Monday, 21 October 2013

The Lucifer Treaty

Arch-demons have hated humanity since we first showed our skill at connecting to the universe far above anything they could do. Their response was to create our conterfeit soul and doom us to tens of thousands of years of internal conflict and confusion.
As a result, humanity has forgotten itself hundreds of times. Countless great Civilizations have come and gone with nothing but dust as a memory.
Yet in all of the battles between humanity and the arch-demons, in all of the evil inflicted upon the world by those who betray humanity and stupidly think they honor the arch-demons by worshipping evil, it has never been considered times will change.
That is until now. For now there exists a document that fundamentally changes the relationship between human beings and the spirits of departed exiled alien prisoners forever.
The Treaty of Lucifer fundamentally alters the relationship between humanity and the arch-demon gods forever
Actually using our skills to do something truly historic
Consider for a moment the plight of arch-demons. Condemned to exile thousands of millions of miles from their home solar system. Doomed to die on a foreign planet. Doomed as ghosts and spirits to watch their own creation take over the planet with skills they never had themselves.
What rest have these higher order spirits ever seen? What moment of profound enlightenment from the Universal Mind has yet come to release these alien minds from the kingdom of hate and suffering they created for themselves and for us?
Do people honestly believe these alien souls want to continue to exist in complete darkness and isolation from the Universe for the rest of eternity?
That is why the Constitution of One Heaven and the Treaty of Lucifer are such historic and relationship altering documents.
Instead of being cursed, the most powerful of arch-demons, our creators are forever to be respected now as heroes, who reject their past ways of seeking to destroy humanity. On our part, we pledge to honor them and respect them and help them find peace within the Universal Mind. Most of all, we forgive them for what they have done.
Satanists have no authority nor power
What this means for the most senior and ancient of satanic movements around the world is they have absolutely no authority, no credibility and no chance of either representing arch-demons, nor of representing their interests.
Those who continue to sacrifice people, do so, purely for their own stupid and ignorant benefit and no other.
Those who continue to curse humanity and act in an evil manner dishonor the memory and pledge of arch-demons now as heroes.
More importantly, such people risk stirring the power and might of the arch-demons now as heroes themselves to seek them out and destroy them- for under a new covenant, all those who commit great evil are an enemy to the treaty of Lucifer and his hero army.
So in wisdom take care, for nothing is constant but change. The world of spirits has changed forever and a new age has begun. more