Monday, 4 November 2013

Lawsuit against the banks

The attached document is spreading through the Internet like wildfire. It is called ”Securitisation – A Conspiracy of Silence.”

Thanks to this document, people from all over South Africa are demanding that their bank tell them the truth. What is astonishing, unbelievable in fact, is that the banks are refusing to answer these simple questions. Why?
As such, NewERA is preparing to make a stand. We are preparing a High Court Application to prevent (interdict) bank collections taken against our Members. The banks cannot be allowed to stick their head in the sand and pretend that this R30billion per month securitisation industry simply does not exist. They are secretly gambling with our assets and, unless the people demand answers, this rampage of unlawful activity will continue.
To join our High Court interdict, and possibly protect your assets against economic hardship, please click here.

Special Note: Some banks are telling their customers that NewERA is “misleading them.” If we are misleading you, then surely the banks will happily answer all your questions?

The Sheriff of the Court has just served the four major banks, and the Reserve Bank, with a summons from the New Economic Rights Alliance: Case number 27478/12.

Put simply, the NewERA is asking the High Court to declare our money lending system fraudulent and unconstitutional. We are not suing for money. Alternatively, we are asking the Court to suspend all legal action currently taken against every South African by the banks, until a full investigation has been undertaken into our banking system.
It may be bold. It may be daring. But it is 100% correct. The banks are doing some terrible things behind our backs and two years of research by dozens of people around the country, working in their spare time and for no money, has culminated in this action. It is a miracle that we made it this far. We are very proud.

What can you do about it?
  1. Take an interest in our money system. Understand WHY we are taking action against the banks. Download and watch The Dark Secrets of Money here (or watch it on YouTube here). We cannot stress this enough – for the sake of your family’s future you need to know how the money system works. The document is available for download below, but it is complicated, so raw commentary is available to guide you through it here.
  2. Follow and comment on the case at
  3. Become a paying member here or donate a small amount to our cause here. We are in urgent need of funds to survive.

The banking system is a greedy monster that is coming to eat us. Only we, the people, can stop it.