Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tips for new players

... A big part of this journey is discerning disinformation. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and its best not to invest too much in any one belief apart from believing in your own innate sense of right and wrong. This will protect your free will which is the only thing that is truly valuable, The "illuminati" amongst others know this and seek to ensnare and control free will because it is the true currency.
Goodness and decency are not the sole dominion of religion you are born "nice". As a species we evolved through co operation not "survival of the fittest" and we are not "born of sin" we are born to co-operate and be friendly as the best means of survival and advancement of the species.  No external system of belief has value other than as a beacon to which free will gathers around. Popular culture and religion are the hunting grounds of the elites. It is where people are most willing to hand over their free will and enter into contracts they have no knowledge of.
The Illuminati are a very small part of the picture. You will find that we are all conditioned to ridicule certain ideas and these ideas are exactly the ones that should be taken seriously.
Good Luck