Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I know why trump will be president

By dan

i just watched "left behind. World at war." That was very disturbing.
If God wrote the script for this shit I can only say he hasn't improved any since the bible. What an unloved bucket of crap this cinema folly is.
It does serve well as insight into the state of American Christianity, aka; the great white jihadists.
And what about this God of theirs? That is a violent son of bitch. The gnostic were onto something when they decided that whatever this entity was it was not God. They called him balboath, King of the archons and unwanted bastard child of the aeon Sophia. It's all very Tolkien.
Bloods drips from every page of the Old Testament and the insidious new wasn't never even meant to make sense because that's how much respect "God" has for these new Christians.
They do know that they are not his chosen people yet they still hang around hoping that one day the leader of the cool kids will pay them some attention. Odd.
Also odd is this whole "if it be gods will" thing because I was under the impression that God, (from here I'm going to refer to this entity as gog cause typing God all the time gets spooky.), gave humans free will yet that will had to be given over to gogs will under threat of pestilence, apocalypse and flocks of murderous birds, (or was that Hitchcock?).
(Am I using these bracket things right? I would do this by video but the fascist telco charges too much for data.) where was I...
Trump will be president because Americans are predominantly fundamentalist Christian dumbfucks.
No not really. I'm still a little off centre from watching "left behind."
Ok so here is the connection.
Trump will be president because these weird white jihadists want him to bring on the apocalypse so they can win favour with gog for smacking down the devil, who is Russian of course, and maybe then he will like them as much as he like the Jews.
To make all this happen first they feint one way and go the other by favouring US alliance with China and Russian, abolishing NATO and UN and creating "global community" which Putin fronts.
The Vatican is shot into space with its inhabitants, minus any small boys they hid in luggage.
Holywood city replaces it as the spiritual centre of the planet, located in Colorado and run by reptilian high priests that hide small boys in their luggage...
After years of being ignored North Korea sets itself on fire and runs through the streets of South Korea screaming "You never loved me!" Sadly surviving only to live isolated within an oxygen tent and gel bath.
Trump will be lose leadership of global community to Putin and during the process of world wide disarmament the White jihadist spark ww3 having held back a massive armoury to kill all the non Christians before the non Christians can poison the bibles with Ebola.2, gog told them they would do that.
This was supposed to happen with Obama but they just couldn't get that prick off the couch.
So trump having done his duty as a gimp and a douche bag escapes to Mexico disguised as a bald evangelical but is recognised when trying to fashion road kill into a hairpiece. The Mexicans take pity on him and give him a job in the sanitation department.
Viva la revolution