Saturday, 7 December 2013

Electromagnetic Mind control

Disclaimer: This article is really sketchy.  I'm posting it despite my reservations because aspects of it are fascinating and may encourage further investigation.  Please trust your own judgment and do more research.
I question most everything in this article: the references to Andrija Puharich, the "pendulum expert", the "extraterrestrials", and also the "vaccine implants", nature of GWEN  etc. 
It's hard to find answers about these things!
But, here are a few things I have learned:
Andrija Puharich was a brilliant but questionable (even sinister) character.  I include him in a special category with other shadowy types such as Steven Greer, Ingo Swann, Courtney Brown, Timothy Leary, and Thomas Bearden and many, many more.  You really can't trust these guys.
Some are probably aware that they spread disinformation, while others naively let themselves be used as "assets".  Maybe they were just really brilliant guys and going down the rabbit hole screwed them up too much.  Often they are sort-of in-the-military, but also sort-of not-in-the-military.  They may dabble in drugs or the occult. They may be interested in mind control.  They may seem to work for the government and also against the government.
Sometimes they are being duped and used by nonhuman entities.   Andrija Puharich was influenced by such entities.  These beings have had many names:  aliens, spirits, Etherians, Extraterrestrials, etc.  I prefer to identify them as Jinn.  
 In modern times we naively assume that these beings come from other planets, but they've always visited us and they come from another "dimension" or "space" that is a part of this world we call Earth.  
The entities may pretend that they come from another planet. Or they may refer to themselves as Space beings.  "Space" doesn't necessarily mean the "Outer Space" of NASA.  "Space" is also defined as: "the unlimited expanse in which everything is located", or "the boundless regions of the infinite".  Well, that pretty much includes everything -- including those realms and dimensions which modernized western society is amazingly ignorant about.  Seems like those jinn are having another big laugh at our expense.  They do that all the time.
The jinn are quite often tricksters and liars.  Some are demonic and like to frighten or debase and corrupt.  They have free will like humans, so they can range from good to bad.  However, the ones who confuse and mess around with us aren't likely to be good.  The best approach is to avoid them.  They love to pose as gods or masters-of-the-universe and create followings.  They often make predictions (which don't come true).  They are channeled by people who are willing to go into a trance and let strange, unknown entities take over their bodies and minds.
In the case of Andrija Puharich the entities were called "The Nine".
The extraterrestrials mentioned in this article were undoubtedly jinn.
There really is no such thing as a "pendulum expert".  Pendulums can't be trusted for consistent, truthful or scientific responses. 
 I'm posting this article despite serious reservations.  Please trust your better judgment and do more research!!  ~~Lydia