Tuesday, 18 September 2012

illuminati story

found this interesting story here

how many of you know about the kincora scandal ?
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in the town i live the U.D.A were passing information to mi5 about members of paramilitary organizations , turns out the informant was a freemason along with the mi5 officer he was giving the infornation too.. the illuminati were friendly with freemasons in the town because of the esoteric connection to baphomet \9both worship this being) turns out a school friend of mine was ritualy murdered by the illuminati in the town where i live back in the 1980's and he wasnt the only one , quite a few people have been killed by them and the local police did nothing , the reason ? high ranking members of the R,U,C ( royal Ulster Constabulary ) were Freemasons connected to the illuminati ,
because of a power struggle in the town after the /U.D.A informant was revealed a few other things started to happen in the town ,
this is the strange part , monarch slaves and code words , the locals found out about the 2 mi5 officers being monarch slaves to an illuminati member as well as being mi5 and started to use their code words in poblic (what a laugh that was ) when ever the officers showed up people connected to the U,D,A and U,V,F started to use them on the officers,andf told them to get out of town under threat of death ..

other information about police officers being freemasons was revealed along with another very important code word used in courts (code white) saying this word in a court room when the judge is a freemason was a gold mine to the U.V.F/U.D.A and when this information fall into the hands of the U,V,F and U,D,A (ulster volunteer force / ulster defence association) they could find out informants within their own organizations !! during the power struggle in the town between both of these paramilitary organizations

local people became involved with the struggle in the town between normal people , thats you and me , and the U.V.F/U.D.A/Freemasons/illuminati and people were told by these child killing occultists to leave the town under threat of death , so dont tell me they arnt real .. i was oin the front line of this as it was one of my friends they cut up into pieces for this occult .. we have been fighting this for over 20 years please join us in this struggle for hearts and minds , if you look into northern irelands history of the "troubles" you will soon start to see a lot of unsolved murders , the reason is they are mostly occult in nature , the police wont look into them because they know fine well who did it and the reason why , ireland has a long occult history and it isnt hidden on the internet
oh by the way the tearm "hears and minds" was first used in my country long before the U.S ever used it in iraq and afghanistan "hearts because of the heart break families suffered from murder victims and "minds" for those minds enslaved by the illuminati by way of monarch slaves .. real history isnt what it looks like in the main stream .. believe nothing untill you see it for your self ..