Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why men stare at goats

A Viewer’s Guide to Goats
John B. Alexander, Ph.D.
U.S. Army (retired)

The movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, is based on a book of the same title.  While listed as nonfiction, the facts were extrapolated almost beyond recognition.  The people in the book were listed by their real names.  I was named many times.

While some Special Forces units experimented with various techniques, the vast majority of the incidents came from one of two other sources.  Formal psi research programs were conducted in the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).  There was also a unique think tank called Task Force Delta at Headquarters Department of the Army and later at the Army War College. Delta was arguably the most innovative organization in the world. With support of senior leadership, we were consciously pushing the envelope. It should be noted that all of the explorations undertaken were done based on solid rationale.

Facts and Fiction
-          The First Earth Battalion (1EB) was created by Lt. Col. Jim Channon, a brilliant imaginer and artist. He literally owns the First Earth Battalion concept.
-          The 1EB was never an authorized military unit of the U.S. Army
-          The 1EB was a notional concept that encouraged/allowed people to think innovatively, yet within a military construct
-          The New Earth Battalion is a movie version of 1EB
-          Most of the movie characters are based on real people – though some are composites
-          The Kevin Spacey character seems to be made up for movie purposes
-          Senior officer with ponytail (Jeff Bridges) NOT REAL
-          Remote Viewing – REAL- and was a 20 year official program
-          Use of Remote Viewing in Gen Dozier kidnapping by Red Brigade - REAL
-          Concern about Soviet psychic research – REAL
-          JEDI projects – REAL – but ad hoc (I had one of them with multi-agencies)
-          Spoon bending – REAL – was taught to hundreds
-          Cloud busting –REAL – though never as fast as done by Clooney
-          Computer crashing – REAL – incident did happen
-          Fire walking -REAL
-          New Age exploration – REAL
-          Running into walls – NOT REAL (is the opening scene of the movie)
-          Use of LSD – not only NO, BUT HELL NO
-          Hamster staring –ATTEMPTED  - by Guy Savelli (a civilian martial artist)
-          Goat Lab – REAL – used to train medics
-          Goats – Hit by martial artists – It did die hours later
-          Goats – Staring – no credible evidence to support this allegation
-          Dim mak – PROBABLY REAL – supported by physical evidence
-          References to a hollow army –REAL – post Vietnam was a traumatic period

“If everything you’re attempting is successful, you are nowhere close to the edge!”