Sunday, 11 November 2012


All a bit heavy, isn't it?
Never mind, you'll be alright.
You could justify to yourself that all it would take is a bunch of AK47's and some selective executions but ultimately you'd have to shoot  yourself, following the logic.
As you read and read in fascinated horror the truth behind the lies you feel it crushing in on you. The enormity of the machine of which you are a tiny part of seems ominous and yet oddly comforting. There is no escape for it is not a machine. It is us.
Scrutinize yourself closely enough and you will see that it is human nature and it is your nature and my nature. There is nothing shocking about global corporations killing indigenous cultures and raping the earth, apart from the scale and chilling efficiency it is just a reflection, the macrocosm and the microcosm.
So who do you fight? Where do you seek justice?
Fight yourself, bring yourself to justice. 
The micro is a reflection of the macro and vice versa, fractals and Fibonacci.
Learn to live without the peripherals and the peripherals will die when we dont feed them.
When they are gone we wont miss them. 
We will have a wider vision.