Monday, 25 March 2013

Syrian President Shot.

Arab media sources confirmed press reports that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was on Saturday evening for serious injury after suffering a shots fired by a member of his personal guard. 

Conflicting reports about the injury Bashar Assad gunshot fired by his bodyguards and system denies
The sources said that President Assad was transferred to Shami Hospital in Damascus, suffering from wounds and described it as very serious, and he is fighting for his life there, while the Syrian army has closed all roads leading to the hospital. Even the meantime there has been no official statement by the system, while sources close to him denied what was in the news altogether, noting that the president was in good health and high spirits, and will deliver a keynote speech in the coming days.
The MSM is not reporting on this as of yet.  I'm assuming because its unconfirmed.  If true, it would be a huge blow to the government side. -Mort