Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dont drink the water !

A Special Message

To The People Of Australia

The time has come for the people of Australia to know the TRUTH 
About the substance known as Fluoride that is added to your household water supply as a Safe and Effective Antidote to prevent tooth decay. The fluoride substance is not a natural or organic element of calcium fluoride as the people have been led to believe.
The substance referred to as Fluoride, is  either, the highly toxic S6 Poisonous (Fluorosilic Acid [H2SiF6] aluminium smelter waste or according to Queensland Health, they import DiSodium Hexafluorosilicate [Na2SiF6.] phosphate fertiliser waste containing Arsenic, Mercury, Barium, Lead, Beryllium, Polonium and other heavy metals.
Both are among the most dangerous compounds of chemicals known to mankind, added as a medication without your understanding or consent. These toxic products kill everything – People, Animals, Wildlife and the Environment.

Water Fluoridation Confirmed As A Medication
Medical Ethics expert Dr David Shaw, Lecturer in Ethics in Dentistry at Glasgow University, concludes that the practice of water fluoridation in the UK relies entirely on ‘the legal fiction’ that it is not a medicine. This new analysis provides expert confirmation that fluoridated water must now be subject to regulation under the strict provisions of the Medicines Act Read Article.
Irish Fluoridation Fraud Unmasked in Donegal Radio Show.
December 21, 2012
One of Ireland’s leading promoters of fluoridating drinking water, principal dental surgeon Dr Joe Mullen, was forced by top radio host Shaun Doherty to admit that the chemical added to Irish tap water is not , as he first told radio listeners, simply calcium and fluoride. He later admitted that it is indeed an industrial waste fluorosilicate from processing fluorspar in Spain. Shaun Doherty had opened the debate by reading from an email from a Donegal listener stating that the chemical is in fact an industrial waste from phosphate production and therefore totally unsafe in drinking water. Read Article.

Article 174 of the TREATY OF EUROPE mandates that Community policy on the environment must contribute to the preservation, protection and improvement of the quality of the environment, the protection of human health and the prudent and rational utilisation of natural resources based on the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE.    
Here is my latest report with 163 references showing how mortality rates increased in Ireland by 80% after commencement of Water Fluoridation when mortality rates were falling by 2% per annum in other developed countries at the same time. Please use this report for your communities to stop this crime against humanity." ~Declan Waugh  Click here to read full report: