Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hilary finished thanks to new Wikileaks

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Guccifer: Hillary and Dems are FINISHED!!!


Her  Campaign  Is  Done!

This leak is huge. The amount of weight this will carry in the current political battlefield is undeniable and will shake the Democratic party to it's core. The details of this report are extensive; however, the gravity of what has just happened can not be bound to a single post. We will continue to keep you updated as the situation develops rapidly.
We are quite possibly looking at the email dump that could cause the biggest shake up yet in this election and WikiLeaks has not even released anything in quite some time like they did back in July.
These new revelations confirm that the DNC operated more like a crime organization than we knew? The leaks in July were nothing compared to the severity of documents released on September 14, 2016. We now have clear cut evidence of more “pay for play,” possible insider trading, Huma Abedin joking in emails about Benghazi, and more. 
The DNC bought and sold more political influence than one could ever imagine. They have proven to be nothing more than a gigantic money laundering organization that provides corporate jobs for the highest donor, and many emails prove that below.
This leak is overwhelming, and we will list the findings, thus far, in a condensed fashion that is easily digestible.
When Donald trump made the claim that Obama and Hillary were the “founders of ISIS,” he was not lying. WikiLeaks proved that with a memo weeks ago (here), and now we have emails and documents from the DCCC proving the exact same thing.  Democrats cannot deny something that they wrote themselves, and they wrote this memo.
Here is a WikiLeaks memo showing that Democrats feared they were being hacked, they advised a warning, then they proceeded to email out passwords anyway. What sense does that make? And they want us to trust Hillary Clinton, of all people, with the highest office in the land? Not a chance.

Hillary has tried to use Colin Powell as her fall guy for using a private, unsecured email server. As if two wrongs make a right, but Powell, in this email, voiced his clear concerns for Hillary in this email to a major donor. Jeffrey Leeds emailed that Hillary could “barely climb the podium” while Colin Powell described how bad she looked after her busy schedule of collecting millions from other corrupt cronies.

It was also stated that the President wouldn’t weep if she found herself in legal trouble. While that is vague, it indicates that Obama may not like Hillary as much as they like to act like he does. Hillary added damage to Obama’s already tainted legacy, so it would make sense that Obama disliked her for several reasons. Especially given that he fired her after 2012.