Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chemtrails Geoengineering: The answer

"A lot of people have been wondering why jets are releasing chemicals into the atmosphere, visible as `chem trails` and this has stoked a lot of conspiracy theories but a plausible answer has been lacking."  Mathba

Is man messing up life on this planet? Yes. Is the world in a mess? Yes. Is it getting worse? Yes. So what is the role of "chem trails" in all of this?

People are not asking the right questions. This article will help to steer questions in the right direction so that the answer can be found.

More than 2,200 nuclear explosions this past century have taken place, mostly in the northern hemisphere. USA, Britain, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, are some of those who have released huge amounts of nuclear radiation in test and accidents. This alone has poisoned much of the air, land and water.

The world's worst ever man made disaster has been continuously unfolding since early 2011: Fukushima. This was far worse than most nuclear disasters in part because of the MOX used to fuel the plant. The damage to the ocean is incalculable and will last thousands, even millions of years, as will the damage to the atmosphere.

One of the largest cover-ups by governments and their lazy, sleepy misguided institutions, as well as the public and private sector looking the other way, is that the effects of Fukishima upon the entire Northern Hemisphere of the world, and especially across North America, is a massive increase in nuclear radiation blown across from Japan and toxic particles falling from the sky especially via rain fall.

If you think that the government and nuclear industry which know about this, are going to do nothing, then you don't live in reality. Yes, it is actually good business for some monopolists that natural life is wiped out on earth so that their genetically engineered products can be sold, or the immense reservoir of clean water from under the Libyan desert, the major reason for the NATO war on Libya: life requires clean water.

But instead of barking up the wrong tree and falling into wild unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that governments are spraying chemtrails as a geo-engineering project in order to control, wipe out, or make people sick. The right answer appears to be that they are actually trying to CLEAN UP the mess they have created: chemtrails are a desperate attempt to ABSORB the above-mentioned particles.

Why don't they share this information with the public? Because, under the pretext that it is not good to cause panic, they also do not wish to draw attention to the consequences of their actions: firstly in having destroyed the planet and secondly in that their only available solutions are also harmful but the lesser of evils. They also don't want the red tape, oversight, controversy, discussion, or anything holding this back.

200 species a day going extinct, mostly due to the soil microbes life being killed, fungus being a slow insidious problem as a result, are realistic observations by those looking at geo-engineering. But those seeking to explain chem-trails are not at all facing the real answer to the real questions of attempting to save lives from cancer and the results of nuclear fallout.

The cat is long out of the bag when it comes to the damage done and the desperate measures and also lack of action being taken but the public has yet to catch on to the big picture. Instead they should be demanding answers to the right questions: why were public nuclear radiation sensors turned off in North America after Fukushima (to avoid embarrassment, panic, questions), is one such question.

Another is that we all know the "system" is bought, sold and paid for, and that the public, especially those jumping up and down with unsubstantiated theories, are going to be ignored. How long did it take for basic 9/11 truths to become properly investigated and consensus arrived at? Each group pulls in their own direction with different theories and all are easy to dismiss individually as lacking in quality.

The elephant in the room is actually the immense out of control spread of cancers in the world now, and the large contribution to this health disaster facing man kind, being the nuclear weapons and nuclear energy industry. Getting people to line up to take vaccinations of toxic poisons and be radiated (chemo "therapy") is not something most people will agree too, and making it compulsory will create an uproar.

Instead it is far easier to just drop these things from above, or at least, to attempt to neutralize some of the damage in the atmosphere. And they're using the usual "western" white man's science to do so, as usual, they create the problem, then they create the solution, and benefit from both at the expense of all others, and without our right to any say in the matter, let alone putting forward alternative holistic solution options.

For those that did not know, this is exactly what happens in many municipalities where toxic waste is deliberately dumped into water supplies in legally allowed quantities. The pretense is that it helps to create "fluoride" in the water as a means of strengthening teeth. The reality is it is a legal and cost-effective way to dispose of waste, exploit loopholes in legislation, unhampered by the public lack of awareness.

Until humanity at the grass roots level, the academics who have largely sold their souls to capital, the thinkers, the independent and investigative journalists, the concerned citizens and activists, learn to unlearn the competition, lack of trust, do-it-alone, go-it-alone, helpless traps and methodology they've grown up in, nothing will change.

Instead we all have to learn to work together on common problems and provide collective sound solutions after logical and scientific process analysis. Each starting their own Facebook chemtrail or their own geo-engineering page, group or website, will get us no where. Take a cue from the 9/11 Best Evidence Panel or "9/11 Consensus Panel", a good place to start in method, regarding the chemtrails issue.

Founder and Editor,
Mathaba News Network