Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Barrett Brown killed my dreams

By Dan

This man has stolen all my most noble revolutionary aspirations and squashed my most intimate fantasy of infamy.
All that comes after shall now be "in the style of" or worse still relegated to a genre.
What the hell have I been doing all these years? Copy and pasted a few articles and filled up notebooks full of introspective trash, smoked a lot of dope and shouted "ups yours" to the system at every opportunity. I have a lot of fines but nothing else that even eludes to the grand delusions I had of being a player in the downfall of our fascist scum overlords.
I'm just not clever enough.
Barrett Brown however is and what's more the bastard is funny.
At first read I was happy to find a talented gonzo journalist i could really get into like when I first read Hunter S Thompson but as I read on through a stack of his articles it became clear that this was no gonzo revival. This guy, Barrett Brown, who incidentally probably hates the way I murder English    is making his own news by sticking it to "the man" and then having the audacity to report to the masses just how "the man" reacts to said sticking.
Hunter S joined the satanic reptiles in return for an endless supply of young witches, pure Colombian and depleted uranium ammo. So fuck him.
He has inspired me though, Barret I mean not Hunter S fuck him, and so this is where we are at. I'm writing this crap because Barrett Brown has forced me to reassess my former fantasies and take a good long hard look at myself and ask what, if anything I've achieved for the cause. None of this soul searching and self reprisal shall be inflicted on you here though as I'm just not that mean spirited, today.

That bloody stylish Assange also make me feel so bloody infererior. I'd love to be locked up in an embassy with the evil doers at the door as the hero of the literate minority or locked up for corporate embarrassment with the support of the literate minority but alas I'm not clever enough. As far as clever goes i am smart enough to know that it's tough for these people and shiploads of other revolutionaries locked up around the planet, taking it for the team.
Lets take a moment and give respect to those of us who made it off the couch.
If I can shake off the apathy for any length of time I will be writing a stern letter to the powers that be . Already I have decided that at some point in the letter it will say "... And therefore, sir, you are an ass."
"Death to fascist insect that preys on the life of the people!".
Symbionese Liberation Army.