Monday, 18 January 2016

so what does it all mean?

Voyages of a self-made enterprise.

Cpt’s log…Maybe we can outgrow them, the elites. Perhaps at some point there will be enough cats amongst us that herding becomes impossible…? It’s obvious the collective seed is a completely different genus to the individual seed so I think we all can drop that burden.
A simple no will suffice in regards to having the elitist will imposed upon us but of course that means we cannot play with their toys. Their toys are so good it’s hard to germinate detachment.
Look at this lovely toy I’m typing on that is irradiating me as I do. Will I miss it?
Without it I am unable to communicate with fellow fringe dwellers nor am I able to show strangers how clever and well read I am instantly.
Could I possibly live without access to whatever info I need to back my ontology regardless of whatever that ontology may be at any given time?
When I rage against the machine am I feeding it?
Faith in a god remedies all conjecture apart from absolute freedom. Is it truely freedom if that freedom is granted? Would that not be a favour rather than a right? Perhaps the only true freedom is that which is acquired through determined individualism.
We have been cultivating relations with the local bird population. Today a magpie ate from my hand and sang.
The material experience is truly wondrous.
… End transmission.