Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pyramids around the world began to emit beams of energy

Despite the fact that NASA is hiding information about the strange cloud of photons which now covers almost the entire solar system, we have some information leaked by some epistimones.Kathos this ominous cloud is within our solar system begins to has an effect on the Sun and planets unexplained.
What is surprising is that this strange energy that invades the space, we made some of the most famous pyramids of the world begin to produce intense energy.
We have several cases where highly visible beams were visible from the site of the pyramids in the direction of the photon cloud, the sky, and all these testimonies were well documented.
Meanwhile, people around the world have begun to observe and record strange phenomena such frightening sounds and noises that give the impression that the earth itself groans and cries.
All these phenomena are related to the turbulent emission of the Sun, most likely caused by the presence of the photon cloud, in some circles has received a generic "potential space events of the Day of Judgment"
The ancient pyramids awakened after centuries and millennia sleep
Some tourists saw a brilliant light beam in the Mayan pyramid and quickly photographed with a cell phone and posted. But this phenomenon is not there the next day so no one has any idea what this means. Beam energy in the Mayan pyramid? Processing and enlarge the image on the right shows some other hidden package like lightning.
The pyramid of Kukulkan, sent an incredible energy column space to it an accident or was only the latest of all the pyramids, who did it?
Recently, the Chinese government began to follow again the pyramid Xianyang, has begun to show signs of activity. Last year, a team of scientists examined the pyramid, and believes he may have extraterrestrial origins.
The explosive release of energy at the top of the pyramid of the Aztec Moon.
This amazing incident which follows is an explosive release of energy and has been observed and recorded on film. It is the release of energy from the top of the famous pyramid of the Aztec Moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico.
Energy beams, whirlpools, tornados with strong power ... What does all this mean? Goes Where all this energy and why? Was triggered by the mysterious power stone silent sentinels that remained immobile for centuries ... until something broke their sleep? brought back the Who back to life?
  Perhaps all this is more than incredible and that the pyramids is the sign of the arrival of an unknown force that surrounds the galactic void, which is a large part of the Solar System
Deadly Zone photons.
NASA and the European Space Agency for two years have been warning the world about the coming disaster that may occur during the period 2012-2013. But few people listened. Now, the famous Russian astrophysicist Alexei Dmitriev says that what happens in reality is worse, much worse than that provided by NASA and ESA to warnings.
Our solar system is affected by a huge, potentially deadly, interstellar energy cloud. Dr. Dmitriev explains that decoding messages from the probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 shows clearly that the entire solar system is at risk. Even worse, Merav Opher, a researcher at NASA Heliophysics and tells us that this interstellar energy cloud is very unstable and agitated.
Russian scientist claims that the cloud energy photons causes excitation in the atmosphere of planets and especially our sun. If the interstellar cloud of energy affects and interacts with the Sun, it is not yet clear, but it is already clear that solar activity is increased, which leads to higher energy frequencies and instability.
The magnetic flux enters into interaction with the solar magnetosphere and the geomagnetic field of the Earth, and can be led to changes of key. The consequence of all this may be a change of the polarity of the magnetic field of the earth, wild fluctuations in the weather, and amazing sounds in the atmosphere that can affect the planet. The pyramids based theories is the natural energy stored in the Earth, like a kind of capacitor based on the strength of the magnetic field of the planet, to produce and launch clean energy rays into space and the direction of the cloud that has plagued our planetary system. That is built to protect us.
Such a phenomenon is possible only if the source of radiation is at the core of the Earth. This huge release of energy from the core of the Earth, at the end of last year was what marked the beginning of the transition of the internal energy of the Earth to a new active phase.

exopaedia says;

Photon Belt

One of the most persistent pieces of DISinformation that still does the rounds is the theory about the so-called Photon Belt. It says that in 1961 scientists discovered a belt (shaped like a giant doughnut) of photon light particles in the Pleaiades. This belt would be on its way to Earth and when Earth would pass through it, this would result in changing our DNA, raising our awareness, and in uplifting us from a third-dimensional to a fifth-dimensional plane of existence.
Every single element of the theory is flawed:
1. No scientist discovered any such thing in 1961 or ever before or after.
2. There is no such thing as a photon belt. Photons do not travel in belts.
3. No anomalies have been discovered in the Pleiades Cluster.
4. The theory is partly based on the erroneous assumption that our solar system would be in an orbit around Alcyone, one of the main stars in the Pleiades. This is not correct. In fact, Earth and the Pleiades are moving away from each other, not getting closer. A photon belt in the Pleiades would therefore be moving away from us.

Last but not least: The guy that launched the story, Paul Otto Hesse, is believed to have admitted that he made the whole thing up.
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