Monday, 25 March 2013

What is wrong with the world.

And the plan they devised about me [the Revealer], to release their error and absurdity - I did not succumb to them as they had planned.”
NHC VII, 2, 55.10
The moral illusion of the Archons is about "authority."
Since they may be called Authorities or Rulers, this illusion applies to their own nature. In other words, they enforce the illusion of their nature to execute their effect upon humanity. They lie to enforce the deception about what they actually are: mindless drones propelled by a mix of envy and enmity.
As they have no agenda, absurdity becomes the endgame tactic, the signature of the ultimate reach of their exertions against the Anthropos.

The supreme moral illusion confronting humanity operates like this: those who falsely assume authority over others demand obedience to their commands on the claim that disobedience would result in social chaos and anarchy. They claim to preserve social and moral order by rules and constraints imposed and maintained by sheer brutal force.
The self-assumed authorities propagate the belief that human beings, left to their own impulses, would produce a world of disorder, conflict, and chaos. We are all potential terrorists in the mind of the Authorities. In our natural state of freedom and autonomy, we are dangerous to ourselves and must be curbed, leashed, and protected by a higher power.
In short, the self-declared authorities claim to save humanity from the chaotic or anarchistic tendencies of human nature.

They want us to believe that left alone, without their domination, we would create a world of social chaos. In reality, day-to-day evidence shows that they deceptively orchestrate chaos to maintain their attempt to control the world. More and more often they do so to the point of theatrical absurdity that would produce guffaws of ridicule performed on a stage before an audience.
Yet it passes for normal.
TSA patdown of a child suspected of terrorism.
An example of the extreme absurdity of the Authorities "at the consummation of their works."
Unfortunately, absurd behavior of this kind is an act of violation.
It can also be murderous.
Psyched-up and granted legitimacy by the authorities,
the R Complex makes people act inhumanly.
The lie about the self-endangering nature of human impulses is deeply insidious.