Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vast ancient tunnel network could be global

(Forgive the poor translation of this article, Dan)

For a long time, evidence of the existence of a mysterious underground world, having hidden from technology, disregarded, but recently scientists have confirmed this conjecture. NASA studies with French scientists have revealed huge underground galleries extending around the world – in the Altai, Urals, Perm region, in the Tien Shan in the border between China and Kyrgyzstan, in the Sahara desert, and even in South America . And it’s not about the archaeological discoveries of cities that once existed on the surface of the earth, namely, underground tunnels and facilities. As these buildings were erected, a scientist known. Obviously, this is about the technologies that we have not known.
Our contemporary researcher from Poland Jan Paenk argues that the whole earth is penetrated network of tunnels that have one thing in common distinguishing characteristic – the edges are so smooth and even that resemble glass, but they are made of rock and incredibly durable. Ian Paenk results also evidence the miner, who told him that one day, while laying the mines they came a full two similar tunnel, but on the orders of his superiors, they were quickly concreted. Ian Paenk believes that tunnels are not only on land, but under water – under the seas and oceans, connecting continents together.
These tunnels were found in Ecuador, South Australia, USA, New Zealand. These are vertical wells to a depth of several hundred meters, which have the same “reflow” the surface, as are the tunnels. Wells, as well as tunnels, are found on different continents.
Metal library in Ecuador
For example, in South America, the study of mysterious tunnels engaged ethnologist Argentinean Juan Moritz. He first studied and even mapped the tunnel system, found in the province of Morona Santiago. Log underground hacked into the rock and leads down to a depth of 240 meters. At different levels is the site, which runs strictly rectangular tunnels, turning at right angles. In general, their length of hundreds of kilometers, and they are like a maze. Within the walls there are vents that work to this day and are strictly periodic. The surface of the walls and ceilings smooth, as if polished.
Sometimes the tunnels turn into giant halls, one of which found ethnologist furniture! The furniture was made of a material that looked like plastic – it was something like a throne, and seven chairs. In addition, were discovered gold animal figurines, metal plates, some of them were depicted astronomical symbols and space travel. Moritz claimed also found in one of the rooms of a huge metal library.
In 1976, a joint Ecuadorian-British expedition in these dungeons, but no findings has not been made, and certainly not found the library. The only thing that was found – this burial, dated 1500 BC. e. Suggest that for some reason Moritz deliberately took the expedition is not there.
Erich von Daniken – Swiss writer and film director, ufologist, author of the famous book “Chariots of the Gods” claimed to have seen in the Ecuadorian underground tunnels with metal giant library books. Entrance to the cave, he said, is located in the cave Cueva de los Teyos, which was discovered during an expedition in 1969. Daniken after Moritz claims that underground world stretches across the globe, and the library is where you are now living wild Indian tribes.
However, in this story between Maurice and Denikenom who allegedly saw the library, there are many contradictions and oddities. Däniken claimed that the entrance to the library showed him Moritz Moritz while he denied it. In an interview in 1973, Moritz claimed that the tunnel entrance is guarded Indian tribe. In this regard, there are many guesses and assumptions that Moritz has been linked by some vow of silence for the right of access to the underworld.
Originally Moritz entrance to the underground world has shown a Petronio Jaramillo, who traveled there with his father in the middle of the 20th century. The mystery of the tunnels he was given the Indians, with whom was a friend of his father. His stories are superior to all the most fantastic suggestions. Make metal books from caves Jaramillo could not, because, according to him, they were too heavy. Photos and drawings he did, and in 90 years, was killed.
Volga region, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Sakhalin
In the Volgograd and Saratov regions is known anomalous zone – old chain of hills called “Medveditskaya ridge.” About this among ufologists and locals walking many rumors. There are many times recorded UFO fireballs. One of the rumors are connected with underground tunnels, which are very similar to the description of the Ecuadorian tunnels – absolutely straight cave, smooth walls, the large size, diameter – 20 meters. Talk about it, local old-timers. In the 1980s, in Medveditskaia ridge disappeared a pond, and it could not refill because the water goes somewhere under the ground. For a long time the entrance to the cave to be found. Finally, the researchers luck, and in the end they have mapped the underground tunnels near Medveditskaia ridge. Tunnels aground oval or round shape, were perfectly straight, expanded and moved into the large room, from which branches into several directions.
In Crimea, a mountain range cavers Ai-Petri huge empty space, were also discovered tunnels between the Crimea and the Caucasus. UFO in the Caucasus have confirmed that there are opposite Mount Arus tunnels that lead to the Crimea and stretch up to the Volga region. In addition, in the Caucasus near Gelendzhik researchers examined the long pit depth of about 100 meters, leading to the ground. Tunnel walls smooth, smooth. Scientists came to the conclusion that they were both thermal and mechanical treatment, the nature of which is unknown. In the mine recorded strong radiation.
It turns out that about tunnels known in Soviet times, but then the information on them was classified. In the 90 years one of the scientific workers, who participated in the construction of a tunnel through the Tatar Strait from Sakhalin Island, said that the tunnel is not built so much as restoring that which has existed there. This tunnel was very old and was built quite competently, with the geological knowledge, there were found strange mechanisms and other findings that and disappeared into the bowels of the security services.
Poland and Slovenia
On the border of Slovenia and Poland there Tatras mountain range Beskids. One of these mountains – Babia mountain height 1725 m – the local people has a special reputation. Locals talk about the tunnels, which begin at the mountain. You guessed it, the description of these tunnels coincide with descriptions Ecuadorian and Crimean underground passages. Large diameter, smooth polished walls that almost shine straight ahead direction, spacious rooms that branch out further into several tunnels. According to a local resident named Vincent, who traveled on these tunnels with their father, they are in different countries – Germany, Britain, Russia, and even in America.
Researchers agree that there is a single underground network of tunnels, which takes place even under the oceans and brings together all the continents. Tunnels have such large diameters that there could easily drive even the train. Is it possible there is some kind of an underground civilization that lived on this planet before us? And is it possible that its members live there now?