Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ascension misconception

Metaphysics Paper #3 : The Misconception of the Ascension Process and the Nature of Channelingby Wes Penre, Friday, February 18, 2011(

. The Ascension FraudIt may feel like the rug is being swept away underneath the feet on those who believe in Ascended Masters who will come and save us, and ascension processes that just happen out of the blue. I don't want to put the whole New Age movement under one big umbrella, but we need to realize (the sooner, the better) that there will be no sudden shift of consciousness that is magically going to lift those who are "enlightened" to the 4th or 5th Dimensions. There are no Ascended Masters who will come down and call upon those who are "worthy" to ascend. I am not saying the there are no "Ascended Masters", but if they are worthy of their title, they are not going to interfere with our development as individuals, or as a specie. If someone is landing in big spaceships, saying they are here to save you, run the other way. 
The Ascended Masters, whom some people channel, are not working in humanity's favor, so buyers beware! Those who show themselves off as either gods or superior beings are frauds or saying they are someone whom they are not. There is a checklist you can use if you're into channeled material and trying to discern who is who; who's the "good guy" and who's the "bad guy" and we are getting to that soon. 
The same thing if you tune into the "love and light" movement, where they say that if you see and hear no evil, there will be no evil. In a sense that is true, because we create our own reality, but we are also interacting with other people and with different organizations every day, and the sequence is that light comes before love. Light is information, and unconditional love is God or Source in Its pure essence. Therefore, we need the knowledge before we can understand what to do with it.
Another thing to beware of are those channelers who say that the Global Elite has the power and you have to fight them. Again, run!
There is not much of a difference between Christians, who think that there will be a rapture; those who are "Born Again" will be "beamed up" by God, while the more unfortunate, who may be great people, but are not baptized, will be left to burn in the eternal fire, and the New Age movement where they say that you will be "beamed up" to Paradise in the 4th and 5th Dimensions. 
So, am I saying that there is no ascension? No, there will be an ascension, but although the ascension process is a natural thing which happens in cycles, it doesn't come for free. We need to know the dynamics of the process and we also need to be aware of what is happening in our own reality before we can go to the next. In other words, we have to know what we're doing. Too many people are just reading and listening to channeled material and other metaphysical information, feeling good about it and then go on with their lives like if nothing has happened, certain of that now when you "know", the ascension will come automatically because they know more than other people. This will not do much for a person's ascension other than that they have some valuable information. The "secret" to real ascension is to learn about life and then live what we learn! Anyone can listen and read, but it requires some courage to change your ways and start walking the talk.
Still, when push comes to shove, the real thing is so much better and more exciting than the illusion (read delusion).
In the next subsection, I want to bring up the concept of channeling and some valuable leads how to discern helpful material from not so helpful. I have personally listened to quite a few sources and read more than a few books on the subject, and after a while it becomes clearer what is good channeling and what's not.