon belt exist?

 by Chwie

Gravity can bend the light and in theory is plausible to have a close orbit of light (photon belt) now the gravitational potential needed for that is absurdly huge and the mass of the body that will create that potential also is absurdly huge (probably will need to be a black hole). The second thing that we need to check if the orbit will be stable and the likely of that being the case is really low.

In physics is well know that only two types of potential can produce stable closed orbits and that potentials are the 1/r^2 potential (gravity and EM force) and the r^2 potential (harmonic oscillator). The reason that we have stable orbits is because the force of gravity that the earth feels is approximated a 1/r^2 potential, if that was not the case then the earth at any moment could move out of the solar system.

My point the conditions for the photon belt are really limited and for that reason most of the people will say that they do not exist. That do not mean that they do not exist, but the likely is really, really low. As a scientist I will not look for it.

Why are you concluding that there is a connecting between this video and the photon belt? I do not see the connection or maybe we have a different definition of what a photon belt is.