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Upsurge in conspiracy believers

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
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Written by The Informed Aussie
  Globalist Report

 Internationally, acceptance of the New World Order as a reality is becoming increasingly visible. No longer is the New World Order considered a conspiracy theory, but rather a reality that the global political paradigms have changed.
On the one hand, conspiracy theory belief is on the upsurge in America and around the world, and conspiracy beliefs are becoming increasingly main-stream. On the other hand, many of these so-called conspiracy theories have become a reality. In 2012, it is not just a few paranoid internet nerds that believe these theories, but rather we have seen a growth in the alternative media realm that now provides its audience with alternative news, views and opinions that the main stream media would never dare present.
A prime example of how the agenda of the alternative media has become reality over the globalist backed main-stream media can be demonstrated from an article that was recently posted on Alex Jones’ prison planet website (one of the world most popular alternative media outlets). The story reported that a U.S. Army manual that describes how “political activists,” including American citizens are to be detained and held in concentration camps was leaked. The document that was leaked even goes as far as to describe how American citizens are to be indoctrinated in re-education / concentration camps using forced labour and separating political prisoners by confining them in isolation.
Although it can be argued that the service the alternative media provides the global community is invaluable and definitely offers us all an alternative opinion on events not covered by the globalist backed main-stream media, it must be noted that the rhetoric of conspiracy theorists is becoming increasingly confrontational. This environment not only holds the potential for violence but is also making it increasingly difficult for ordinary people to accept the message of the alternative media (of which we all need to balance out the clouded main-stream media lies).
The belief in what were once conspiracy theories, like the New World Order, have not diminished but rather flourished because these concepts have been swept from the realms of myth to reality via the alternative media. The reduction of civil liberties since the attacks on September 11 has generated hostility towards the government and has spurred the belief in a conspiracy that will strip Americans of their civil rights and freedom. Both of these conditions would need to be addressed if the New World Order theory is to become unappealing.
Conspiracy theory logic must be confronted when it is advanced by politicians. Those who use such theories to gain political capital should be held to account for the spread of these ideas. Elected officials who make conspiracy claims should be challenged by the media and other political actors to discourage the legitimizing of conspiracy theories and to validate those conspiracy theories that are true
So what is one risk we all face due to the tussle between the mainstream media and alternative media? I think the greatest risk we all face is the scenario were one media outlet (media type) overtakes the other,  and we end up in the same position we all were in 15 years ago. If Alternative media outlets destroy the mainstream media, then the information we receive would be just as tarnished to the extent as if the alternative media never existed.
It’s the balance of the news and information we receive from both the mainstream media and alternative media that enables everyone to experience different views and opinions about current and future events.