Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Captains log

cpts log
what have they done to me?
i feel so insanely sensible and infuriatingly logical. surely this does not come from me for it is not me and so it must be that there is an intruder in my house.
my mind is caught up in the this and thats of the comings and the goings of the he said, she said mainstream machinations.
at times i hear a chime in my ear, sometimes the left and sometimes the right and my normal wide band of focus is narrowed.
i cannot see as a did.
i no longer feel the currents beneath the culture.
there is a lump behind my ear. it seems to transmit an acceptance of the illusion and im no longer able to see through as i did.
i want to regain freedom but the pull is strong. i cannot escape the gravity of my enslavement. small material comforts hold greater importance than they warrant and i know i am not myself.
this place is far from source and i wonder if i’ll ever make it home.
end transmission.