Thursday, 16 February 2012

was gaddafi really a bad guy?
Cant help but watch this and be disgusted. This prompted me to question what i knew of gaddafi and what i found shocked me.
Under qaddafi regime;
Newly weds receive $50,000
education is free
healthcare is free including flights , accommodation, etc to foreign specialists.
qadaffi and his family vowed to live in a tent til his citizens were housed and he did !
What really happened is the banks hired those serbian revolution consultants to tip him over because he refused to play the bankers "money is debt" scam. I dont want your worthless euro and dollar, he said. Qadaffi demanded gold in return for his oil. The guy built a river into the desert without borrowing a single cent from any bank ! Banks hate that shit. Qadafi was old school in so much as he believed if a country has $100 in currency it should have $100 dollars in gold to back that currency. Simple really but the world banking system doesn't work that way and find it intimidating to consider.

Human Development Index: Health, Education and Income

Rank 64
Year Libyan Arab Jamahiriya High human development Arab States World
2011     0.760 0.741 0.641 0.682
2010     0.770 0.739 0.639 0.679
2009     0.763 0.734 0.634 0.676
2008     0.759 0.733 0.629 0.674
2007     0.755 0.728 0.623 0.670
2006     0.748 0.721 0.617 0.664
2005     0.741 0.716 0.609 0.660
Human Development Index

RIP Muammar